CPH4 – Lucy

First, there was NZT48 from Limitless. Now here’s another smart drug called CPH4, from Lucy. Yes, you that’s right another smart drug movie to attain 100% brain power.

In the movie “Lucy”, Scarlett Johansson’s character is an American woman who worked as a drug mule. A bag of CPH4 was placed inside her body. In her abdomen to be exact. Long story short, she was captured and tortured and was kicked on her abdomen and then the drugs inside her was leaking. The bad guys thought she’s dead because she had a major seizure and passed out. When she woke up, she became super human.


That’s just a little teaser of the first part of the movie. This made me think, what’s going to happen if ever we reach 100% brain power? Is it really impossible to reach 100%? It’s just a movie, but what if we can do all that stuff, wouldn’t it be great? We only get to use 10% of our brains, what happened to the 90%?

The 10% myth has been around for quite a while. No normal person is actually thinking the percentage of brain power they use every single day. They have more important things to do other figuring it out. Nobody knows who started it, and whoever that was, he sure made it stick in our heads.

I was thinking he might be talking about when we don’t do anything special, like cramming up for an exam or figuring out the solution to the math equations, or how about when you have to memorize your lines for the next play? A normal person’s brain is always working, if it’s not doing its job, you should be dead now. Just think about it. Even when we are fast asleep, our neurons are working their asses out to digest the food we ate, process memories, even make us dream!

So what’s going to happen when we hit 100% brain power? That would be awesome! I mean, you can achieve Telekinesis or Psychokinesis. You know mind over matter. Where you can move things with the power of the mind. Just like Lucy, Matilda and some people from Xmen. It needs too much focus to attain that. I read a couple of stories about it and watched some YouTube videos.

But actually it got me thinking, if we can access that much of brain power we will be super humans! We can’t be mysterious anymore. We’ll never know what excitement is because you’ll know what’s going to happen. I think what happened to the movie “Lucy” might happen in real life. Not literally like we will disappear within the space time continuum, but nothing can impress us anymore. Not even the cute cat on a skateboard video in YouTube.

Like I always say, humans are very insatiable when it comes to everything. We always wanted something more. The better is what we always aim for. Which is not bad at all.

The movie is amazing. Packed with information and action, plus Scarlett looks hot as usual. NZT48 is real close to CPH4, just comparing from both fictional smart pills in two different movies. If there’s any closer to real life NZT48 and CPH4, it’s definitely Modafinil. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it. It’s not addictive like NZT48 and CPH4, but it’s definitely a good way to focus. The closest way to be just like Lucy!

While CPH4 is not currently a real drug, Modafinil comes very close!

You can get the real life CPH4 here.

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