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Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by pmmyd, Oct 8, 2014.

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    You could try using the loss of appetite (if there is one, I don't know as I haven't yet received my order), to your advantage.

    If your goal is to bulk up, and gain muscle (as mine is), you could try intermittent fasting, and carb back-loading.

    I attempted carb back-loading and intermittent fasting about 3 months ago, but was unsuccessful. It was prime summer time and I was trying to get real lean and show off the abs.

    The problem was I also just started a more intense workout program (Jason Blaha's Ice Cream Fitness), and it's recommended to really take advantage of all of the sets and reps, you really need to eat.

    Well, at first I was able to keep up the CBL and IMF, as I previously shrunk my stomach -- I did 2 weeks of a juice-fast going into summer, but eventually I fell off the diet as I was just too hungry all the time from the new program. I was a beast in the kitchen, and went onto the "see food diet". I started waking up and eating about 6 eggs every morning...

    So now, I'm completely off it. Winter is upon us and I'm trying to bulk. Plus, I'm hungry and eating all the time, gaining muscle, but I can tell I'm starting to gain a bunch of fat back.

    I'm kinda hoping that mod does give me a loss of appetite. I'm going to try to get back into the IMF and CBL, so when spring and summer show up next year I don't have too much excess to cut.

    So, the idea with intermittent fasting is to not eat anything until about 1pm or 2 pm. The goal is to go about 16 hours on a fast each day. Then only eat during an 8 hour window. So from around 9pm to about 1pm or 2pm you don't eat anything.

    The carb back-loading portion is to only eat carbs after your workout. For example for me I workout M,W,F, so I'd not eat until 1pm-2pm, I'd have eggs and a protein shake. Nuts, whatever else, some cheese as a snack. Stay away from most fruits and breads. Then workout at 5:30pm. Come home, have the post-shake, and cook dinner. That's when you actually get the carbs in for the day.

    Now there's obviously a lot more to it than that, but it's the jist of it. If it sounds interesting i'd recommend researching it and finding out if it would work for you.

    It might be a good way to go, especially if Mod is doing part of the work for you and suppressing your appetite throughout the morning and early afternoon.
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    Very informative post with tons of suggestions, thanks for the reply! I'll definitely look into that stuff.
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    I took it as prescribed by my doctor and didn't notice a change in appetite. Sucks cause I'm a fat kid :)
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    I feel like it doesn't suppress my hunger but I'm just so caught up in whatever I'm doing that I forget that I need to eat! Not the best side effect, considering I'm trying to put on some weight.
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    It's normal to lose apetite when you're so focused on your work. Remember when you first get gta v and play it for hours and hours because you're so hooked.

    That's the same as on dafs because you love to get stuck in and do work.

    I am aware of that, and make saure I have a big fat heavy, protein heavy breakfast before I start. I also have 2 x2L ikea jugs of water on my desk so that I drink enough water, not drinking enough water is probably a more dangerous side effect than not eating to be honest.
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    Yeah, these are definitely things I should be keeping in mind. I guess it's not necessarily limited to a direct loss of appetite as a pharmaceutical effect of the drug as it is an indirect effect caused by being caught up in other things.
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    I normally don't have a huge appetite. However, after taking mod, I have noticed that I will not eat breakfast much anymore. Instead, I have been waiting until lunch time or even dinner sometimes and have a much larger meal. I still maintain the same amount of calories, but in just less meals. I'm not sure if this is less healthy, but other than that, I have not noticed much difference. This may have to do with the fact that I sometimes take the mod in the morning as soon as I wake up, hence the decreased appetite in the morning time.
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    @pmmyd I've never felt loss of apetite due to Modafinil, really. The only reason I can think of is if I were so deep into the task at hand (which is a common effect of Modafinil usage) that I literally forget to eat. That seems plausible since it has happened to me numerous times in the past even without the pill.
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    Modafinil doesn't have as much of an effect on appetite as other stimulants such as amphetamines and methylphenidate but will still produce some suppression. Over time it will subside for the most part. Six weeks after starting the medication you should notice your appetite returning to normal. Eating just prior to administration can allow you to eat meals until it no longer produces the side effect. Dose titration is also recommend initially to minimize appetite suppression and other side effects. Start with 100 mg in the morning only and take for a week, after that week begin taking another 100 mg dose in the afternoon (before 5 pm). That dose is adequate for most people but if you insist on a higher dose titration is necessary again. 200 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night for a week then increase the afternoon dose to 200 mg.

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