what should i do if i'm a non responder?

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    i bought modalert 200 at littlebiggy and seller name is a.d.d man. after it arrived i start my first dose with 100mg(cut a half of 1 pill) and it didn't get me focus,concentration,alert, whatever. next day i did 1pill(200mg) and it did same as last day. i'm so depressed about not working. so i searched almost every articles about modafinil and i got a slight hint of reason about 'not working'. in my thinking, 1.the pill was fake(very little percent. because modalert is already cheap) 2.maybe i'm having an consecutive period?(i'm not quite sure but someone said take modalert daily to build up my internal metabolism?) 3.i'm just non-responder because of genetics(met or val kinds of )
    this is my conclusion now. and i want my modalert work. so after my research i did my modalert different way.
    i did sublingual dose 50mg and 100mg and that didn't worked.
    the most reason i'm sure it was not worked is my pee smell is same before and after (not distinct smell)
    hah,, i'm now very sad about not take a benefit at this pill.
    i have a not bad work ethics and i just want to get littlebit more alert, focus. this is all i want.
    oh, i missed something. i did with coffee or caffeine and didn't work(i'm not a coffee addict, i usually doesn't drink it) and i did at early morning
    plz help me. (PS. my mother language is not english, so i may wrong at grammar ;) )
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    Dude, I feel like I wrote this haha.
    I'm in the same boat. Will post back if something works.

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