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  1. Anastasia135

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    Hello guys :) I m Anastasia , a hardworking engineering student . I was using modaf. when i was an exchange student in uk with great results but now im back in my home country and it seems i cant find a way to import modaf without the product being seized6 (there is a possibillity of prosecution also) .There are strict laws on drugs here and its difficult for me to get the job done without trouble at the customs. So i was wondering if theres anyone preferably located in london who is a user and can buy mod for me. I fly to london often so we can arrange a meeting . Plzzz pm me if u re interested :)

    Ps sorry if the above is against the forum rules :/
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    Unfortunately I don't live in London - hopefully another forum user here does?

    Also, I don't know which country you are from, but have you considered mail forwarding?
    From the modup wiki:
    Hope you find a way to resolve this - best of luck! :)
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    I assume that this is acceptable, because our moderator (_sn0wy_) did not remove your post. However, this kind of post is often frowned upon, at least in my previous experiences on the web. That being said, Anstasia, I hope you can find a way to enhance your studies, as I have. You might seek out other vendors on the web, one of which may be able to better assist you. I to am curious as to which country you work out of. I myself am in the US, and recently had my order seized.. I got the oh so lovely "love" letter from customs. The letter wasn't really a big deal, I've opted to abandon my shipment.

    Happy Hunting,

  4. Anastasia135

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    hello guys and thank u for your replies :) i forgot to mention that im from Greece. The point is that i was ready to order when i decided to read some parts of Greek law regarding drugs. Modafinil is placed on D category of forbitten substances. Then i made a thourough research on custom websites and forums. From what i ve read, custom seemed quite strict to me (many packages are being opened etc ) and many products on the same category are being seized (a friend of mine -chemical eng failed to import substances from the same category,several times )
    Then i decided to talk to my cousin who works for the police who has seen prosecutions for substances in the customs. She said that theres a possibillity for prosecution. Of course its not a serious charge(possible questioning from the police)but honestly i dont have the time to mess with the authorities.
    So ,taking into account all of the above and since im flying to london on may i posted the above.
    Do your country have also strict laws on modafinil but you re still able to import it wihout problems?would you recommend me to risk it?
  5. Psychresearcher

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    While the letter I received from customs in the US informed me of their seizure, I saw no mention of legal altercations. However, I know penalties may be greater in other countries. Prosecution could be pursued should you not have a prescription. Its probably best if you consulted with your health care provider and sought a prescription. Be cautious, and order at your own risk.

    Other than that,
    Welcome to ModUP!

  6. amd

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    Wow even Australia customs aren't that strict. Have you tried asking for a prescription? Maybe that could help

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