Modafinil and Working Out

Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by pmmyd, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    To those with experience, how has Modafinil use effected your own physical activity? Does it make it easier/more difficult to push harder in a workout, or does it not really have much of an effect at all in your experience?

    To those who do cardio, how does it effect your endurance?

    And what about strength training? Does it increase/decrease your lifts at all in any way, or effect your recovery time at all?

    Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. currydud

    currydud Newbie

    I've been to the gym once when taking modafinil (only received the package 3 days ago) and my workout was more intense. I noticed the breaks in-between the exercises were shorter but i wouldn't say i could lift more. I am going back to the gym today so I'l see how i get on and will do some cardio.
  3. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Awesome. Decreasing the breaks in-between my sets is my major goal right now, so it's great to see that it helped you with that. Definitely keep me updated as to how cardio goes!
  4. currydud

    currydud Newbie

    cardio was actually really good, I didn't get tired as much and I ended up doing 2km more (on the treadmill). One thing i've noticed is that I've started to sweat much more than i do usually.
  5. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Awesome data, even if it's just anecdotal evidence. Thank you so much, this info is super useful to me. I really appreciate it.
  6. It definitely helps me lift more as well.
  7. I always have more stamina, and it seems to make me sweat WAY less. I don't know if that is just me, but the lack of sweat is very noticeable.
  8. rkayd

    rkayd Active Use

    Interesting experiences, I wasn't planning on taking it for workouts but I might give it a try and see what differences I notice.
  9. Talko

    Talko Active Use

    I lift 3 days a week: squats, deadlifts, bench etc., mostly just the basic compound lifts, with constant progressive weight gains.

    I just recently ordered my mod, haven't received it yet. I'm wondering how it will affect my strength training routine. This will definitely be something I test.
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  10. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Interesting. Do you think the lack of sweat is detrimental in any way? I don't tend to sweat much ever but I know it's sort of a cooling mechanism for the body and I wonder if that may be dangerous. Do you make a point of always staying hydrated?
    Yes, please do keep us all updated.
  11. londonontario1234

    londonontario1234 Active Use

    Im definately more determined to go to a gym a finish a workout when taking Modafinil, there is no procastination what so EVER
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  12. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    That's great to hear. I've definitely had my fair share of days where I could really use that extra motivational boost to get to the gym and give it my all.
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  13. Talko

    Talko Active Use

    Haha. I could have used that the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    That session was shit, I was there for literally 20 minutes before I packed up and went home.
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  14. greymatter

    greymatter Active Use

    The only thing I'd like to mention is trying to work up an appetite while on mod -- there are times where I forget about eating and fail to hit my caloric goals for the day!
  15. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    That has been a major concern of mine, and was actually one of the reasons why I made this thread in the first place. Do you have any sort of advice or input as to things you've done to keep your appetite up?
  16. rkayd

    rkayd Active Use

    You could set an alarm to remind yourself to eat. Unfortunately I don't have a problem with low appetite or forgettingto eat!
  17. improve247

    improve247 Active Use

    I personally eat high calorie foods that don't fill you up as much. That way, you don't have to eat as much, but you can still reach your caloric intake!
  18. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Good point, fatty foods can be great for this, as they're very calorie dense. However at the same time I usually shoot for 180g-200g of protein a day, and that tends to fill me up much more quickly. I'm thinking maybe if I eat an absolutely massive breakfast in the mornings and take modafinil right after I'll be able to get a lot of my daily caloric needs out of the way before any of modafinil's appetite-reducing effects get in the way of that.
  19. Mangchiboy

    Mangchiboy Active Use

    I am usually always keeping up with my fitness. As everyone knows, when you take a break from working out, the hardest part is starting up again. I know that it will only be a couple weeks of tough workouts before it seems normal to me again, however the thought of getting back to where I was before makes me a bit hesitant about doing it again. Interestingly, after taking mod, I noticed that i was more inclined to get started. I actually started back up 3 days ago and have been working out every day. I know that doesn't sound like too long but trust me, those first few days are key. Part of the trouble was being able to complete a long workout. I would start and do maybe a fraction of what I would normally do, but with mod, I have been able to nearly my entire workout session if not all of it like it used to. It's very interesting, because I used to take all sorts of workout stimulation supplements like "jack3d" to help boost my workout, however this little dose of mod has done just as well for me. It's great!
  20. BitModa

    BitModa Newbie

    I run a lot and take moda. I wouldn't say it helps with it at all. I don't run any longer or faster than usual. All it does for me is cage up the sleep monster so I'm not wanting to take naps during the day. That's AMAZING in itself if you ask me! ;)

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