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Discussion in 'Other Nootropics' started by TramMcD, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. TramMcD

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    Anybody have much experience with the racetams? Let us know which ones you've tried, how they affected you, whether you took a choline source, and whether you'd take them again.

    I'll start.

    Piracetam: took on-and-off for about two years, in dosages ranging from 400 mg 1x/day to 2000 mg 3x/day. The smaller doses gave me a slight increase in thought-speed. The larger doses made me want to sleep. Never seemed to matter whether I took a choline source or not. I mainly got really interested in math and coding, but not at the expense of more associative thought. Will definitely do again. So subtle that you won't notice if you stop taking them until a few months later when you wonder why relational databases seem so boring now.

    Aniracetam: took 750 mg once or twice per day for about a month. Highly anxiolytic, made me kind of tired, not much else. Don't think I'll try them again.

    Oxiracetam: took 200 mg two to three times per day. Definitely the most stimulating racetam for me (even more so than phenylpiracetam). Made colors brighter, sounds sharper, and reflexes faster. I got so fast and accurate at drums it was kinda ridiculous. After a while, I developed a very disconcerting tic in my neck and temple, which went away when I didn't take it. Definitely felt kind of edgy if I had too much. Tasted chemically sweet--you could put it in your coffee if you wanted. Will try again in the future, but not a priority at the moment.

    Phenylpiracetam: just ran out of this. The first few times I took it (extremely small dose, like 10 mg), I was so amped up, I felt like a teenager ready to go vaguely wild. Then the next few times, it made me feel sleepy, overwhelmingly so, to the point where I had to take a nap. Eventually just felt more or less like regular old piracetam in terms of getting more in touch with the analytical/numerical side of my personality. Weirdly enough, the microdoses seemed most energy-inducing. Due to the cost, I'll probably wait a while to try this again, since I can get the same effects from piracetam.

    Not sure what I want to try now. It's between coluracetam (super-expensive, apparently), pramiracetam (horrible tasting I hear, even for a racetam), and sunifiram (not a racetam, but similar).

    I've experimented with various choline sources (DMAE, choline, acetyl-l-carnitine) with all of the racetams. I've never had a headache from any racetam, but I do easily get headaches and muscle tension from choline itself, especially regular old choline bitartrate. Aceytl-l-carnitine combined with alpha-lipoic acid is my favorite, as it gives me a little bit of physical energy and a slightly clearer head.
  2. Psychresearcher

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    How about Noopept
  3. BrainBoy

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    Great right up. let me tell yo a little about my dosage when i started.

    Like everyone else I started with piracetam I started with 750mg a day then moved up by the end of the week to 1200mg. I really didn't feel much so bump up my dosage to 4gm a day. It kind of help after taking it for about 1 month did see some improvements in certain places. but I think my body go us to it.

    Aniracetam was my next one. I started out low with this dosage for about 3 week. Really like this one because of the memory and help with depression. I highest i went was 3gr a day.

    Oxiracetam - now this one i really liked it hit a lot of my stress level lower memory was good, and depression away... dosage i went up to was 2.5 gr a day.

    Pramiracetam - this is strong one little dosage . The max I have done is 500mg a day. It's big brother to piracetam.

    Noopept didn't really do anything for me but in only tried it for 2 weeks.

    At the moment I'm taking modafinil 300mg a day. 200mg in the morning and 100mg in the afternoon. I'm taking piracetam once again with this. My dosage at the while taking modafinil is 1.6 gr twice a day, and taking Oxiracetam at night 500 mg.

    Will take some time to notice any change but we will see how it goes.
  4. Psychresearcher

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    As I wait for my order, I've decided to pick-up some other nootropics. I now have Piracetam in an 800mg capsule, which is suggested to be taken 2x/day. My question is, doesn't this seem low? At that dosage, I would be taking 1.6g/day, when research and other users report taking up to 4 GRAMS/day. I guess 1.6 g/day is an alright place to start (I actually took an 800mg today), for my needs I think a higher dosage is required.

    Any thoughts?
  5. BrainBoy

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    Well if it's your first time taking that's a good dosage. Try it for about a week or so. Then move up your dosage.
  6. Psychresearcher

    Psychresearcher Active Use

    I already moved up, I take 4g a day (long days). I really have seen some excellent results, without relative side effects.
  7. BrainBoy

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    For me i'm taking 1.6 twice a day . Do you take it after your pill or wait a couple hours ? I'm also taking aniracetam now about 500mg at night when i have to study.
  8. Psychresearcher

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    I haven't received my order........ kind of a sore subject, its been 30 days since I ordered. I currently use other nootropics: Alpha GPC, ALCAR, R+ALA, Bacopa (recently added), and Piracetam. I take recommended serving, two capsules I think 800mg, I take 5 a day. Two in the AM, Two at lunch, 1 in evening. However, I'm still adjusting my schedule. I do have a question, how should these been adjusted once my package arrives? Oh, I periodically have been taking multivitamin, Fish Oil, and sometimes Chelated Mg. However, the stack I previously mentioned has been wonderful. On top if that stack, I'll drink up to 400mg a day, however, I'm usually well below.

    For the everything, I stick to the recommended dosages (5 capsules X day), Piracetam didn't come with suggested dosages. I've used the forum and other sources for the 4g a day.
  9. devianlab3

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    I have experienced with Noopept and Modafinil, and for me it is great combination, but I use it only when I have some non-interesting and "stupid"(i dont like it) exam.Thanks guys for these reviews, I am in doubt to try Piracetam, what is some reccomendation of dosage for starter? Thanks in advance
  10. BrainBoy

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    Well if you're going to start with piracetam you should start out with 750mg ..that's a good start for about 2 weeks then move your dosage up if you don't see anything changing. Try to move about 200mg a dosage see if that works.
  11. devianlab3

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    Ok, can you refer me reliable website that I can buy?
    Thanks in advance
  12. Psychresearcher

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    Hi Devianlab3,

    Unfortunately referrals to outside vendors are not allowed on the ModUP forums, however, helpful information can be found by searching the web or specifically Reddit.

  13. Charl43

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    Piracetam must be taken with a choline source (Piracetam depletes choline stores in the body), and FISH OIL with a high EPA and high DHA content.

    Piracetam doesnt work properly, and the effects are weakened.

    Of all the racetams, Piracetam is the most reliable, and least expensive. Most cost effective for noticeable results.
  14. Charl43

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    Piracetam also needs to be taken on a daily basis for it to have the best effects. In my experience, at least.

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