New here - just tried Modvigil -and nothing!

Discussion in 'Brand Discussion' started by nsmod, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. nsmod

    nsmod New Member

    Thought I'd make a post as I'm quite disappointed so far in my experience.

    -Ordered Modvigil from afinalexpress on 1/1/17
    -Ordered Modalert from modup on 1/1/17

    Received the afinalexpress order today, first, for the Modvigil. Tried 1/2 of a 200mg tab, no effects, then the other half. So far its 6hrs later and I'm so pissed off I had to write this. Only effects were slight headache, feeling of fatigue, sensitivity/prickly feeling on fingers & skin, and just feel like crap! About to sleep now. Afininal express support emailed back saying to do a "taste test" in letting a full pill disolve on my tongue and let them know how it tastes lol.

    Hoping that Modalert when it arrives later this week will yield different results. Is my experience common? Was expecting to be up all night working, but going to just go to sleep after I post this. Ughh....
  2. Victoria V

    Victoria V Moderator Staff Member

    Hi! Please PM me your modalert Order ID so I can track your order.
  3. John Fitz

    John Fitz New Member

    I got the exact same thing. Even at 400mg there was no discernable difference in anything.

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