What stacks well with modafinil?

Discussion in 'Other Nootropics' started by Oscar, Sep 23, 2014.

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    I can definitely see how that would happen. If there's an instance in which someone is going to get incredibly jittery on modafinil, it's after taking caffeine. There have been times when I absentmindedly overshot my caffeine intake for the day and got a...sort of numb feeling of otherness about myself. Essentially just a very overstimulated mind until the caffeine wore off.
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    Gotcha. I tend to get very anxious on even just 100mg caffeine without any modafinil to begin with. So I'll definitely be wary of any caffeine I take in on this stuff.
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    Thanks, I must try that. Have you tried forskolin and artichoke extract together?

    To be honest I'm trying to wean awake from dafs. You dont know what's in it. At least with the herbal stuff they are produced and QC'd correctly for western markets. Some even made in the west.
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    Having tried Moda with and without piracetam, I can now say that the two drugs synergize quite well. Piracetam boosts the effects of Moda just like it does with Adderall.
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    Great info, thanks. Have you tried modafinil with any other piracetam-like substances? I have a pretty decent amount of noopept and I've been considering combining the two to see if there's any sort of synergy.
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    Adrafinil, despite being another -afinil, actually synergizes very well with modafinil in my experience.. but that may be partially because it may be partially converted into modafinil before being eliminated. From what I've tested, I can confirm that modafinil works well with alpha-GPC, L-theanine, and piracetam/aniracetam/oxiracetam/pramiracetam, as well as noopept.

    I'm particularly curious as to what the synergistic effects are for selegiline (regular and high dose, daily or intermittently), rasaligine, sunifiram (though unsure if should be combined), centrophenoxine, DL-phenylalanine, and even armodafinil. These would be particularly interesting even if the modafinil base dose should be altered for some (such as with selegiline, being a selective MAO-B inhibitor, and armodafinil, which is related, and perhaps sunifiram, which activates PKC-alpha, and in turn may not be a good selection to use in conjunction with anything)

    A couple of drugs which very little is known about but would surely be of value to understand their synergistic utility in conjunction with modafinil are PRL-8-53 and 4-Methylaminorex. Both have 'limitless' potential it seems if they happen to mutually potentiate and be potentiated by modafinil, but in some ways such a venture seems a stretch with our current knowledge and availability constraints.
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    Are there any reports of people combining modafinil with 4-Methylaminorex? The substance is incredibly euphoric (often referred to the street name U4EUH a.k.a. Euphoria) and such a combination would no doubt be incredibly interesting.
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    how much piracetam are you taking? At the moment i'm on pramiracetam 500mg a day.I split it into 250mg ... Some days I only take 250mg and other days i take both dosages.

    The only reason why i take it is for exams and recalling information for work and for exams. It's been good so far from what I could tell.. won't know really until I start taking pre-test exam questions.
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    I'm also curious as to which piracetam to take and where to purchase.
  10. BrainBoy

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    After looking around the web i thought I would start out at 3.2gm a day. I will be splitting the dosage to 1.6 morning, and 1.6 afternoon. I will be also including oxiracetam but 500mg at night time when I study. I have tried these nootropic in the pass and loved them.

    I buy my stuff from
    New Star Nootropics
    Haven't had any problem with them. I know that modup will be having a shop to buy these down the road.
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    @BrainBoy, I have hidden the vendor you mentioned in a "spoiler" tag - this is not an anti-competitive measure, but merely a legal one: we can only guarantee the authenticity/safety of Modup.net and our own Nootropics shop

    My Apologies,
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    oh no that's fine I fully understand..After posting it I thought to myself if I should take it down... Sorry about that... my mistake.
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    So what's the best racetams? It makes it so difficult to decide which one(s), any recommendations would be nice!

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