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Discussion in 'Modafinil Stacks & Combinations' started by Jalers, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Jalers

    Jalers Newbie

    Just starting a thread to see which stacks our fellow users are on atm.

    I'll start it off with mine:
    200mg Modvigil
    100mg Caffeine Pill
    200mg L-Theanine
    1200mg fish oil (600mg DHA + 600mg EPA)
    1 Kirkland multivitamin

    I try to limit my uses of Modvigil to 5 days a week, and take the weekends off unless I need them for a project.
    Mulivitamin and fish oil are a given, and I pretty much take them everyday.
    What about you guys?
  2. plucky ducky

    plucky ducky Active Use

    Multivitamin - prenatal (I like the extra iron and folic acid)
    Cod liver oil capsule
    bacopa 500 mg- 45% concentrate Bacognize

    during weekdays:
    300mg modafinil - 200mg in morning, 100mg at lunch

    as needed (doses vary in mg, but always 1:1 ratio):
    caffeine powder
    l-theanine powder
  3. westgate

    westgate Active Use

    100 mg Modafinil pre-breakfast 50mg pre-lunch
    1000 mg Piracetam
    600 mg Citicoline

    low end dosages work just fine for me!
  4. SaucePlease

    SaucePlease Active Use

    My stack is similar to yours Jalers, with modafinil being the least frequent ingredient used from that mix.

    200mg modafinil
    200mg caffeine a few times a day (I really love coffee)
    200mg theanine
    Inositol (for its OCD benefits)
    Fish Oil

    Those are my go-tos, but there's even more depending on the day and the need. When I'm writing, I tend to grab some aniracetam or noopept, or if I want to lay off the modafinil for a day or two I'll add phenylpiracetam, oxiracetam, and/or pramiracetam to my stack.

    It's all a work in progress, but all of the above have improved my thinking and mental capacity tremendously over the past few years.
  5. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

    This is what i take every morning and why. Its also a pain to take all the capsules. Also taken with breakfast
    200Mg of Modafinil- Mental Alertness and Focus
    400Mg caffeine(Jetalert)- Mental Alertness and Focus
    500mg L theanine- To counter the nasty side effects of caffeine
    250Mg citicholine- Counter my headaches
    750Mg Aniracetam- Memory and focus
    900mg DHA- Memory
    1 B Complex Vitamin-Overall Health
    12 Mg astaxanthin- Overall Health
  6. dc234

    dc234 Active Use

    Currently in the research phase for mod/armod and looking forward to trying one/both but currently:

    200Mg Caffine
    400Mg L-Theanine
    Fish Oil

    Also drink plenty of black tea (3-5 cups a day)
  7. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

  8. NootropicFan

    NootropicFan Newbie

    Whoa that's a lot of caffeine! Have you tried lesser dosages of that and theanine (in the right ratio)?
  9. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

    Yes but it sadly does not work, i have a very high tolerance. The ratio is 40mg of caffeine to 50mg of L-Theanine i believe.
  10. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

    Has anyone tried Phenylethylamine HCL with modafinil? Its effect are quite interesting.
  11. Cheshire666

    Cheshire666 Newbie

    200mg Modvigil (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
    100g Caffeine (daily)
    Vitamins: B-complex, E, D.(daily)
    Noopept: 20mg (daily)
    500mg Fish Oil

  12. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

    100g of caffeine haha. What is a noopept and how does it work with modafinil?
  13. Cheshire666

    Cheshire666 Newbie

    I know Chief, after your monster - 400g this is nothing, but I used to be a caffeine addict my self until I found Provigil.

    Anyway, noopept is a memory enhancer, from my personal experience it's the best one out there. I think it speeds up your blood circulation and releases neurotransmitters. Find out more here: nootriment com/noopept-reviews/.

    But overall it makes you think and remember things faster. I think it was manufactured for senior citizens, but students & professionals took a liking to it.

    Just one thing: don't expect improvements over night with it, you will start to realise that it works only a couple of weeks later.

    I am not sure how it works with Provigil on a chemical level, since I don't know how Provigil actually works.
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  14. plucky ducky

    plucky ducky Active Use

    I also have a high caffeine tolerance. It took me a while to figure out the ratio to use with l-theanine. For me smaller and more frequent doses work best. In the end I found that a 1:1 ratio (200mg of each) taken every couple of hours or so works best.
  15. Johnny B

    Johnny B Active Use

    When my caffeine tolerance starts getting pretty high, I've found that if I take 2 weeks of no caffeine, my tolerance kind of resets and caffeine gets its original kick back. The downside to this is 2 weeks without caffeine, which can be pretty brutal, especially if you're already at the point where you've developed a high tolerance to it.
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  16. SteveIrwin

    SteveIrwin Newbie

    I have issues keeping schedule.
    But I try to take:
    Half a modvigil (daily)
    10mg noopept (twice daily)
    1000mg fish oil (daily)

    It seems like everyone takes 200mg of Modvigil. Do you do it 100mg twice a day or just once in the morning?
  17. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

    Just in the morning, people have reported that taking modafinil later in the day cause them to not be able to fall asleep
  18. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Can you elaborate on these effects you speak of?
  19. I never heard of noopept before. I researched it, sounds interesting, I ordered some, can't wait to experiment. Great info. Thanks.
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  20. westgate

    westgate Active Use

    Was on Piracetam/CDP + Moda for a bit. Taking a break from piracetam and CDP atm. My new thing is stacking moda with a good run. Sounds kind of funny but taking a moda after a serious jog has an amazing effect on energy levels and focus for the rest of the day, I highly recommend it.

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