Armodafinil vs Modafinil

Discussion in 'Other Nootropics' started by Cheshire666, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Cheshire666

    Cheshire666 Newbie

    SWIM has been taking modafinil for quiet a while now, but never tried armodafinil, so he ordered some.

    The order still hasn't arrived but he was wondering what to expect from armo.

    What are your experience with armodafinil? Which one of the two do you prefere and why?
  2. SaucePlease

    SaucePlease Active Use

    Armodafinil and modafinil are night and day for me, but not everyone is the same, of course. When I take 200mg modafinil, I feel more productive and less distracted, but there's not a conscious need to maintain productivity, and there are a few periods throughout the day at which point I'll kind of pull back and have to reevaluate just exactly what it is I'm doing. When I've taken armodafinil, at 75mg most often, I feel the extra energy more than I do with Mod, and there's a bit of conscious involvement in maintaining my productive activities. Basically, whatever modafinil does for me, armodafinil does a little bit better, and more specifically.

    Modafinil is like an uzi, where armodafinil is like a very precise sniper-rifle.
  3. elf

    elf Active Use

    Wow, I might need to try Armodafinil sooner then I thought.
  4. plucky ducky

    plucky ducky Active Use

    too funny!

    It is next on my list. Is it artvigil you're taking?
  5. Johnny B

    Johnny B Active Use

    That sounds nice! Where do you get it from?
  6. SaucePlease

    SaucePlease Active Use

    I've taken Waklert only. That isn't to say modafinil isn't useful, but that they each have their uses for me. On modafinil I can get everything I need done whilst maintaining my regular personality. I take out the trash, wash the dishes, walk the dogs, etc.

    On armodafinil, every little thing that isn't directly related to the most important task (at that moment) is a nuisance and not even on my radar. What I mean is, if I've taken armodafinil, and I need to do some intensive research on a topic, that's the only thing on my mind, and anything that distracts from that no longer exists in my conscious mind. I also can be a bit of a jerk when I'm interrupted as well, so I have to keep reminding myself to have patience. My OCD becomes superpowered basically.

    I've bought it from modup before, but I don't think that's an option anymore. You can get it from medsforbitcoin. I don't know of any other reliable sources right now though.
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  7. Johnny B

    Johnny B Active Use

    By the way, is armodafinil prescribed for the same things as modafinil (narcolepsy, etc.)? Or is it more open?
  8. Oscar

    Oscar Newbie

    From my understanding modafinil and armodafinil are the same
    Chemically speaking modafinil has a 1:1 ratio of S-modafinil and R-modafinil isomers whilst armodafinil just purely has the one isomer R-modafinil.
    Therefore 2 modafinil = 1 armodafinil.
    Having tried both I prefer modafinil, the S-modafinil thats missing in armodafinil I seem to get benefit from. is run by the modup team
  9. SaucePlease

    SaucePlease Active Use

    Yeah I was purely speaking from my experience, and that's what I meant. The active component that causes me to be so focused is higher and more concentrated in a pill of armodafinil. They're the same thing, but have different purposes (for me) in the same way an automatic weapon and a sniper rifle are. That's all I was saying.

    And that's why I recommended them. I could think of other sources, but don't find it appropriate to post on modup's forum, plus medsforbitcoin is way cheaper than anywhere I've been able to find.
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  10. RoadRed Mechanic

    RoadRed Mechanic Active Use

    I think they are both awesome and I couldn't tell any difference between the two. I have heard many people say that one or the other works better for them though. I guess everybody is different and peoples body's process things differently!
  11. hgup

    hgup Active Use

    I wonder if Armodafinil will be an improvement on Modafinil. Hopefully ArtVigil has the same effects as WakAlert.
  12. elf

    elf Active Use

    Do you think WakAlert will ever go back into production?
  13. Nelty

    Nelty Active Use

    Well it's already back into production, no?
    (I'm sorry for posting this link, but they have news about Waklert production)
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  14. JKT

    JKT Active Use

    I have taken both but didn't notice any difference. Truth be told, I prefer modafinil. Modafinil just feels smoother to me whereas Armo seemed to have a stronger jump start. Armo also gave me a slight brain squeeze feeling that I didn't get from mod. As far as the end result, I couldn't tell any difference!
  15. elf

    elf Active Use

    I wish there was a date on that article. I did find another site and they made a post on September 29th about it being available again.
  16. Talko

    Talko Active Use

    Is the Modafinil from Modup different than the Modafinil Modalert from

    And if they're related sites, why wouldn't they have the ability to buy the other versions on this site?

    Now I'm tempted to buy small orders from the other site to see what the differences are, and which one(s) I react better to before buying a large order.
  17. londonontario1234

    londonontario1234 Active Use

    I'm definitely gonna try it out. Hear nothing but good things about it
  18. Jxcxb91

    Jxcxb91 Active Use

    This piques my curiosity, I've been aware of armodafinil for some time and interested in it but haven't got the chance to experiment with it's utility. I'll most likely eventually get around to ordering some and testing it out, though modafinil already does what it should well enough that I have my doubts it'll take its place. I guess I won't know for sure until I give it a try.

    Now that hydrafinil stuff, I feel like you've got to be REALLY brave to test that stuff. While it's technically not an -afinil, that claim about it being 140% stronger than modafinil just sounds like a marketing ploy to me. That, and it's such a new drug, only recently marketed in the last half year.. and resembles a beta-carboline so much I wouldn't be surprised if it had some activity that mirrored harmine or harmaline or even if it turned out to be an MAO inhibitor of some sort. I'll probably keep an eye on it and wait for some studies to be published before considering it in earnest.
  19. archimediate

    archimediate Active Use

    I would love to try Modafinil since I'm already on Nuvigil. It sounds so different while being so similar. I don't get it!
  20. amd

    amd Active Use

    They're very similar. People have reported minor differences. I think you'd have to try it out for yourself before deciding which is best for you. :)

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