Why do you use Modafinil? (Study/work/business etc.)

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Why do you use Modafinil? (Study/work/business etc.)

  1. Studying - undergraduate

  2. Studying - postgraduate

  3. Boring Job

  4. Narcolepsy

  5. Business Owner

  6. Just busy!

  7. Work the night shift

  8. Just interested in trying new things

  9. Job that requires lots of concentration

  10. Other (post below)

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  1. dc234

    dc234 Active Use

    Just interested in why you take it - are you a student, business owner, work long hours or what?

    Do you take it all of the time, year, round or just at certain points, like when you've got a big deal on or an exam coming up?
  2. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    I am an engineering student with ambitions to pursue graduate studies at either Caltech or MIT. Ultimately it is not really about what school I go to, but the information I attain from education. Learning will help me with bigger goals, like starting a car company, or inventing new technology. Innovation takes a toll on the brain; makes you want to fall asleep. That is where Modafinil comes in
  3. Segrave

    Segrave Newbie

    I am a practicing engineer working on some very demanding projects at the moment requiring long hours of technical work that really take a mental toll, this is where Modafinil come in and it really help with this kind of work.
  4. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    Segrave, hi. It is nice to see engineers on forum. Seems to be a common theme among Modafinil community. Also, can you be more specific with what kind of projects you are doing?
  5. I use it to stay awake. I don't get a full 8 hours of sleep sometimes not even 6 and Modfinal helps me from falling asleep as well as concentrating. I might have a problem with falling asleep as well.

    It's done wonders and I can work effortlessly without feeling tired.

    I mainly use it for work + running a side business and having the energy to complete tasks which I personally don't enjoy.
  6. Johnny B

    Johnny B Active Use

    I'm also an engineering student hoping to get into a good graduate program.

    A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD and tried Adderall for about 6 months. I hated it. At low doses, it didn't really seem to make any difference, but at higher doses, although it made it so I could focus on things, it felt like it made me dumber. As in, I could easily spend 4 hours working on an engineering homework problem and I'd keep working it and reworking it until I finally got it, but without Adderall, I could have solved the same problem in under 30 minutes. So yeah, sure, it helped me "focus", but it always felt like that focus came at the expense of something more important. I might have liked it better if I were in a major where all I had to do was read books or write essays, but it didn't work out so well for mathy problem solving.

    I want to try Modafinil to see if I like it better. Still waiting on my first order to come in, so fingers are crossed.
  7. Nelty

    Nelty Active Use

    I am using Modafinil for studying mainly, but staying awake in general also (I get very sleepy during the day). Modafinil helps getting through hours of studying which is HUGE for me.
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  8. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

    Hello I am a Male attending school. My school has been known to have tedious curriculum for even the lowest of classes, Lower means easier. I used to be a C+ student with a high motivation and whatever i did never worked. I would see the teachers after school and i even hired a tutor to no avail. My grades were not lifted. So around mid march i heard there was this knew smart drug floating around that was like the "Limitless Pill". I did some research into it and found that it was for people with any type of sleeping problem. I discarded those rumors of the amazing brain effects until i received my first 30 tablets. When my package had arrived from ModUp i immediately took one, it was a Saturday. Twenty minutes later i was cleaning my room, i organized all my clothing and was done within a half hour! I was almost enjoying it, so i decided to read a No Fear Shakespeare Play assigned in my English class. I was immersed in a world of which i was unfamiliar. I had never EVER enjoyed reading anything. It was as if a television had pooped into my brain and my mind was watching the television as i read the Shakespeare. I then finished school using Modvigil only on long lecture days and important test days. My grades skyrocketed to all A's excepts for two B's in Math and Chemistry. I took Modvigil before my finials to study and passed with all B's except for Math which was a C+ For me my concentration and learning was improved i eventually had to supplement Choline CDP into my diet because i would notice the slight headaches that sometimes were just annoying. I also have tried other nootropics such as Aniracetam and Adrafinil. I think that Modafinil is an amazing supplement for anyone that has always need a little extra help. People who have always slipped through the cracks, that tested high enough but still had some trouble learning, when it came to smarts. Although i am younger than most people that the FDA has approved to use the drug the only downsides i have had with it are an occasional trouble falling asleep and occasional loss of appetite and very slight headaches.
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  9. Cheshire666

    Cheshire666 Newbie

    I use it for work, I work at a university lab while doing a PhD and take it 3 times a week. It allows me to get through the day without getting too distracted, as I love to side track in my research and end can sometimes take a whole day trying to do something completely unrelated to my topic if I don't take it. I also take it before a night out as it allows me to drink without experiencing drawbacks of alcohol.
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  10. Segrave

    Segrave Newbie

    Hi Peteroman,

    I a structural engineer and at the moment i have 2 projects that are giving me sleepless nights i have 45 story residential tower on the gold coast that was partially designed by another firm that screwed it up and the contractor has come to us to fix it. The second project is a large(20,000 square metre) home improvement store that is fully suspended over car parking and i'm currently designing the post tensioned deck for that. Very demanding calculations and alot of repetitions nut all with there own little differences that make each part unique.
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  11. SaucePlease

    SaucePlease Active Use

    I've got my own business and have to do a lot of repetitive things from time to time, and modafinil makes completing them a breeze. That isn't saying it speeds up my workflow necessarily, but I don't spend half the day trying to find ways to avoid work that needs to be done.
  12. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    Great story. I'm excited to hear how you like Mod. Let us know how it goes. I have no doubt you will like it :)
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  13. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    That does sounds demanding. Thanks for sharing, keep us posted on the progress
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  14. Segrave

    Segrave Newbie

    Peteroman, once im done i will post some images of the 3d model and finished building. alway great to see a complete project
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  15. DaftMod

    DaftMod Newbie

    The main reason I take Modafinil is to operate a my peak level of focus and productivity all day long. I never got that with caffeine or the many other Nootropics I've tried.

    Without a doubt Modafinil has boosted my income.
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  16. dc234

    dc234 Active Use

    Sounds good - I'm looking forward to seeing this :)
  17. westgate

    westgate Active Use

    I run a business. Typically without moda I am falling asleep after lunch, with moda I have no such problems. It helps me stay awake and focused all day. I find it also helps when dealing with clients, I feel more sharp and on point socially, which makes it easier to close sales.
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  18. I use Modafinil for everything I do in my busy day. It gives me an intense focus, almost like a state of hypnosis. At the gym I am super focused on my intense muscular contractions of my HIT workouts. No wasted energy at all, it locks me into my music and getting down to kicking ass! At work it is as if I can really put the pedal to the metal n grind out long days and come home and do research and writing with mental clarity and drive. I noticed that I don't have a lot of patience for people's nonsense because I want to get things done without any interference . That can be challenging when you have to deal with people who move and think like snails. It allows me to take on new challenges with passion and commitment. I'm an intense person and it gives me heightened sense of being in a groove with a take no prisoners attitude.
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  19. JKT

    JKT Active Use

    I use mod because it makes me the bestest, funnest, happiest Mom in the world! Lmao!

    In all seriousness, on the days I take mod, I am much more efficient, in a great mood, and I feel that I am more creative too. We crank out some awesome arts and crafts on those days!

    On those days, somehow the majority of chores get done, the kids get more attention, and overall...simply, I am happy.
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  20. I definitely feel more creative, intuitive, focused, and meditative on Modafinil, especially first thing in the morning. It unlocks my brain to see things in a more vivid and realistic way. It allows me to bring out more of my inner self in any situation I am in. I am more assertive and confident in my ability to express myself on Modafinil. I have Awesome workouts on Modafinil. It helps me use information more effectively to give myself an edge, it isn't magic, I still have to work hard but I have the energy to apply myself. Modafinil helps me move closer to the best self I can be .
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