Modalert and Modvigil blind test results

Discussion in 'Brand Discussion' started by Oscar, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Oscar

    Oscar Newbie

    After many hours of web crawling I was uncertain which brand to buy. There's a lot of posts saying one is better than the other and that they are the same. So I thought I'd do an experiment using a blind test to determine if there was any difference between the two.

    Luckily you can buy modvigil and modalert at and their sister site
    In an ideal world I would buy the original Provigil modafinil as a control, but its out of my budget (>$300 for 30 x 100mg). Anyway $150 and 12 days later I get the 2 generics of modafinil to sample.

    • Crushed up 1 200mg modvigil tablet and 1 200mg modalert tablet into powders then capped the powders. I used food coloring to differentiate between the two powders.
    • A capsule was picked at random, I then went through out my day, recording my performance and then at the end of the day opened the other capsule to see which brand I had taken.
    • I repeated the experiment 4 times with 5 days in between each time.
    Condensed Results:
    Modalert - intense headache lasting all day, feel like Im on caffeine, urine smells strange
    Modvigil - awake, motivated, happy, calm-alterness, urine smells strange

    My tests no way indicate that Modvigil is better Modalert. Definitely more testing needs to be done and I hope Modup or someone does a test to see what's in Modalert.
    There was a trend showing that modvigil is better, but it makes no sense why that would be. Modup has a good article Modvigil vs Modalert explaining that the two generics are chemically identical.

    I tried to keep all variables consistent between the tests, but I cant rule out that food/mood/tablet binders or other factors influenced the outcome.
    Modafinil is a pycoactive so a number of things could influence my subject experience of the generics.

    Other members here should try to replicate my findings. So the community can have a consensus of this issue.
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  2. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    I acknowledge that this method tries to randomly evaluate either brand through a blind test, because the placebo effect, but how blind is it? For instance, what do you mean when you say capsule? Please be more specific to your method of picking randomly. How are you are able to tell which brand you had taken by opening the other capsule?
  3. Oscar

    Oscar Newbie

    I used gelatin capsules like this [​IMG]
    I put one brand of modafinil powder into a capsule. Then dropped 1 drop of red food coloring into the capsule. I then recoreded red powder = modvigil. Repeated this and used blue, recorded blue powder = modalert.

    When the pills were closed they looked identical. I then placed the two capsules into a bowl and in the darkness selected a capsule and swallowed it.

    I'd go through my day recording my notes, not having the slightest clue what brand I had consumed.

    At the end of the day I'd return to the bowl and open up the remaining capsule. If it had blue powder inside then I consumed modvigil and visa versa.

    Hope this clears things up.
  4. Jalers

    Jalers Newbie

    May I ask how your urine smells like with both? And do they differ?

    I have been taking Modalert for some time now, and I have noticed that my urine smells oddly like eggs. However, I suspect it may be due to the multivitamin I am currently taking.
  5. Mister Me

    Mister Me Newbie

    Thank you for the post! I am interested to see if this forum catches on!
  6. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    That does clear things up, thank you. I only ask because maybe perhaps your mind subliminally processed your exact movements during the random storage of the two capsules thereby storing the information to calculate the probability of which capsule you took in the crevices of the inward most parts of your brain. I joke, of course, and I respect your effort to provide us with data. It is just something to consider that self-conducted studies have their weaknesses
  7. Mister Me

    Mister Me Newbie

    how did you decide upon these methods for testing? ever done it with anything else?
  8. Mr_Moda254

    Mr_Moda254 Newbie

    Dealing with modup has always been a breeze. As for the brand name differences, I look at 1 name. If the package has the active ingredient Modafinil I notice no difference when it comes to brand names.
  9. Oscar

    Oscar Newbie

    Hi Jalers, Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately I do not get the urine smell (it would be a useful signal). My friend gets it and its definitely because of modafinil. But it doesn't happen to everyone. Its something to do with modafinil being a sulfur compound/modafinil metabolite or maybe even a biproduct of synthesis still in the pill.

    Hi again Peter, Welcome to the forum.

    I think this is a valid point. It would definitely improve results if I excluded myself from the process of creating randomness and preventing bias.

    Do you think all this brand drama is just for show by different vendors?
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  10. dc234

    dc234 Active Use

    Perhaps blue food colouring causes headaches? :p
  11. Mr_Moda254

    Mr_Moda254 Newbie

    Alllllll good moda=sweet pea
    You kind of get used to it but literally after 1 pee pee I feel like changing drawws
  12. Nelty

    Nelty Active Use

    Thank you for this test. I do think it requires more testing though, as although it was blind, it's very difficult for one individual to judge how much he is affected by one product. It would be good for other users to do this sort of test though, because this is the kind of info that is lacking.
  13. Cheshire666

    Cheshire666 Newbie

    SWIM and his friend also conducted a test with similar aim.


    Hamster A was given (by a friend) 200mg of Modvigil three times in one week, without knowing what brand he was taking. Meanwhile, Hamster B was given (by the same friend) 200mg of Modalert three times in one week, also without knowing what brand he was taking.

    Hamsters were asked to record how they felt on days they were given Provigil and how much work they did. Both hamsters do electrical engineering on a same course in uni, so their workload was similar.

    After first week, brands were switched, so Hamster A was taking Modalert, while hamster B took Modvigil, still without realising what brand they were taking and not knowing that brands were switched. For second week hamsters continued recording their experience.

    At the end of second week, the friend interviewed both hamsters to find out in which week their experience were more positive.


    Hamster A said that his second week was more productive, he also felt a lot happier that week.

    Hamster B said that he was more focused during the first week, but his stomach was also more upset during that week.


    Although this research is very limited, it appears that hamsters found Modalert to be the better brand of Provigil, since they felt more focused when they were given it and got more done.
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  14. RoadRed Mechanic

    RoadRed Mechanic Active Use

    I wonder why some people's urine smells differently and others doesn't?

    I have had both brands and found both equally effective. Neither one made my pee smell odd, but I know for certain that the pills were what they were supposed to be.
    Weird! May have to do some research!
  15. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    Sulfur makes up some part of the chemistry
  16. dc234

    dc234 Active Use

    I'm wondering if it's worth trying a double blind study in a similar way to what you did above with the powdering of the pills and identifying by colour but with sugar pills, caffine pills, modafinil, armod etc... I sometimes do wonder how much of the effect of mod is due to the placebo of us knowing that it's supposed to make you super focused etc..
  17. westgate

    westgate Active Use

    For me adrafinil gives a really distinct smell to urine. Modalert and Modvigil much less so, however still occasionally noticable. I was surprised by this because I thought the urine smell was one of the major identifying factors of finils in general.
  18. JKT

    JKT Active Use

    I just researched that and found out that some people do not have the genetic enzyme that breaks down the compound that causes the smelly urine. Also some people, because of genetics, are unable to smell that particular odor even if their pee does stink!

    My pee has never been stinky from mod, but my best friend says hers is.
  19. westgate

    westgate Active Use

    That's pretty interesting, does the article you read mention what causes the smell in the first place? I def have the enzyme and can smell it, it's just A LOT less noticeable from moda than from ardra.
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  20. Chadimus

    Chadimus Newbie

    Just sampled my first Signature Pharm Modvigil tablet and have to say I was disappointed in the effect, which seemed to be very little, if any at all.

    I've used modalert for many years and the effects of those could be easily felt as they "took hold" and would last over 12 hours giving me intense levels of focus, recall, and overall mental drive.

    An hour after Modvigil, unfocused and yawning. I'd like to send these back...

    Anyone else who has tried both have a similar experience?

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