What stacks well with modafinil?

Discussion in 'Other Nootropics' started by Oscar, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Oscar

    Oscar Newbie

    What are some other nootropics/supplements that stack well with modafinil?
  2. plucky ducky

    plucky ducky Active Use

    About 8 weeks ago I started taking bacopa and have been highly recommending it, with or without moda, to friends and family. I've certainly noticed the effects and those around me (even those who don't know I've started with it) report positive effects - e.g., better overall mood, more relaxed, more productive.

    Of course melatonin at night goes well if you have any difficulty getting into bed or sleeping.
  3. SaucePlease

    SaucePlease Active Use

    I'm a big fan of caffeine and theanine from time to time. It may be a bit much for others, but it keeps me on task very well. I've also had luck with B5 potentiating the benefits of modafinil. It learned about it somewhere online and can't remember the science behind it, but it seems to work.
  4. I've been testing out ciltep (naturalstacks) and aniracetam, noopept, pramiracetam (powdercity). But to be honest they don't seem to offer the same benefits as Modafinil. I find Modafinil seems to work a lot better.

    The focus isn't as much there and I still have a tendency to fall asleep or feel tired.
  5. Master Chief

    Master Chief Active Use

    I will tell you what i have used that has works everyone is different so i will not post MG
  6. Oscar

    Oscar Newbie

    Hi Plucky,
    Ive been interested in taking Bacopa monnieri, just concerned about the heavy metals accumulation. What do you think about that issue?

    Thanks I will give B5 a try and report back

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  7. plucky ducky

    plucky ducky Active Use

    Hi, Oscar! I am most certainly concerned about heavy metals. Fortunately, there has been an effort by the members and moderators of the nootropics sub reddit to obtain third party COA's on many nootropics (http://www.reddit.com/r/nootropics/wiki/productcoas). Several of the posts there detail bacopa brands and their levels. A couple months ago user, and former moderator, misteryoursodumb (I think that's the name???) got COA's on several different suppliers' bacopa and found nootropicsdepot to be the lowest, and far below government standards for daily consumption; if I remember correctly himalaya brand was the highest (swanson was also in the comparison), but also below standards.

    I ended up going with the nootropicsdepot. I and the people around me :) have been so pleased with the results, I just ordered my second batch of bacopa capsules.

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  8. Oscar

    Oscar Newbie

    Thanks plucky I will check that out
  9. DaftMod

    DaftMod Newbie

    I use CILTEP + L-Arginine on my non-Modafinil days. While's just no comparison to Modafinil, I'm find that it works better for me than just about any other standard Nootropic I've tried including the widely praiswed Noopept and Coluracetam.
  10. Nelty

    Nelty Active Use

    Has anyone tried sunifiram (either with modafinil or for the days "off") ?
  11. hgup

    hgup Active Use

    Magnesium at night is a must-have, must be a chelate.
  12. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Why exactly do you say this?
  13. TramMcD

    TramMcD Active Use

    Chelated magnesium is supposed to be more effective. Alas, it's more expensive, but the price is worth it if you have problems with insomnia or anxiety. Not sure how it interacts with modafinil, but you can use it w/ amphetamines to keep tolerance at bay.
  14. TramMcD

    TramMcD Active Use

    So far, I've found phenylpiracetam and ALCAR/alpha-lipoic acid go well w/ modafinil. For me, the phenyl-p and ALCAR/ALA synergize nicely, increasing fluidity of thought, curiosity, and self-perceived creativity. Combined with the energy and focus of modafinil, it's a good combination for writing or other work where you're simultaneously learning, synthesizing, and creating. Side note: I've found phenyl-p and ALCAR/ALA to soften the robot-mind you sometimes get with Vyvanse or Adderall (but with mod in the picture, I have no need or desire for amps anymore...crazy).
  15. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Oh, I understand that chelated is the best form. I was more just wondering why magnesium in general at night is considered so important.
  16. TramMcD

    TramMcD Active Use

    You can take it anytime, but it tends to have a calming/sedating effect that might make the modafinil less effective. As for why to take magnesium at all, unless your diet is spot on, there's a better-than-average chance you might be magnesium-deficient (if you live in the USA). According to the USDA Community Mapping Project, in 2009, an estimated 57 percent of Americans were magnesium-deficient. http://www.ars.usda.gov/Services/docs.htm?docid=15672
  17. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Very interesting. I think I'll be purchasing some magnesium gluconate some time in the near future. Thanks!
  18. londonontario1234

    londonontario1234 Active Use

    Been using Piractem with it, stacks pretty well.
  19. J23

    J23 Active Use

    Caffeine kicks it up a notch. I'll usually take my dose and then have a cup of coffee or a redbull shortly after.

    Kratom seems to temporarily negate the effects of modafinil effectively. If I have trouble sleeping I'll take 2-3 grams of Borneo red veined Kratom to help sleep.
  20. londonontario1234

    londonontario1234 Active Use

    caffeine make me reeally anxious with modafinil...eg......before ever taking modafinil, use to take upwards of 400mg of caffein per day, I have a high tolerance... when I take modafinil I get really anxious when only taking about 100mg.....

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