Long term effects of Modafinil?

Discussion in 'Side Effects' started by Murkston, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Apologies in advance if my post does not adhere to any forum rules that may be in place, i'm new to this type of thing.

    Anyway, to my understanding, Modafinil has not been in use for long enough for one to properly examine any long term effects it may have on a person.

    Does any one have any insight into this?
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  3. mary liz

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    I have been on 1000 mg of modifinal
    started using it in 2001.

    Ms Fatigue.

    at first I started it at 200 mg, told the doc. that it wasn't working after lunch and taking another pill didn't help.
    He told me to take 2 pills in morning at same time. Worked fine for a couple o years. remember I have Multiple Scoliosis. this is prescribed for me. after that I learned
    there is no need for caffeine unless You Need the Shakes Or Love Coffee.

    Off Days Just Don't take It. It is non addictive, I just sleep. if I need to. which is always with the Fatigue.

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