Nootropics for extreme aptitude testing?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by keppy_hicks, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. keppy_hicks

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    I'm about to sit a pilots aptitude test for the second time. The first time I sat the aptitude I scraped through with an "noncompetitive" score so have elected to resit to try and boost my score.

    The aptitude I'm sitting is an test that runs over 8 hours and covers thing like: Airborne numeracy i.e. quick speed, distance and rate calculations; Bearings and angles i.e. basic navigation; Auditory capacity - this is an interesting test. you fly a dot down a tunnel, you have to listen to commands (fly through the next green circle etc) and remember strings of given code. It's basically a multitasking test with working memory and recall thrown in; Cognitive updating - A complicated multitasking game where you have to juggle different tasks; CLAN (colors, letters and numbers) - a multitasking test where you have to do basic math, cancel out dots (think of guitar hero) and remember strings of code; Digit recall - remember strings of numbers and things like how many time a digit appears; Reading comprehension; and a couple more things.

    Last time I sat the test I had trouble with mental fatigue, 8 hours in my brain had turned to mush and I was unable to focus.

    I have been taking oxiracetam for the last few weeks while studying (don't know if it has been working or not) and have got hold of some modafinil (not yet tried it). I'm looking for a stack that will help me be at peak performance on the day.
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  2. Jack Daniels

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    Your best "supplement" for any PAT test -- just like flying -- is simple practice. There are plenty of online resources emulating the whole package of these type of tests. Master one skill set at a time, then proceed to the next category. Then simulate the test day by running through the entire bank of skill tests each day or two, 2-3 weeks beforehand. Alternate practice sessions between "as fast as I can" days and "as accurate as I can" days. Scheduled practice, eating & drinking healthy, and quality sleep will yield far more benefits than any "stack" you'll come up with.
  3. Jack Daniels

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    Hope that didn't come across as too strong. I just think that too often young folks like you are looking for corners to cut when in fact, there are no corners to cut.
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    I don't know what the hell Jack Daniel's problem is. Modafinil most definitely improves "mental stamina" and beats caffeine in keeping you focused. Just do not take too much! 100 mg works for most people.
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  5. If I may interject here, modafinil certainly increases focuses, which helps acquire the knowledge necessary to perform well on aptitude tests. I took it while studying for the GRE and earned 334 with a 5.2 essay score the first time around. Anyone who tells you modafinil is not beneficial for aptitude testing is lying.
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  6. this is a very interesting topic. i want to try taking modafinil while preparing for the IELTS test. maybe it could help me become a better test taker???
  7. maybe modafinil would help not just while studying but more importantly while taking the test. if it helps you focus more why not take it shortly before the test?

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