Modafinil and (Hypo)mania?

Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by pmmyd, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Hi there. I was wondering if anyone who is predisposed to hypomanic or manic states (i.e. but not necessarily limited to persons afflicted with bipolar disorder) could shed some light onto the effect that modafinil has on the occurrence and/or character of these states. I know that caffeine, as well as some adrenergic stimulants like amphetamine, are able to induce and prolong manic states in those who are predisposed to them. Some other factors like sleep deprivation can also effect their occurrence, which makes me wonder if modafinil can play into any of this at all.
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    Well hipomaniac state is supposed to not being somethimg bad because it make you productive but if you have another problem then be careful, when i used mod i feel hipomaniac and with the need of start to do something i cant be still
  3. I've found that piracetam keeps me at a good point. It kept me out of depression, and I never went into a full manic episode while on it. I tackled any problem that confronted me with ease, and attacked my goals and made headway on them. Phenylpiracetam daily threw me into full blown mania when I took it longer than a few days, or without long enough breaks. Pramiracetam I just hated. I'm going to order some noopept soon and see how that works on my mood.

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