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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by SleepyCat, Jul 30, 2016.

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    I keep trying to order (on various browsers and devices) and cannot get through the process. The furthest I can get on my laptop and iPad is to enter all my information into the popup window and click order now, and I can see the ### processing and going to an address with a .ph domain saying success, but it never actually loads. Instead it says the server cannot be found (on my iPad) and that the server does not exist or is not allowed (on my laptop). Am I missing something, or is the system having issues? I checked my email just in case it actually was entered and just having some kind of problem, but I see no responses. Also, I was a little confused as to why it was bringing me to a Success! type page when I had not yet been asked to enter any payment information or anything.

    Thanks in advance for help or advice!
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    I'm sure Bob Dryer is sincere and just trying to be kind, but I cannot personally and would not recommend anyone take the word of a kind stranger that they can perform this sort of transaction. I also recommend you do not post your email on a publicly-open forum, although I guess if they don't have private messaging here, I don't know how else you'd do it. Thank you for the offer, Bob Dryer. I hope your life in Mexico is lovely. I've never been yet.
    I actually tried again today on yet another computer, and the order finally went through. It cost more than I expected, $142 (perhaps the exchange rate has gone up since I initially looked at ordering), but I put in my order for 90 tablets with Rush shipping, with the Limitless code. I hope I have a better shipping experience than MatG. I will post again in the future with my further experience with's performance. I almost went to the main competitor today instead---I hope I made the right choice and meets my expectations!
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    I'm with you. Modup came through when others could not. I really appreciate their customer service.
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    How long did it take for your order to come in. I have never ordered online and live in the US
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    Rush delivery time frame is 5-7 business days from dispatch and does not include weekends and holidays.

    Standard delivery time frame is 14-21 business days from dispatch and does not include weekends and holidays.

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