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Discussion in 'Need something done? Hire a Modafinil Worker!' started by Peteroman, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Wow that is some brilliant design work. Do you do training?
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    Sorry for the late response and language. Mod took the best of me and unfortunately I stopped taking it. I am now prescribed and depekene And respirdal

    I appreciate the positive feedback, unfortunately I do not do training, just go with the flow and your gut if I have any advice for you
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    bro im worried about what you said, what problem did you have with mod?, a didnt understand what you want to mean, in the past i had a anxieti problen qith mod but it was because i wanst sleep and i drink coffe and i start with that, what happend toy you?
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    Unintended side-effects caused by Modafinil are typically very rare - however if you have any serious concerns due to underlying medical conditions, it may be advisable to speak to a qualified doctor about it.

    Some of the most common effects are listed here and you may also want to check out's very own side effects sub-forum.

    Best of luck!
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    Modafinil can certainly cause anxiety. Try lowering your dose and perhaps even eliminating the caffeine. It's definitely easy to overstimulate by drinking coffee when you've already taken modafinil. I do enjoy coffee and caffeine but if I've take modafinil recently, I will not have them, because you can anticipate how it will make you feel.
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    Dude where do you get the capacitor?
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