Armodafinil vs Modafinil

Discussion in 'Other Nootropics' started by Cheshire666, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. highachiever

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    For me, I get the same effects out of either modafinil brand. I have yet to try armodafinil though..
  2. SWGEmu

    SWGEmu Active Use

    I might have to try Armodafinil too. I have been also wanting to try Modalert brand.
  3. michaellllllllll

    michaellllllllll Active Use

    Do you guys know where you can get armod without bitcoins? Would prefer paypal but cc or bank transfer would be great as well
  4. Vincent Or

    Vincent Or Newbie

    SWIM has tried both of these.... I have to say he found that modafinil (modalert brand) gave him extreme advantages to cognition... Particularly focus and the ability to organize thoughts. It also felt equally as effective on as little as 50 mg. It sort of felt like all the rubbish in his mind seemed to dissipate and that everything that was essential became more prominent... Also he found that on modafinil, he could sleep very well (with a single dose in the morning only) and that it seemed to curb the desire to make impulsive decisions. It was like a clarity maximizer that unfolded the veil of normal conscious obscuration (brain fog).

    Armodafinil on the other hand... eurgh... Using Artvigil brand found almost a complete opposite.. It did have a very strong effect on wakefulness.. A bit too much like speed, and it seemed to confuse him with every obtrusive thought... In terms of focus it made things more difficult.. The very first time he took it, he claimed to get distracted by pornography and went on a 4 hour internet search for the most bizarre things he could find... He was focused but on pornography and not his university. It also seemed to have an effect where he felt obliged to consistently re-dose for more focus... and then to drink alcohol (which he normally abstains from) to calm him down... Maybe it would have worked well stacked with L-Theanine or phenibut or something but in future he recommends avoiding it and sticking to modafinil as well.

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