Manging your sleep clock while using modafinil

Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by totalwise, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. totalwise

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    As most of you know, modafinil is used to create wakefulness and that means if if you're using it recreationally to study one side affect is that you will not be able to sleep if mods are in your system.

    What is the general consensus on the cut off time when you shouldn't take mods if you want to maintain your sleep cycle?

    I have found that I tend to sleep about 2 hours later than normal when I take mods and that really messes up my sleep clock. It often means I undersleep that night and wake up very tired the following day.
  2. BrainBoy

    BrainBoy Active Use

    I haven't really notice anything change on my sleep yet. I know for me after taking the 100mg i get a little sleepy but figure out i didn't have enough choline in my system. Besides that my body is us to going to sleep very late without modafinil. it's so weird that with some people they could stay up late but others they fall asleep couple hours later.
  3. Scrat

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    200mg in the morning at 7 am was keeping me from getting a restful sleep even at midnight later that day. I've backed off to 100mg and that isn't affecting my sleep as of now. Mormom what I understand, modafinil has a half life of about 12-15 hours so 200mg at 7am would leave 100mg in your system at 7-10pm. For me that was keeping me up.
  4. Johny Carola

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    I have taken Modafinil on various times ranging from 7am to 2pm and I never noticed any problem with sleep (12am and on). It was more that I could just stay awake if I wanted but not that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep almost immediately.
  5. BrainBoy

    BrainBoy Active Use

    I'm wondering since i have a high tolerance for caffeine if thats the problem with me. THat 200mg doesn't really do much for me. Is 400mg a day to much to take ?
  6. Johny Carola

    Johny Carola Active Use

    @BrainBoy some people go for 400mg, the dosage really depends on any given person. I myself tried 400mg at least one time and found no unpleasant side effects.
  7. BrainBoy

    BrainBoy Active Use

    Since I been on modafinil for the last 3 weeks 100mg in the morning and the other 100mg in the afternoon i'm going to bump up my dosage to 200mg in the morning and the other 200mg in the afternoon... hopefully it will be okay and things will work out.
  8. SWGEmu

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    I hope everything went well with your change in dosage.

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