Smart Drugs

Smart drugs are commonly sold for the purposes of improving cognitive development and for helping people who suffer from mental disorders. Neurological researchers have been testing these drugs for years to determine the extent of their effectiveness. Over the years researchers have figured out that some of these drugs actually do provide their prescribed benefits while others are still questionable. The following information will explain some major points about smart drugs and some of the common types that are available for sale on the market.
Why Would Consumers want Smart Drugs?
Smart drugs can provide people with specific benefits that build up their cognitive functions, improve their sight and help to make them more intelligent. At least one type of smart drug can be used for some type of mental enhancing function. For example, a young adult suffering from depression could buy Sunifiram to change their mood or to enhance their ability to make better decisions. A college student could buy Noopept which is another smart drug that has the ability to increase their learning capacity and focus.

Modafinil5General Smart Drug Usage
Speaking of college students and young adults, these two of the primary groups of people who commonly use smart drugs. College students often take nootropics (smart drugs) to stay awake for a longer period of time and to improve their concentration. Young adults who work in highly competitive occupations such as computer programming or journalism typically use nootropics to keep their edge. Many young adults have a tendency to abuse these types of drugs because of their addictive nature.
The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies certain smart drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin in the same category as cocaine. In other words they are a class two drugs and if they are taken illegally people could possibly face criminal prosecution. People should only take these substances if they have been given a prescription by a medical professional.

Medical Research and Smart Drugs
Medical researchers that evaluate neurological substances for mental disorders also work with nootropics and smart drugs. Certain smart drugs such as Physostigmine and Tacrine are sometimes used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s. Other nootropics such Sabeluzole is also used for treat certain neurological disorders. Neurological researchers are constantly evaluating the usefulness of smart drugs for mental disorders.
Substances such as nicotine and caffeine are also considered smart drugs because they can help people to stay alert. Consumers can purchase caffeine or they can buy Adrafinil Capsules to deal with conditions such as narcolepsy or they can buy Phenylpiracetam to manage stress. Most smart drugs can be ordered online or purchased from a pharmacy or health store.
There are a variety of different side effects that could occur from the use of smart drugs. They could include irritability, anxiousness and a person could become psychotic if they take too much of a particular substance. People need to thoroughly evaluate the side effects of a particular nootropic before ingesting them into there body.
Consumers can buy CDP Choline for ADD or they can buy Phenibut to depress their central nervous system. Why would a person want to depress something as important as their nervous system? If an individual is suffering from insomnia or from acute stress disorder; they would benefit from this type of drug.

Basic Information about Smart Drugs
The smart drug market first came into existence during the 1960s but it has not been a big hit with consumers until recently. Starting in 2013 nootropics have been enjoying a rise in popularity. Though they have been in use by certain professions, young adults and the university culture they are now being marketed for general consumer usage.
Nooprotic marketers are now encouraging consumers to use various forms of smart drugs to enhance their mental abilities and to improve certain functions within their body. They can be used as supplements to help increase stamina, alertness and to relieve all sorts of ailments. Nootropics are usually sold in the form of grams and they could come in the form of a capsule or tablet form.

Nootropics are usually sold in the form of grams and they could come in the form of a capsule or tablet form. Most smart drugs are not safe for use for children under the age of 18. People who take smart drugs should do so under the guidance of their physician or a trained medical professional.

Why Modafinil is the most potent nootropic?

People from all over the world are very much determined to find the answer as to which nootropic is the best among the entire list of drugs available on the market. And thus we have taken it upon us to find out which one is better. However, before we go ahead and start discussing what we have found so far, let us be clear about one thing; a nootropic is the best if it suits your body type. Medicines work best if they are being prescribed by someone, such as a doctor, who knows your habits and body condition. Hence, it is advisable that you refer to a doctor before you jump ahead and start with your self-prescribed medicines. Anyways, not to stray away from the topic at hand, we declare that according to our findings, Modafinil is the most potent nootropic.

Modafinil: An Unparallel Option For Staying Awake:

Modafinilimage39Those who suffer from ADHD are often asked to make Modafinil their go to drug and there is a very valid reason behind it. The thing is, in earlier times, doctors would prescribe drugs whose base was Ritalin. However, now, people have grown tolerant to them and hence; it does not show great results any more. So, to replace this drug with something more potent, they buy Modafinil. It certainly is a smart drug and thus, will surely increase your power of being alert and awake when needed.

When it is the best time to have Modafinil?

Modafinil is used for people suffering from narcolepsy or those suffering from shift work sleep disorder. Even those who have been trying to stay awake and feel an urge to work more and work harder at times when they are supposed to sleep, would find Modafinil as their cure. What researchers say is that this medicine has very mild side effects, and it is mostly seen that people would respond well to it. The way this works, is by releasing a chemical into your brain, which in turn stirs up the brain functions, a casual way of stating it, and so you feel better and alert at all times. Although, do not think for once that it will start working the moment you take it because this medicine works at its own pace, so better take it an hour before your work.

As most of the reviews go, Modafinil is the kind of nootropic, which one would most certainly recommend to a friend or anyone who is in need of this kind of medicine. It will not only make you aware of your surroundings and yourself, but it will also give a boost to your energy levels. Now isn’t that something you wish for? Moreover, this drug has been approved by the United States Food and Drug administration and hence, it is absolutely safe to use. It did not take time for Modafinil to beat caffeine and amphetamine, and this is the reason it is highly recommended.
Along with feeling awake and having a high boost of energy, some have said that there’s an euphoric kind of sensation after you take this, but that is the case when one has gone far beyond the prescribed limit. Some have even gone far enough and have stated that they had been awake for about 16 hours because of this particular medicine and did not feel dizziness, even a bit. Now sleep deprivation will not stop you from achieving what your heart desires, because you can treat it with Modafinil. No doubt it is the most potent nootropic as it is not just publicised by the companies, but many have reviewed it, and they are truly happy with the outcomes. Trust your doctors and trust Modafinil, it will lead you to the path of success.

How does Modafinil compare to ADHD medications?

How does Modafinil compare to ADHD medications?

Modafinil is the drug which is not Ritalin based and hence is known to be more effective for people with ADHD. Yes, that is true. So, people who are suffering from ADHD are mostly asked to take Modafinil instead of all the other drugs, which were once preferred, because of their Ritalin base. People with the advance of the days are slowly and steadily getting accustomed to and tolerant to the Ritalin based medications and hence, they are unable to cure one of the ADHD diseases that they have.

Modafinilimage41Modafinil is not just a drug which is used to cure ADHD, but also narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. Moreover, it is highly recommended to those people who would like to have an active mind at times when they are made to work at the time they are supposed to sleep. Simply because it is so widely known among working people and students, people have read and re-read the side effects of this medicine. As per studies, it has been proved that there are no extreme side effects of this medicine, which is the best thing that can happen to the ADHD affected people. Now they have access to a medicine that does not have any side-effects.

Modafinil, like any of those other medications dedicated to cure ADHD, would work by releasing dopamine and norepinephrine like chemicals in the brain. These chemicals, in turn, make a person alert and aware of their surroundings and thus, about themselves. Thus one does not feel dizzy and aren’t considered to be callous anymore, and now they can find respite from the constant turmoil they go through with the people around them and themselves.

Why Modafinil is recommended for ADHD?

People are consuming more of Modanifil as it has lest side effects. Unlike most medicines, which release chemicals such as dopamine in the brain, Modafinil does not make one addicted to it. Instead, it actually does what it is supposed to do. Hence, people consume it without any tensions of side effects. Modafinil does not just cure the basic kind of ADHD that we know of, but it also relives people from the sub type of such diseases as well. The burst of energy that one would feel, most certainly adds to the benefits of this medicine.

Replacing Your Prescribed Medicines With Modafinil?

We advise that before you jump to any conclusion and replace all the other prescribed medicines with Modafinil, you consult your doctor. Because the doctor is aware of your body, its physiology and the kind of ADHD, you have and hence, only he can give you the right kind of medication. It is always better to avoid the side effects that come along with the medicines that we take. See, every medicine has some kind of an effect on our body; some are mild, others are extreme and Modafinil is usually considered to have mild effects. These side effects occur, usually, with the overdose of the medicine. Even more, people have complained to have been in a euphoric state. So, to avoid all these refer to the doctor and get the dosage appropriate for your body.

This is your chance, have a healthy and happy life, just by replacing your old medicine, which you have grown tolerant to, and taking Modafinil. If you are still not convinced, refer to the million reviews that the patients have provided on the Internet, and we bet that you will be convinced. Here is the chance, make it count.


Memory benefits of Modafinil

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is an exceptional drug, and is a nootropic that boosts the attentiveness as well as the liveliness levels to get the person on the go. It is, in particular, taken by people who do not get a sufficient amount of sleep or have a disturbed sleep. It is an excellent stimulant that boosts the energy of the body better than caffeine and other supplementary stimulants. It is an incredible and a useful awareness enhancer that is set for people who suffer from problems such as obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy as well as added sleep disorders.

Modafinilimage44It is also referred to as an analeptic drug that is approved by the FDA, as well as classified as a smart drug that can be consumed by a person to improve their performance and triumph over their setback of lack of sleep or fatigue. Modafinil is sold under different names such as Sun Pharma, Modalert, Provigil, Modapro as well as Modiodal. More than one tablet should not be taken in a day, and it must be preferably taken in the morning to treat conditions like narcolepsy. However, if it is used to take care of different work timings, then it can be taken one hour prior to the work shift.

Important Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil is known to have great cognitive effects that are favorable for a person to be active during work and even when they are preparing for their exams. The important benefits it provides as a cognitive enhancer include:

  • It offers better energy levels and alertness for healthy adults.
  • It provides a balanced boost to the mental energy of a person and does not cause problems like nervousness.
  • It is an outstanding pharmaceutical product used to support wakefulness.
  • It is a consciousness promoting stimulant that is used to treat narcolepsy.
  • The drug can perk up even cognitive functions of the body.
  • It enhances the mood of a person.
  • The person becomes more outgoing.
  • It provides an enhanced way of thinking as well as skills to generate intellectual connections.

It is also known to improve memory and learning power in rodents, as well as to overturn memory loss that is stimulated by nervous tension or deprivation of sleep. It is an excellent drug that works well for individuals who are inclined to take a nap and do not have an intermittent call to stay awake until late night for something impressive. The main advantage of Modafinil is that it provides action to your brain, which is not interested in recognizing tiredness as well as low energy signals that would, by and large, tell you to creep into your couch.


 Precautions to Be Taken Before Taking Modafinil Drug

It is an important promoting agent that works by changing the natural chemicals in the brain. It must not be used if you are allergic to this compound, or if you develop any rashes on the skin, on its consumption. People with a history of heart problems must also avoid taking this agent as it can cause a lot of health issues. In certain medical conditions, the Modafinil drug interacts and before its intake, it is necessary to consult the Doctor.

Some of the other situations where this drug should not be consumed without prior consultation with the Doctor are, pregnancy, if you are allergic to any food or medicine, and in case of any liver, kidney or heart problems. It could also include problems such as high blood pressure and mood problems. Hence, make use of this memory improving tablet, which is a psycho stimulant and that boost’s sleeplessness, only after checking with your Doctor’s.

 Is Modafinil Addictive

When it comes to addressing the issues that arise when talking about the various aspects of Modafinil, there are a number of things that have to be taken into account. Firstly, in order to be able to identify the problems of a certain thing, it is essential to understand the basic characteristics of it. Before addressing the issue, or rather the allegation that Modafinil is addictive, it is important to have a clear idea of the uses and purposes it serves. They may be enumerated as follows:

  • The first benefit of Modafinil that is enumerated nowadays is the fact that it can help in raising the level of wakefulness. At first, it sounds like it is a fancy way of saying something complex. However, that is not the case. It helps people stay awake and perform their duties.
  • It raises the level of awareness. Anybody who uses Modafinil will vouch for the fact that Modafinil has increased their level of awareness, whether it is with regard to their duties or hobbies.
  • It improves the efficiency of those who are willing to consume it in a way that is going to boost their productivity. Anybody who is not sleepy or has his senses heightened, is going to be feeling much better about themselves and will therefore exude more confidence and will hence perform better.

What perception is correct?

Modafinilimage46With regard to the uses of Modafinil, a perception that has slowly come to the fore is the fact that it may be addictive. The primary basis to suggest this is that people who have used it once, have been so convinced about its effects, that they keep using it repeatedly.

However, the need to label anything as a habit or an addiction is completely wrong. The primary reason behind this is the fact that general, excessive use is linked with signs of addiction. In that situation, everything that people do regularly can be labelled as an addiction that is detrimental to their health.

Modafinil is consumed primarily to deal with the problem of feeling drowsy during the day. A lot of people have the habit of feeling a little lazy when they have consumed their lunch or midday meal. The consequence is that it tends to affect their work for the second half of the day. In order to ensure that their efficiency is not hampered, and they can carry on with the daily tasks that have been assigned to them, they consume Modafinil ~ something by no means that can be labelled as an addiction.

By following the same logic, anybody who has coffee to kick-start their day is a coffee addict, and that is detrimental to their health.

What if somebody likes to consume a lot of water throughout the day? Are they going to be branded as addicts as well?

  • The answer to all this is that everything has to be viewed objectively in the category that they belong to. A certain medicine may have a therapeutic effect on someone, and it requires consumption, over a long period of time. That, by definition, is going to force people to believe that the person is addicted.

Unless a person assesses the condition of the other person, their circumstances cannot be comprehended objectively.

  • Consumption of Modafinil is by no means addictive. Doctors recommend it to people who are required to take the help of some sort of medication to make sure that they get through the day without having to feel lazy or sleepy.

All it takes is a bit of rationalisation to understand its benefits.

Why Modafinil Has No Crash or Withdrawal

Anyone taking smart drugs is bound to have this lurking fear that they may not get into a habit of consuming the drug and what will be the consequence if they stopped taking it. This is a natural apprehension, because most drugs that are recommended for typical symptoms like loss of memory and other attention disorders, do act on the brain cells and the body’s nervous system, and though they may provide relief from whatever was their difficulty, once they feel fully restored and stop using the drug or drugs; many of them feel what are known as withdrawal symptoms. These may include feeling jittery or even a minor breakdown of the nervous system and so on. Fortunately, Modafinil is one smart drug that has been tested and found to have no such crash or withdrawal. Read on.

Modafinil at its Best

Modafinil or its equivalent taken in other names, as permitted by the FDA,  can be relied upon to provide a calming effect and address the main issue it is recommended for, namely symptoms related to narcolepsy. People who find it difficult to fight sleep during the day and under perform in their work or study or whichever profession, they may be engaged in, turn to Modafinil. The smart drug does not disappoint them. It acts to correct the imbalance in the brain’s activity and acts very rapidly. It is not surprising that this smart drug was the inspiration behind the NZT-48 that the protagonist takes in the movie Limitless. The pill is depicted to be responsible for this hero in the film, writing a whole book in a matter of 4 days. So there are two obvious advantages one can expect to derive from using the smart drug. One is to address the problem of feeling sleepy all the time. The second and the more important effect is the amount of positivity and energy, both physically and mentally. This new energy is what drives the individual to perform better. As portrayed by the character in the film, if the person has creative talent, Modafinil makes it come through even better.

No Side Efects; No Crash

Modafinilimage47However, the makers of Modafinil have succeeded in a more critical area. It is as good as established that Modafinil does not have any side effects. The main reason behind this could be that unlike many similar remedy drugs, Modafinil does not act directly on the central nervous system. It does help the brain to send the right signals so that the person remains alert, can focus on the task at hand and succeed in whatever he or she has set out to do. And when you are done with the mission, you should be able to stop taking the pills and will find no difference in your body or mind, and can continue doing what you normally do.

One other example cited to establish the merits of Modafinil, as a smart drug that does not induce any crash, is the fact that even specialist forces in the military are recommended to take Modafinil if they have to stay alert for a longer duration without sleeping or follow an uneven sleep/ awake routine. If the drug was even remotely associated with such symptoms like crash or withdrawal, the military, which has its own laboratories and testing facilities, would not have chosen Modafinil. Moreover, Modafinil is not one of those habit-forming drugs as well.

So, anyone with the symptoms associated with sleep disorders, requiring to stay awake to complete an important task or a mission and stay absolutely alert and sharply focused throughout, can conveniently take Modafinil and benefit.

What Smart Drugs Best Stack with Modafinil

Smart drugs are usually stacked to enhance the benefits and to speed up the recovery. Since many smart drugs or nootropics are prescribed for specific issues, if a person faces multiple disorders, then stacking is a better option. For instance, a student having loss of memory might be taking one drug to address this particular symptom. However, the actual need might be not be only to remove the memory loss aspect of the brain’s functional systems, but also to enhance the power of the brain to retain what is taught in the classroom or what the student has learnt while preparing for the examinations. There might even be situations where aspects such as mental alertness, being in a position to stay awake for longer hours to complete assignments and so on. All these are interconnected and ensure that the student succeeds in his/her education. But all these might not be addressed by one single smart drug. That is where stacking is resorted to. But while stacking is done, care should be taken that it does not result in an overdose and there are no contraindications when they are stacked.

Modafinil as a Smart Drug

Modafinilimage48Modafinil or its substitute Adrafinil is taken in a stack regularly. It is understood among the people who know a thing or two about smart drugs that Modafinil was and even now is largely used as an analeptic drug. The main symptom it addresses is narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is the condition where an individual cannot shirk off sleeplessness and remain awake and alert. The condition can be brought on due to frequent changes in their sleep/stay awake pattern. Typically, those who work in shifts can face this symptom. They might be required to sleep through the day and stay awake at night. When the situation is reversed, they will find it difficult to stay awake during the daytime. When this continues for some time, they will need to take support from a smart drug such as Modafinil. Modafinil works by directly addressing the substances naturally occurring in the brain, which controls our sleep/wakefulness pattern and corrects it effectively.

Modafinil and Stacking with Noopept

As for stacking the smart drug that finds increasingly stacked with Modafinil is Noopept. Noopept is a popular nootropic in its own right and is a very popular smart drug and considered quite effective in improving the cognitive functions of the brain. Well, the benefits of Modafinil, when stacked with Noopept, can do wonders. While Modafinil will act to ensure the person remains alert and does not feel sleepy, Noopept will work on the brain to improve a few skill sets required to deliver on the person’s responsibilities in whatever field, whether a student, or a business executive or even a politician. There have been examples of Modafinil being taken by military personnel or Air Force pilots, especially if they have to remain vigilant through the night flying a fighter plane or keeping constant vigil. Very much like the student’s example given above, these military and Air Force personnel will need to not only avoid sleep, but also remain in the best alert condition until the mission is accomplished. How are they going to do it? Modafinil and Noopept stack will help them achieve this.

How to Buy the Stack

If you have decided to take Modafinil and Noopept as a stack, you would be better advised to seek proper advice from an expert consultant. Besides, the dosage of each of these smart drugs has to be carefully moderated to ensure that the person consuming the smart drugs reaps maximum benefits all round.

Besides Noopept, there are other smart drugs, which can be stacked with Modfinil, such as CILTEP and some Racetams.

The Myths of Modafinil

Modafinil is commonly referred to as a “Smart Drug” because of the benefits it
offers for cognitive ehancement. Across the globe many people accept modafinil
as the leading smart drug available, but unfortunately there are still several myths
that persist. There are 3 primary myths surrounding smart drugs.

The Myths Of Modafinil

Myth number one
Hollywood Smart Drugs are real products

The hollywood industry is known for embellishing aspects of real life. This is no
exception with the smart drug industry. There are three popular smart drugs
which have been seen in a couple of recent blockbuster films.

Limitless (2011)

22 Jump Street (2014)
WHYPHY (wifi)

Lucy (2014)

As amazing as these drugs are portrayed in the cinema world, they do not exist.
These drugs are the embellished version of real life smart drugs.

The reality is no pill can provide you with information or a skill set; fortunately,
there are smart drugs (Modafinil), which are proven to effectively enhance your
ability to focus and work for extended periods of time.

Myth number two
• Humans only use 10% of our brain capacity

The old myth that has been passed around for 70+ years is that our brain only
operates at a max of 10% capacity, and with the right behavioral habits and
drugs, we can expand our brain capacity beyond 10% and achieve more. Its a
very simple way of understanding how the brain works, but like any other myth,
this isn’t true.

With the 100 billion neurons constantly working, there is no percentage to
measure brain capacity. Neurologist Barry Gordon describes the myth as
laughably false, stating, “we use virtually every part of the brain, and that [most
of] the brain is active almost all the time.”

With the help of Modafinil, your ability to focus, operate, and work are increased
to noticeable levels.

Myth number three
• Improper use of Smart Drugs can create holes in your brain

What you consume externally (diet, exercise) and internally (mental health) can
affect the biological makeup of the brain. With that being said, no matter the
toxicity levels of any food or drug you consume, you will not create holes in your
brain. This myths stems from the 1970’s when people believed psychedelic were
dangerous enough to create holes in your brain.

The reality is, there are many drugs which decrease the impact of
neurotransmitters, making it difficult to properly function mentally.

Modafinil does the exact opposite. This means your ability to work and focus
increase, and there will be no holes in your brain

CPH4 – Lucy

First, there was NZT48 from Limitless. Now here’s another smart drug called CPH4, from Lucy. Yes, you that’s right another smart drug movie to attain 100% brain power.

In the movie “Lucy”, Scarlett Johansson’s character is an American woman who worked as a drug mule. A bag of CPH4 was placed inside her body. In her abdomen to be exact. Long story short, she was captured and tortured and was kicked on her abdomen and then the drugs inside her was leaking. The bad guys thought she’s dead because she had a major seizure and passed out. When she woke up, she became super human.


That’s just a little teaser of the first part of the movie. This made me think, what’s going to happen if ever we reach 100% brain power? Is it really impossible to reach 100%? It’s just a movie, but what if we can do all that stuff, wouldn’t it be great? We only get to use 10% of our brains, what happened to the 90%?

The 10% myth has been around for quite a while. No normal person is actually thinking the percentage of brain power they use every single day. They have more important things to do other figuring it out. Nobody knows who started it, and whoever that was, he sure made it stick in our heads.

I was thinking he might be talking about when we don’t do anything special, like cramming up for an exam or figuring out the solution to the math equations, or how about when you have to memorize your lines for the next play? A normal person’s brain is always working, if it’s not doing its job, you should be dead now. Just think about it. Even when we are fast asleep, our neurons are working their asses out to digest the food we ate, process memories, even make us dream!

So what’s going to happen when we hit 100% brain power? That would be awesome! I mean, you can achieve Telekinesis or Psychokinesis. You know mind over matter. Where you can move things with the power of the mind. Just like Lucy, Matilda and some people from Xmen. It needs too much focus to attain that. I read a couple of stories about it and watched some YouTube videos.

But actually it got me thinking, if we can access that much of brain power we will be super humans! We can’t be mysterious anymore. We’ll never know what excitement is because you’ll know what’s going to happen. I think what happened to the movie “Lucy” might happen in real life. Not literally like we will disappear within the space time continuum, but nothing can impress us anymore. Not even the cute cat on a skateboard video in YouTube.

Like I always say, humans are very insatiable when it comes to everything. We always wanted something more. The better is what we always aim for. Which is not bad at all.

The movie is amazing. Packed with information and action, plus Scarlett looks hot as usual. NZT48 is real close to CPH4, just comparing from both fictional smart pills in two different movies. If there’s any closer to real life NZT48 and CPH4, it’s definitely Modafinil. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it. It’s not addictive like NZT48 and CPH4, but it’s definitely a good way to focus. The closest way to be just like Lucy!

While CPH4 is not currently a real drug, Modafinil comes very close!

You can get the real life CPH4 here.

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