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    I have used Modafinil for over 2 years to keep me "at the top of my game" daily. I have taken 4 to 6 200 mg tablets daily (800 mg to 1200 mg ) for about a year and a half. I haven't found anyone who has shared their experiences using this high a dosage daily for this long so thought I'd share a little of my experience. Overall, I am in great shape for someone 65 years old and very physically fit for my age compared to most of my friends.

    I retired the end of October 2015 from a job that operated 24 / 7 that was very physically demanding with stat delivery times in a "Get It Done", "Make It Happen", "No Excuses" environment. I discovered Nuvigil & Provigil from an investigative news program on TV. I asked my Med Check PA about it and was provided a few samples prescribed for shift work disorder. WOW, my ability to accomplish my job was awesome!! I was so much more focused, intense, confident, talkative, and quicker in accomplishing my job.

    Of course, my health insurance would not pay the $500 plus dollars for a monthly prescription (1 250 mg pill a day for 30 days) so, after a few discounted refills, I started looking online for drastically less costly options. Luckily, I discovered the MOD-UP website first and have been really pleased ever since with their product, pricing and reliable customer service. Sometimes, I do wonder if each pill really is 200 mg but I have no way to test it.

    Since retiring, some days I will use just 2 or 3 pills, but once they "wear off", I am wide awake but just don't have the same motivation to accomplish "great things" for the rest of the day or evening. I might even be content to just sit in my recliner and watch TV for long periods and not get stuff done. In the "perfect world" I would wish I didn't have to depend on taking Modafinil to feel my best and wonder why can't I feel this great naturally?

    Anyhow, I can see most everyone who reads this probably thinks, Wow, this guy is dependent and addicted to it. As far as side effects, I guess I have been lucky so far. Since starting I have lost about 20 pounds (maybe only needed to lose 5 pounds) and friends have commented on this. I am lean & mean and play tennis twice a week year round (3 or 4 hours) and my reflexes & speed are awesome. I do have to remind myself to eat enough as it does curb my appetite big time and I do drink lots of fluids during the day and probably too much coffee too. I have no headaches. If I get 6 hours of sleep I am fine but sometimes only get 4 or 5 and will nap for an hour in late afternoon. Once I go to sleep, I sleep soundly.

    Well, it's getting late so will end for now. Hope to hear from others who are taking large dosages for long periods of time. I will have to admit, I have accomplished so much more in life using Modafinil!!
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    Hey Mark ,would love to know how you are doing ,still alive out there ?
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    I guess he is not, lol

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