New here - just tried Modvigil -and nothing!

Discussion in 'Brand Discussion' started by nsmod, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. nsmod

    nsmod Newbie

    Thought I'd make a post as I'm quite disappointed so far in my experience.

    -Ordered Modvigil from afinalexpress on 1/1/17
    -Ordered Modalert from modup on 1/1/17

    Received the afinalexpress order today, first, for the Modvigil. Tried 1/2 of a 200mg tab, no effects, then the other half. So far its 6hrs later and I'm so pissed off I had to write this. Only effects were slight headache, feeling of fatigue, sensitivity/prickly feeling on fingers & skin, and just feel like crap! About to sleep now. Afininal express support emailed back saying to do a "taste test" in letting a full pill disolve on my tongue and let them know how it tastes lol.

    Hoping that Modalert when it arrives later this week will yield different results. Is my experience common? Was expecting to be up all night working, but going to just go to sleep after I post this. Ughh....
  2. Victoria V

    Victoria V Moderator Staff Member

    Hi! Please PM me your modalert Order ID so I can track your order.
  3. John Fitz

    John Fitz Newbie

    I got the exact same thing. Even at 400mg there was no discernable difference in anything.
  4. Cloud

    Cloud Newbie

    This medicine is literally a life changer. Modafinil gives you the same level of focus without ANY side effects... no anxiety, no depression, no euphoria (which is great because adderall is very addictive) and minimal weight loss. It has improved my life to the point that my friends and family members have been commenting on how great I sound. I just wanted to share my experience (never have before, but I felt compelled to because this is an emotional topic for me) in case you're nervous about giving it a shot
  5. Victoria V

    Victoria V Moderator Staff Member

    That's great Cloud! and thank you for sharing your experience regarding Modafinil.
  6. Victoria V

    Victoria V Moderator Staff Member

    please PM me your order ID
  7. BiologyBoost

    BiologyBoost Newbie

    Did you guys try adding a cup of black coffee with it?

    Sometimes I've found that adding just a bit of another stimulant is the extra kick I need, but YMMV.
  8. J. Kissinger

    J. Kissinger Newbie

    I'm going to have to side with Cloud on this one. Modafinil literally changed my life. I also have a number of friends who use modafinil on a regular basis, and their first experiences were more in line with what nsmod and John have reported; although – and this is the important part – my friends were able to achieve the same results as I did by gradually increasing and lowering their modafinil dosages, respectively. I think dosage has an important role to play in optimizing modafinil's effects. As explained in this blog post, there is a 'sweet spot' somewhere between 'too little' (i.e. too low of a dose) and 'too much' (i.e. too high of a dose). My guess is that you are in the 'too little' range, and John is in the 'too much' range.

    In other words, nsmod: you should try gradually scaling your modafinil dosage, e.g. try taking 100mg one day and 150mg a few days later, being sure to record any differences in your mood, attention level, ability to focus, and drive (i.e. your desire to work). John: you should take it down a notch – or two. Start with the lowest effective dose (probably between 50mg and 100mg), and then gradually increase from there. Again, the key is to gradually increase the amount of modafinil you take if – and only if – the lower dose does not produce the desired effect(s). By the same token, you should lower your modafinil dosage the second you realize that x amount is too much for you (This will be clear if you begin to show signs of anxiety and/or depression, as the above-mentioned blog article explains). As previously stated, 400mg is probably too much for you. I've read here and elsewhere that 400mg is the maximum dosage you should take. So, it makes very little sense to start there and expect optimal results. Take some time to experiment!

    P. S. Here is a link to the blog post I referenced, in case the link doesn't work:

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  9. Kelsey

    Kelsey Newbie

    Yes, probably an issue with dosing.

    ModUP suggests 200mg to achieve the best effects, but that comes with two caveats:
    1. The most effective dose is going to be a little different for everyone; and
    2. You don't want to take 200mg too many days in a row.

    I recommend not taking modafinil any more than 2-3 days in a row. Many other users will suggest the same. Check out this video, for example.

    Hope this helps!

    —Kelsey :)

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