Modafinil and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by pmmyd, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. pmmyd

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    I was wonderig if I could hear any reports or anecdotes from people who suffer from anxiety who have taken modafinil. I'm specifically curious about its effect on panic attacks but any and all information is appreciated.

    I personally have not tried modafinil yet, but I suffer from anxiety and until I started taking buspirone I often had panic attacks. I've found that I have to pretty much avoid caffeine altogether because it makes me very prone to these attacks, even if I'm taking my medication.

    I realize that caffeine and modafinil aren't exactly very similar, but this makes me worry that modafinil may make me more prone to these panic attacks as well, or just make me a generally more anxious person. Can anyone elaborate with their own experience?
  2. TramMcD

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    I too suffer and have suffered from anxiety in all its wonderful iterations (GAD, OCD, panic disorder, hypochondria, etc.) but have actually found that modafinil is sort of anxiety-reducing. Not in a sleepy way, either. I used to take Xanax for about 11 months and after tapering off that and starting mod my anxiety has diminished. There were a few days when 200 mg combined with a low dose Vyvanse (30 mg) made my heart pound fast and hard for about five minutes, but even during that, I didn't have any anxiety other than a slight annoyance. Felt fine for the rest of the day. Though it's debatable, I think mod may help with executive function somewhat, so it's easier to talk yourself out of anxiety and bad moods. If you combine it with too much caffeine, however, it might cause a slight hypomania that's not as easy to talk yourself out of, since it feels so nice. Tread prudently, but don't worry ;)
  3. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    That's great to hear, thank you very much! I'm a lot less worried about it now, I'll definitely have to give it a shot and report back when I do.
  4. J23

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    A few months ago I had an incident where I was using modafinil to help me flip my sleep schedule(I work a night shift but took a week off to go to a family event and get some rest). It went well, except for the first day when I drank several cups of coffee then took my normal dosage. I ended up being extremely paranoid for the rest of the day. Once I went to sleep, I felt like a million bucks when I woke up and my sleep schedule was completely flipped. The moral of the story is combining Modafinil with caffeine isn't a great idea, beyond that you should be good.
  5. londonontario1234

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    Most websites list anxiety and nervousness as a possible side effect of Modafinil. So theres always a chance you may get anxious while on it, caffeine definately increases the possibility ten fold, however if u find that u are getting anxious JUST USING Modafinil, you could try either lowering the dose, or try taking something to combat the anxiousness such as L-theanine or phenibut , or u could try using Modafinil's cousin, armodafinil...which doesnt list anxiety or nervousness as a possible side effect...Armodafinil is an enantiomer of modafinil. It is possible that enantiomers of drugs bind differently to receptors in the body and therefore have different effects.
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  6. totalwise

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    I have had anxiety all my life, when I first took mods I thought it was the CURE to my anxiety. I felt like the guy on limitless. I got unstoppable confidence and was doing things like cold caling and other stuff which I would normally never do. I went out to a bar the same day and spoke to lots of girls. HOWEVER. It does make me anxious the day after and a few days after as well.

    I am wondering whether it's just down to the "falling" effect when you slump back to your normal axiety that it feels like you're really falling far below. Or whether it's genuinely high levels of anxiety.
  7. pmmyd

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    Good point. I had considered ordering some powder Armodafinil from a nootropics supplier so I'll definitely have to compare the side effects between different enantiomers and mixtures.

    Interesting. I believe what you're referring to is "rebound anxiety" which I have definitely experienced a great deal of. But damn, it sounds really nice that modafinil actually helped with your anxiety. Hopefully I'll have similar results.
  8. improve247

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    For some people, Modafinil increases the anxiety side effects of caffeine. Although a lot of this is subjective to different user experiences. For me, caffeine is the extra boost that I need to stay productive and non-drowsy.
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  9. mary liz

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    I have been on 1000 mg of modifinal
    started using it in 2001.

    Ms Fatigue.

    at first I started it at 200 mg, told the doc. that it wasn't working after lunch and taking another pill didn't help.
    He told me to take 2 pills in morning at same time. Worked fine for a couple o years. remember I have Multiple Scoliosis. this is prescribed for me. after that I learned
    there is no need for caffeine unless You Need the Shakes Or Love Coffee.

    Off Days Just Don't take It. It is non addictive, I just sleep. if I need to. which is always with the Fatigue.
  10. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    I realize there's no need to take it with coffee. But as an anxiety prone person I sometimes get "the shakes" and other symptoms without even consuming coffee and I'm wondering if modafinil could worsen this.
  11. Mangchiboy

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    I cannot imagine mod helping with anxiety. I noticed that when I first took mod, I definitely felt anxiety. It was more than I wanted to deal with. This was my mistake for taking too high of a dose, even though it was only 200mg. I think the important thing here is to get your dose right. For me, I have finally narrowed it down to just 50-75mg as a single dose. This is the optimal dose for me and does just enough for me to focus throughout the day and allows me to sleep without any issues at night. I don't however, have any anxiety issues to begin with....only when taking higher doses of mod.
  12. Johny Carola

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    It happened to me twice that I felt noticeably anxious on Modafinil. On the other hand I believe that it just exemplifies my inner doubts so just gives me a more clear sign on that there's something happening in my life that needs to be addressed, thus in a wicked way you might be thankful for the obstacle (as long as its not shutting off your prefrontal cortex due to too much stress involved).
    There's a book coming up on stress management from a TED (talker? ;)) Kelly McGonigal - The Upside of Stress that I'm looking forward to and think you might find useful as well.
  13. I get mood swings that take me from the heights of happiness to the depths of depression. While in the depression stage, I can feel anxiety quite acutely. Personally I had identified and learned to deal with the impacts of my emotions.

    What I found when I started on Modafilnil, was a lessening in the depth of these mood swings. More stability followed. As a result, I feel less anxiety and in general - less stress!

    Recently, I ran out before my next order arrived & I felt the fog and non-clarity that I must have been quite accustomed to prior to modding. After one week without modafinil I did not fall into my emotional up & down - but I felt it in the background - its still there, but modafinil keeps it at bay. I dont like the idea of being hooked to something like this to make my life easier, but this is the card I have been dealt...

    In short, I suggest that if your issues is anxiety rather than emotional swing (leading to anxiety), my experience may not be comparable with yours.
  14. Saisontor

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    Yes, occasionally modafinil may cause me nervous. Nervousness, anxiety, hyperarousal, may have fatigue as a result. In order to alleviate these side effects, I try to take the theanine along with modafinil. I will certainly bring my experience on this forum.
  15. Modafinil is a drug that is more and more being recognized for its powerful mood-enhancing capabilities.

    It was initially approved by the FDA to treat serious sleep related issues including obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, and narcolepsy.

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