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Hi I just wanted to help out and share my experience with Modafinil. I received my first shipment from in late April ’14. About 100 or so pills (don’t forget to use the Limitless code!).

I had started a job a few months before that is sales oriented and requires me to regularly take clients out for entertainment and/or meet with them in their office while acting more professional, yet outgoing/funny at the same time (fine line).


Well since I’m a younger guy in the industry and still learning and growing my book of business I get sent to these “learning seminars” every now and then. I’ve always been an outgoing guy with a good sense of humor that can make people laugh. But when you get into the daily grind of work/life without any help… each day can look like a thousand blocks on the ground that you need to make into a pyramid on your own. And when you look at your sales career as a whole it can look like you need to build 1000 pyramids on your own and without any help. I would get flustered, negative, and have a bad attitude.

When I went to my most recent seminar it was a class full of 100 young people in the industry and the instructors split the class up into 10 groups of 10 with a group leader for each group randomly picked, which I was chosen as one. Every so often after a “lesson” we’d break off into our groups and discuss certain things and I’d have to delegate a person to write on the board and we’d reconvene a half hour later as a whole class to share our ideas. Each group leader was also supposed to delegate 1 person to go speak, with a microphone in front of the other 99 people plus about 10 “teachers.” I never delegated that role and relished the mic time. Here’s where the Modafinil came into play. I took it the entire 3 day trip … two pills in the morning before class and I was good to go. Felt like my normal self … just not tired and not negative about what I needed to do.

I grabbed the mic with the utmost confidence and winged about 10 different presentations throughout the entire three days. After a couple rounds my group didn’t even get awkward about just volunteering me to speak because I was very confident while presenting our ideas and at the same time expressed a quick wit, a sharp tongue, and a nice sense of humor about the material.

I got a lot of laughs and people told me good job each time I presented. I said thanks and went about my business. It wasn’t until a couple weeks after when I received a handwritten thank you note in the mail at my office that I truly believed in the Modafinil. It was from a girl in our West Coast office that was newer to the company than me. She wanted to thank me for talking to her and telling her all about my experiences so far with the company/industry. But the nicest line was when she exclaimed how it was pretty well known among everyone in the class and especially her group that I was the best speaker out of everyone else there. I was floored. It was such a nice message and I wrote her a thank you letter back.


This caused me to do some reflection on my time there using Modafinil. It was subtle. I felt normal, however we were going out and partying each night and every morning I’d wake up feeling awful, pop a couple Modafinil and be ready to grab the mic. I haven’t heard anyone else say this but to me Modafinil kind of makes time slow down. I didn’t get in front of an audience and have my heart start racing. I didn’t feel pressured to talk faster for fear of being yanked off the stage like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. I was just measured with every word and confident in my abilities to speak. I was a better version of me. Period. I highly recommend Modafinil ( brand) to anyone looking to get into this stuff. Sophie is great and helped me A TON on a re-ship my first time. I plan on being a long time customer. I hope this was a beneficial account of my experience for you all.

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  • ff

    This is the main reason why I want to try modafinil, to be better at speaking on a seminar.

    • Carl

      Well modafinil can certainly do that for you, make you a better speaker — and much more! Like I said I’m not doing sales anymore however I still take modafinil on occasion to enhance my focus and my ability to speak eloquently at meetings and social events.

  • Carl

    I also have a background in sales (not a salesperson anymore) and was taking modafinil at the time. I never took as much as you though! Why did you take 2 pills in the morning? Why not just 200 mg (1 pill) of modafinil as suggested.