Modafinil and Working Out

Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by pmmyd, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. totalwise

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    I haven't exercised in a while and want to get back in. I'vr had another issue of having problems sleeping on time on the days that I use mods.

    I think the mod lingers on my bloodstream too late into the evening preventing me from sleeping. I was curious as to whether exercise can help to flush you body out of modafinil chemicals so it lets you sleep easier?
  2. BrainBoy

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    Well i been on modafinil for about a week now. I stopped taking my pre-workout at lunch time. So far it's been good not much of a difference. I in fact only take my pre-workout after work since I have crossfit. I notice I do have the motivation and cardio seems to be a little better now. Right now i'm taking 100mg in the morning, and the other half afternoon my workout in the afternoon. in total it's the 200mg .
  3. Dr Imhotep

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    Modafinil is much more selective than typical stimulants like amphetamines or Ritalin, affecting the brain in a targeted fashion and therefore doesn't have as much of an affect on other body systems such as cardiovascular. It will still have some affect, however, and will increase endurance and energy. One thing that is extremely important to understand is that stimulants increase cardiac load and exercise increases load also. Sudden cardiac death risk increases with the combination. Most common in people with a congenial defect or other underlying condition but those with no preexisting conditions are still at an increased risk.

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