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Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by pmmyd, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    I'm looking for some general info and advice on modafinil induced appetite loss.

    My two main questions for everyone are:

    Does modafinil cause you personally to lose your appetite? And if so, what do you personally do, if anything, to remedy this?

    I personally have never tried the substance, and I want to get some input on this before I place an order.
  2. Nelty

    Nelty Active Use

    Well my case is very interesting regarding that aspect. I am the kind of person that does not get a lot from moda but I still experience the side effects. Especially the loss of appetite.
    The way I deal with it depends on when I take it. If I have class that day it's annoying since I can only eat lunch at 12 and I'm obviously not hungry (I could eat a salad at most). But I like this side effect when I take it on Sundays when I don't have class, because it allows me to study from 9 until 3 without a break. And then I can eat a regular lunch. I noticed that digesting food really slows me down , so I am really effective UNTIL I eat lunch. I don't think it's unhealthy if you only do it once or twice a week, but I can see how it could become an issue if I took mods everyday.
  3. plucky ducky

    plucky ducky Active Use

    I've never had a problem with appetite while using moda. There are plenty that report this, so it is all down to your individual chemistry.
  4. Johnny B

    Johnny B Active Use

    I have appetite loss to various levels with any sort of stimulant, including caffeine. In my case, I just don't get hungry. But if I notice that it's noon and I haven't had lunch yet, I don't feel it's difficult to eat a normal sized meal even though I don't feel hungry. So it really just comes down to remembering to eat and then doing so. If I lose track of time, it's easy to go miss multiple meals, but usually my schedule is set up so that "food time" is well defined and doesn't depend on me having to be hungry.
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  5. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Thanks for your input! I'll definitely take this into consideration. Seems like modafinil would be better suited for a cut than a bulk.
    Interesting, I've heard this from a few people so far.
    I'll make sure to keep everything well scheduled. I'm the type of person who doesn't have much of an appetite to begin with, and when I'm on stimulants like caffeine or propylhexedrine I tend to experience pretty strong appetite loss. I'll be sure to keep your advice in mind, thanks.
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  6. RoadRed Mechanic

    RoadRed Mechanic Active Use

    I definitely experience loss of appetite. I make sure to eat before I take one and to snack at regular intervals.

    I also found that I need to be aware and make sure to drink plenty of water. Modafinil makes me thirsty, but I hate interrupting what I am doing to eat or drink! Lol
  7. Nelty

    Nelty Active Use

    I also have dry mouth when taking modafinil, it really bothers me in the evening before I go to bed because then I need to have a bottle of water next to me.
  8. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    It's interesting what you guys say about the water. I usually make a very strong effort to stay hydrated throughout the day and drink way more than the daily minimum recommendation, and it's become a pretty strong habit at this point, so I'm not sure how much of an issue that would be for me. But i'll make sure to keep it in mind because I can see that potentially becoming an issue down the road.
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  9. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    I lose my appetite as well, and I love it. Without Mod I take breaks every hour or so for no reason and end up eating multiple meals throughout the day. It's inefficient because I'll check what's in the fridge aimlessly even though I already know what's in the fridge. Honestly I think it's more like from that movie Lucy how she gains the ability to ignore fleshly desires and basically ends up not feeling pain anymore and not having to eat. It may seem like you're losing you're appetite, but if you're like me and find yourself aimlessly looking through food cabinets you can view it as your mind being smart enough to ignore the unnecessary impulses to eat. That doesn't mean you should never eat. Energy has to come from somewhere, so make sure you eat, but don't stress if you're simply not hungry; you'll be fine and you'll eventually really be hungry
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  10. westgate

    westgate Active Use

    I used the loss of appetite side effect to my advantage and got my diet on track. I am now eating smaller, healthier meals and avoiding unhealthy snacks.
  11. elf

    elf Active Use

    I also notice a lower appetite. I lose all food cravings and have a suppressed hunger throughout the day. Personally I enjoy the lower appetite and I also tend to drink a lot more water on Modafinil days. The appetite loss is not anywhere near as extreme as my Adderall experiences. While taking Adderall I literally have to force myself to eat. My stomach can be growling and I still won't have an appetite. With Modafinil I still become hungry, its just not as fast or as often as a normal day.
  12. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    That's all well and good, but I tend to have the opposite problem (Even without any sort of drugs I have trouble eating unless I force myself too) and I'm starting to think that Modafinil use could exacerbate this issue. I do appreciate what you said, though.

    Good to know, seems like a good use for it.

    I'm glad to hear that it's nowhere near as problematic as Adderall, that's a good thing to keep in mind.
  13. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    As long as you are healthy and not hungry, then there might be no need to eat. Your body might just be very efficient at metabolizing food or your body is being conservative with it. Unless you pass out and suddenly end up in the hospital to find out you are starving because of your body's inability to signal hunger to you, then you should be ok
  14. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Right, I know that I can survive on way less food, but the problem is I've been trying to gain weight lately and so I need to eat at least 3500 calories each day in order to consistently gain weight at a rate of 1lb/week. So it's less of a survival issue and more of just the fact that I would really prefer to not have my appetite diminished to the point of not being able to eat that much on a daily basis.
  15. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    I see. There is the option of taking half a dose, i.e. 100mg. You still get the modup effect, but it just lasts for half the duration of a full dose. This way, at the end of the day, it will have worn off, and you will be hungry, which leaves the option to eat a decent sized dinner. This assumes that you eat a decent sized breakfast before modding up as well and perhaps forcing yourself to eat a lunch during the day.
  16. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Great advice as well, thanks. I tend to eat huge breakfasts and some small meals throughout the rest of the day, so I think I would be able to manage that.
  17. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    Sounds good. Let us know how it goes
  18. In my experience using half a pill makes it half as strong but it still works the whole day. Like it lasts just as long as taking 200mg, just half as strong... if that makes any sense!
  19. Peteroman

    Peteroman Regular Use

    That makes sense, yes. Everyone is different, but Modafinil's half life is about 15 hours. 200mg of Modafinil is 100mg 15 hours after consumption, and 50mg after another 15 hours. Likewise, start with a 100mg dose of Modafinil and it is 50mg 15 hours after consumption. It still has the same effect, but the 200mg is twice as potent, and it lasts 15 hours longer
  20. pmmyd

    pmmyd Active Use

    Interesting, thanks for the explanation. I'll definitely keep this in mind!

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