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Discussion in 'Other Nootropics' started by greymatter, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. greymatter

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    Hey all, I like to use to review and research any supplements I'm interested in using, they essentially boil down published research into easy to understand statements. I recommend it to everyone!
  2. rkayd

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    Yeah I second that recommendation. It's a great site with lots of information.
  3. Jxcxb91

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    Examine is a wonderful site. I've been using it as a resource for some time now. I'm working on developing a site of my own with a similar database, but it's still a good way off from being realized, despite having put so much time into it. Bluelight, drugs-forum, and of course, erowid are great places (though a bit lacking in nootropics) and surprisingly reddit has a good deal of information. But the best resource has always been google really. PMing knowledgeable people with specific questions about their experiences or knowledge/interpretation of studies of certain compounds can go a long way as well.
  4. Johny Carola

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    @Jxcxb91 so you mean that you search for academic workers that you don't know in person to ask them questions in private, right? How's that working out percentage-wise?
  5. _sn0wy_

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    This is definitely one of the most useful sites for research, as everything is explained in a readable, non-technical way. A degree in medicine is not a prerequisite, unlike some other sites!

    It's also reassuring that the site is (allegedly) unbiased, so it should be a little easier to decide whether a seller is exaggerating the effects of a particular supplement, using this as a reference.

    Nice find! :D
  6. Good resources here.

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