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    I’ve been taking modafinil for about 9 months now. I take it 3 to 4 days per week to help with mental performance at work (I’m a data scientist, so I spend almost all day sitting at my desk or in meetings). And after 9 months, I have never had an experience like I had this morning. . . .

    My experience leads me to believe that modafinil could be a very useful work-out supplement. Not only does it enhance mental performance, but if used correctly, it could very well improve physical performance as well, specifically when it comes to running. Here’s the story. . . .

    I’m a casual runner. By that, I mean I’m not a competitive runner. I don’t run marathons or 5ks. I do it simply to keep in shape. I usually get out of bed at 6:00 and take about a half hour to wake up, have a small breakfast, etc. then go for a 3 mile run. On most days I am out the door by 6:45 if not earlier, and I am back at my apartment by 7:15 (including time to stretch before and after my run).

    This morning, I tried something different...I took 200 mg modafinil immediately after getting out of bed. I felt the effects about 20 minutes later, which is pretty typical for me, so I went on my run a little earlier than usual, around 6:30. During my run I noticed a couple of slight differences and one very noticeable difference in my performance:

    1. I was slightly more focused just before my run.
    You know, the typical “tunnel vision” effect that modafinil gives you? I had that about running. I usual stumble out the door, slowly lace up my shows, do a few leisurely dynamic stretches. But this morning, I friggin’ ATTACKED my run. As soon as the modafinil kicked in, I couldn’t wait to get out the door and go. I threw my shoes on an streched like a boss (insofar as that is possible ;-) and was on my way within 2-3 minutes.

    2. I had a lot more energy and motivation during my run.
    It was as if someone had said to me, “if you stop running, I’m going to punch you.” But the motivation was coming from within. I’ll admit that I don’t always run 3 miles straight EVERY morning. (After all, what runner doesn’t take a break or two?) Well, this morning, I didn’t stop. Not even once. Which me to the one “big difference” that modafinil had on my run: breathing.

    3. Modafinil NOTICEABLY improved my breathing.
    I don’t have trouble breathing while running. I breath normally (not too deep, not too shallow), like the pros suggest. But this morning, it was as though each breathe had a higher volume of oxygen. Maybe modafinil increased my oxygen uptake or “V02 max.” I remember listening to an interview between the author Tim Ferriss and Dr. Martin Gabala about VO2 max, and he mentioned that certain drugs can actually increase your blood oxygen levels by improving breathing efficiency. As far as I can tell (although I’m not a medical doctor), that is what modafinil did for me.

    So, I was talking with a friend (and fellow nootropics enthusiast) earlier this week . . . before this morning’s incident . . . and she mentioned that she takes modafinil before her morning workout as a kind of “physical enhancer.” She lifts weights regularly and said that modafinil allowed her to focus more and cut back on rest intervals during training. The “cutting back on rest intervals” part was what caught my attention. And that’s what led me to want to try taking modafinil before my morning run.

    I had previously read that modafinil can act as a respiratory stimulant, so some doctors prescribe it to treat conditions like respiratory failure, asthma, and COPD. But I never thought about how modafinil could possibly affect recovery and stamina during running workouts. Now that I’ve experienced the difference, I’m going to try a two-week experiment: 1 week without modafinil and 1 week with 200 mg modafinil pre-workout. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    If you have had a similar experience, using modafinil to enhance your workout or running, I’d love to hear about it. How much modafinil do you take and how long before work-outs? Do you find that there are any downsides? I guess I should also emphasize that I’m not a doctor. It’s possible that some people may experience heart stress or something else if they combine modafinil and workouts, or if they take too much. I don’t intend to give health advice, and you should always check with your doctor before trying this sort of thing. And so on and so forth . . . Bla bla bla . . . :)

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