Other nootropics like Modafinil?

Discussion in 'Other Nootropics' started by H1ctonL33, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. H1ctonL33

    H1ctonL33 Newbie

    While I have never used modafinil, I know people that have who swear about it. Anyways, just curious if any noots can come close?? I see a lot of alternative noots discussed in this section of the forum, but thought I'd try to get the answers all in one place. Thanks!!
  2. keppy_hicks

    keppy_hicks Newbie

    Adrafinil is the prodrug (liver converts to modafinil) for modafanil, and you can buy it legally in the states. There are some concerns about liver toxicity but I dont think they are warranted, especially if you live a healthy lifestyle. I have also had my liver tested while taking the adrafinil.
  3. Samuel Burke

    Samuel Burke Newbie

    I have taken phenylpiracetam modafinil and adrafinil, Mod is by far KING. Personally, pheny builds tolerance quickly. It is best used once in awhile for a boost.

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