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    I bought 50 grams of adrafinil a couple years back and tried it in conjunction with modafinil when I had the chance and it seemed to have a noticeable effect on enhancing the effect of the modafinil itself. Most of that 50 grams has just been sitting for a while until tonight, I did a little research and decided to take 800mg Adrafinil with 800mg Aniracetam and 1000mg DL-Phenylalanine (about 2-3 hours ago).

    I know 800mg seems rather high, but I did it as an experiment because I felt confident it would be safe and because I wanted to gauge its efficacy at that level as an occasional attack dose for productivity purposes. Right now I'd say that a lower dose of adrafinil (maybe 500mg) would be more effective and that the stack I took shouldn't be taken all at once together at the doses I took, but any negative effects now (very slight stomach discomfort, some cognitive dissonance) seem negligible.

    However, the effectiveness seems to be fading and the peak effectiveness period was very short-lived, only about an hour. I read that adrafinil is converted by the liver to modafinil so I did not expect this - I anticipated being able to focus for a much longer period of time more easily.

    I was curious as to whether anyone on this forum could answer two questions for me:

    1. Is adrafinil actually partially metabolized into modafinil? If so, how long does it take and when should I expect to feel its effects?

    2. Is there a shelf-life to adrafinil that may be a factor here which could explain the lack of prolonged effectiveness that I am used to when experimenting with -afinils

    I know adrafinil is the least popular -afinil (by far) for good reason, but I have found it effective in the past at doses of 200-600mg (combined with modafinil, 900mg and 100mg of modafinil was simply amazing). Differences in individual neurochemistry can explain a lot for dosing differences of many supplements, but what in particular could explain the lack of pronounced effect which I am accustomed to?

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