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    I thought this would be a good thread to compile and collaborate on some supplement combinations that standout as being remarkably more effective than the sum of their parts through some type of mutual potentiation going on. I haven't got the chance to personally evaluate many in conjunction with modafinil, so I'm not sure which it could potentially synergize well with.. but here's a list of a few good combinations I'm aware of, anyone aware of others should post them.

    - Caffeine + L-theanine
    - One of the most common combinations of all for nootropic use. L-theanine lessens some of the negative aspects / rough edges of caffeine and subtly complements it.

    - Hordenine / Selegiline + Phenylethylamine
    I use hordenine and selegiline as an example, but many other MAO inhibitors work the same way - causing the user to metabolize phenylethylamine differently which can cause a blissful state of euphoria and concentration for a couple of hours. Best to take the MAOI at least 30 minutes before the phenylethylamine. This combo has been rising in popularity lately.

    - Spirulina + Chlorella
    A lot of people claim this to be the ultimate herbal combination for superhealth. Some people claim this combination is life-changing, but common benefits include increased energy, more restful sleep, positive mood, decreased anxiety, and overall improved health.

    - Selegiline + St. Johns Wort
    Gradually and steadily rebalances dopamine and seratonin levels. Any SSRI could potentially replace St. Johns wort, but I picked it because hypericin is one of the most effective SSRIs, is natural, and has a relatively low incidence of side effects. This one likely won't work on everyone, but it would be extremely effective for those it does work for. Selegiline helps to restore dopaminergic deficiencies by very selectively acting as an MAO-B inhibitor and optimizing the circulation of catecholamines. St. Johns wort selectively rebalances the seratonin system - if one possesses an imbalance in their seratonin system which hypericin can fix, it can be very effective. I remember reading one doctor who was so taken by the potential of this combination for use against depression that he wrote a book about it. Rasagiline should work as well instead of selegiline, and the best SSRI for this purpose varies between individuals.

    - Alpha GPC + -racetam (Pi-, Ani-, Oxi-, Prami-, Phenyl-, Colu-) + Noopept
    - This stack is very effective in general for improving learning capacity, recall, concentration, literary fluency, focus, and self-confidence. Finding the optimal dose is fairly difficult as effects are subjective, but notable improvements in these regards is apparent and marked. Personally, I have not examined the efficacy of this stack when phenyl- and colu- racetams are used, so I'm unsure how well they work alongside Alpha GPC and noopept. The other 4 each show their own subtle yet distinguishable characteristics.

    - Vinpocetine + Huperzine A

    - Some recommend ginkgo biloba as a good complement to this, however I can't speak personally on its effectiveness. This stack can be amazingly effective, but the nootropic community is divided over whether or not that comes at a cost that might not be justifiable. Used in many "smart drugs" as part of a proprietary blend, I find the right dose allows me to speak my thoughts very fluidly and without hesitation, as well as enhance perception in general. The only negative quality I have discerned is that it probably enhances anxiety a little at times, and huperzine tends to have effects which last too long for this stack to be used daily with the same effects.

    - Acetyl-L-Carnitine + Alpha-Lipoic Acid / Benfotiamine + Chelated Magnesium
    - Though I can't be certain, it should be more effective to combine all four of these. These are really effective when combined at optimizing nerve conduction and even to gradually repair minor nerve damage. There isn't a notable effect on mood or perception (that is substantial enough to not be debated) but the effect this combo offers has the potential to modestly yet reliably improve reaction time, peak physical strength, dexterity and fine-motor ability.

    - GABA + Niacin
    - When formulated together, this combination is known as picamilon. In theory, the Niacin allows the GABA to penetrate the Blood-Brain Barrier in a way which allows the anxiolytic actions of GABA more effective. GABA is one of the primary neurotransmittors that mediate anxiety, and is responsible for the anxiolytic action of many substances which reduce anxiety, such as benzos (xanax, valium) and alcohol. Taking these individually isn't as effective as picamilon that is synthesized to join both niacin and GABA to one molecule, but it's more effective than taking either separately. The anxiolytic action is pronounced enough to be prescribed as an anti-depressant in Russia.

    - DL-Phenylalanine + Choline Source + Centrophenoxine
    This combination is fairly obscure as I discovered it myself and haven't experimented with it very much. The three of these together causes an array of effects from alleviating minor joint pain and soreness, to improving focus, concentration, and recall ability, as well as having considerable oneirogenic (dream enhancing) capabilities.

    - Rosavin + Kavelactones (from kava kava)
    For some, rosavin is ineffective when taken as a single dose. For those, I recommend pre-supplementing with rosavin once daily for a week before evaluating this stack. This combination can almost eliminate anxiety when used properly and intermittently. I recommend either a strong infusion of kava from a plant decoction or concentrated kavelactones from a plant-based extraction. A very potent herbal stack for relief of anxiety.

    - Phenibut + Picamilon + Gabapentin
    Though I am not entirely sure this combination is completely safe for everyone (unsure why it might be a problem, but it's important to clarify this) but in my experience and from what I've read this combination should be extremely effective at alleviating the withdrawal and/or undesirable comedown symptoms of many substances, along with having positive effects on anxiety (especially social anxiety and performance anxiety). I recommend a low dose to start - 600mg phenibut, 50mg picamilon and 300mg gabapentin, then increasing dosage as necessary if well tolerated. 1.8g phenibut works very well for me with 100mg picamilon and 600mg gabapentin.

    - Selegiline + Choline Source + -racetam
    This is a combination which has proven to be very effective for regular use and shown me great utility at enhancing productivity. I recommend cycling the racetam used carefully so as to not build any tolerance. Rasagiline should be effective as a replacement for selegiline. Choline sources include inositol, citicholine, choline bitartrate, or Alpha GPC. All accomplish the same function, but alpha-GPC is preferred by many for it's increased bioavailability.

    - DL-Phenylalanine + Fish Oil + Nitric Oxide + L-Glutamine + Creatine + Chelated Magnesium + EGCg
    A combination of DLPA and EGCg alone is noticeably effective at increasing energy levels. This combination provides a well-balanced and healthy effect profile that enhances both physical and mental capabilities temporarily by a significant amount. Bee Pollen in my experience works well in addition, but the effect difference it provides is slight and calls for more thorough investigation. I am not aware of any possible negative effects that this combination can have, which makes it even better. L-taurine and L-tyrosine (Perhaps NALT, as well) are beneficial additions in many cases, especially L-taurine when used as an exercise supplement.

    - DL-Phenylalanine + Adrafinil + Aniracetam
    Recently came upon this stack, works well for me but it's effectiveness is dampened if taken more than once a week. I prefer to take DLPA 750mg four times 3-4 hours apart. I take the adrafinil and DLPA first on an empty stomach, wait at least 30 minutes, then eat a meal high in fat and dose the aniracetam afterwards with a choline source. This helps me to function at a high level cognitively and to focus more effectively, as well as to articulate myself more easily for prolonged periods of time. I've also noticed that I am often prone to soreness on the following day, it's easy to overexert myself on this combo and not realize it.

    - Forskolin + Artichoke Extract
    Just became aware of this combination through this forum today. The person who mentioned it had said something about it possibly having the potential to be the herbal equivalent of modafinil, and although I can't comment on this one directly from experience, a little research tells me that's most likely an overstatement. Still, worth looking into I suppose.
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    I have also found that 5-htp and Saint John's Wart go together very nicely for mood regulation for myself.
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    My stack consists of a cup of coffee, 1 fish oil pill, and 2 multivitamins. It works wonders when I have a load of work to do.
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    My typical simple stack is just caffeine from coffee or 100mg caffeine pill and 100mg Modafinil. This summer I want to test and see if notice any benefits while I am on a workout program.
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    Interestingly enough taking modafinil, I don't have any dependence issues when it comes to coffee. I can regularly drink 4-5 cups a day and the next day take a mod and not get a headache.
  6. Mind blown this is a pretty post. Thumbs on the work modup lovin this info. I dunno coffee is my fav thing to do with mods though highachiever.. its not a dependence its more a choice..
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    My stack is 500 mg phenylethylamine every 2-4 hours, 10 mg selgiline daily in 2 divided doses, a fair amount of diet soda or sugar free gum for phenylalanine (from aspartame) (probably amounting to 6-8 diet sodas per day!), 3-4 coffees at regular intervals, and CDP-choline 1200 mg in two divided doses. Take phenylethylamine on a fairly empty stomach and 30 minutes before meals, take selgiline with food for better absorption, drink the diet sodas on a mostly empty stomach, chew the gum whenever you want (aspartame breath mints also work), drink the coffee whenever you want, and personally I take the CDP choline on an empty stomach. A HUGE lunch will kill the stack, so eat lightly for breakfast and lunch to keep things rolling efficiently. Save your heavy meal for late at night when you don't need energy. This keeps me in a good mood all day long, with high energy and focus. I also sleep very well, though I'm always tempted to stay up late with so much energy (saving my big meal for bedtime helps). Selgiline is a prescription drug, but it's not controlled and not that hard to obtain, either through prescription or otherwise online (the recommendation is always to get it from a doctor for safety, of course! don't let's be stupid!) :). I've been doing this for over 6 months with no loss of effects. The phenylethylamine and aspartame convert to dopamine, of course, which you'll feel more if your stomach is fairly empty. Selgiline prevents the breakdown of PEA by MAO-B, making it last longer (take hordenine if you can't get selgiline, but it's not as good) - as mentioned, it's going to absorb better with food. The MAO-B effects of selgiline are long lasting, often lasting 2 weeks after stopping the drug (irreversible). Coffee has a synergistic effect with energy - you can take other sources of caffeine, too, and perhaps just get your caffeine from the diet soda you are drinking (diet mountain dew is good). CDP-choline theoretically increases dopamine receptor density after it converts to uridine, thus helping to prevent PEA tolerance (there's not much PEA tolerance to begin with, but there's probably no harm to increasing the dopamine receptor density to be able to handle the high amount of dopamine in your brain now). CDP choline, as a bonus, also increases acetylcholine receptor densities, which can also help memory, energy, etc, though it's not as mood enhancing as PEA - it seems very synergistic in this stack, for me (I have added one variable at a time, slowly). You can consider SAMe as an additional bonus to aid in dopamine production, but I think it's optional - it starts making the stack expensive, frankly, so only add that if you feel a little extra boost is needed. One last note: drink a lot of water during the day, because dopamine can be dehydrating, which counteracts the energy if you don't replace your water. Furthermore, be aware that dopamine can make you need to pee REALLY badly and all of a sudden, so that you could find yourself rushing to the restroom with a few pee drops in the old undies from time to time.

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