Coinbase Account Shut Down

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Isaac Co, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Isaac Co

    Isaac Co Newbie

    My Coinbase account got closed. I would not use Coinbase with them.
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  2. Sophiek7

    Sophiek7 Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Isaac Co,

    I know you are frustrated, but this is not a valid reason to spam the forum, it ruins this resource for everyone, and makes the job of our moderator team more difficult, for this reason I have removed other posts you have made related to this same issue, and restricted the forum account you are using from making new posts, the IP has also been flagged to prevent further spam.

    I am also stating this here, as we try to be as transparent as possible.

    We apologies that you are having trouble with coinbase, as I have explained in other posts, our API provider closed our account, so we can no longer have a unique address for each transaction, we are looking into alternatives.

    While looking for alternatives we upgraded our fixed address pool from 10 to 100 addresses.

    Regarding the situation you are in, if you PM me a Bitcoin address and order ID, I will send you a full refund for the funds you lost, also send me the coinbase account ID and we will do our best to get the account open again.

    We have also updated our public information to reflect this coinbase stance.
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  3. Why did coinbase close my acct and if it's cause all this is shady then what bitcoin wallet is comfortable with my select drug purchases?
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