Aniracetam and Modafinil

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  1. I've been using Modafinil for the past month or so. It was mainly to replace Ritalin, which I'm taking (still, with lower doses) for excessive sleepiness, but also enjoy its cognitive enhancing benefits (mostly higher motivation and ability to work large periods of time).

    I've now placed an order for Aniracetam. I've done some minor research on racetams, and they are considered "extremely" safe (which was my main concern when deciding to try it... cause I don't really "need" it). I was wondering about what to expect when combining Modafinil and Aniracetam. I usually take Modafinil once a day, about 100mg (sometimes 50mg, and now trying 150mg).
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  2. Aniracetam is very effecient although it has an incredibly short half-life (~2 hours), and therefore needs to be dosed a few times per day. The therapeutic latency from aniracetam takes around 60 days for effect (inc. BDNF), although it has acute effects relating to AMPA.
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  3. Tread carefully -- there could be unforeseen synergistic effects. There has been some recent speculation that modafinil may be involved in a higher occurance of sexually transmitted disease. Adding aniracetam to the mix may or may not be synergistic toward this end.
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    GREAT COMBO! I can vouch for piracetam + modafinil, too. I would suggest adding a choline source, such as Choline Bitartrate or DMAE Bitartrate. I believe these (or something similar) can be purchased through
  5. phenylpiracetam + modafinil + choline or DMAE = holy shit I'm unstoppable feeling, EXTREME productivity, and so on... try at your own benefit, there aren't any risks that I know of.
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    I take aniracetam almost every day, so I also take it everytime that I take modafinil. The synergy is truly amazing. I find that I don't have to study as much because my ability to recall information from lectures is just that good. Some other supplements that I take, which may also enhance modafinil's improvements are:
    omega 3 fish oil
    vitamin b
    and vitamin d

  7. Mm... interesting. Thanks for your input, Pantanjali. I also take an Omega 3/6/9 supplement. Seems to work well with modafinil. I wonder why Vitamin D is on your list?

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