What is the difference between a Modafil and a stimulant?

Stimulants and Modafinil:

Stimulants  or the psychostimulants or as colloquially known as uppers are psychoactive drugs that induce temporary improvements in either mental or physical functions or as a whole in both. These find application in effects, which may include locomotion, enhanced alertness, and wakefulness among others. In general, stimulants are widely used throughout the world as prescriped medicines and without prescription as well, both as legal substances and illicit substances of recreational use or abuse.

Modafinilimage40On the other hand, Modafinil has a different story as in after the approval by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1998, Modafinil was established as a proper medicated drug for public use. It is an agent which promotes wakefulness and is especially used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy. In spite of scoring less in the wakefulness criteria other than coffee and amphetamine, modafinil is widely used for its many other purposes.

Modafinil works on multiple brain processes at the same time in order to produce its unique, clean sense of stimulation. Scientists think it affects the Noradrenaline neurotransmitters, Glutamate, Histaline and GABA. It results in the natural sense of being awake and alert. Other beneficial effects include increased motivation, which leads to slight mood elevation, increased productivity and an overall enhanced ability to focus on important matters.

Functions of Modafinil, compared to the normal stimulants:

The stimulant functions depending upon its varieties. Adderall and Ritalin increase extra-cellular concentrations of dopamine and norepinephrine. Modafinil, through many studies, has been determined to elevate dopamine and norepinephrine concentrations in certain regions of the brain. Ritalin and Adderall as stimulants accomplish this task well enough. There are additional glutamate-enhancing and GABA-reducing effects of Modafinil as well. It sometimes arises the fact that stimulants and Modafinil are different from one another. Still, administering a dopamine antagonist, diminishes some of Modafinil’s effects; similarly, it diminishes the effects of Adderall or Ritalin. Stimulants produce a variety of different kinds of effects by enhancing the activity of the central and peripheral nervous systems. The general effects, which might vary assuming the substance and dosage in question, may include enhanced wakefulness, heart rate, blood pressure, motivation, productivity and increased blood pressure and the perception of a diminished requirement for sleep and food, awareness, endurance. Many stimulants are also capable of inducing hormones of euphoria and in improving mood and relieving anxiety. One carries about only one related function, but in the case of the various stimulants, it functions at many levels.

Modafinil works as a stimulant, but not in the traditional way Adderall or Ritalin does. It increases the user’s attention span and helps to increase an individual’s energy by naturally promoting mental and physical alertness. It also improves the ability to focus and concentrate with improved power and vision.

However, one can say that the wakefulness effect of Modafinil, is somewhat low, when compared to that of Adderall. Adderall as a strong stimulant gives the user a highly stimulative effect by working on neurotransmitters, which increase activity in both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. It combats with ADHD and narcolepsy by triggering the release of adrenaline. This increases the flow of blood to the muscles as well as to the human heart. This is why; many users feel energetic. Most doctors want their patients with ADD to try Adderall and other stimulants such as Ritalin before they prescribe or try Modafinil. Some of the users who have consumed both drugs report Modafinil as being like a potent cup of coffee while Adderall is more stimulating and focus-producing.

Wakefulness benefits of Modafinil:

After the approval by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1998 Modafinil, was established as a proper medicated drug for public usefulness. It is an agent, which promotes wakefulness and is especially used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy. In spite of scoring less on the wakefulness criteria other than coffee and amphetamine, Modafinil is widely used for many other purposes.

Why is Modanifil called as the smart drug?


EEG studies indicate that Modafinil, amphetamine and caffeine are all said to be theta wave reducing, but only Modafinil possesses the Alpha wave promotion during wakefulness as well as theta wave. Hence, it is more popular than the other drugs mentioned. The other name for the Modafnil drug is eugeroic and is sold under the brand name of Provigil, Alertec and Modvigil in England and the United States Of America. There are about a million drugs classified as nootropics but the best among the whole is Modafinil, which can also be classified as the smart drug.

Naturally, a product that massively reduces the need for sleep (a couple of hours per night are apparently more than sufficient), enhances productivity and improves working memory. Modafinil was primarily developed as a drug to treat narcolepsy. It is a common disease where people tend to fall asleep randomly during the day, and Modafinil makes it so that a person can remain awake for a longer period!

Are there any side effects?

Modanifil does not increase the heart rate, or the risk of developing cancer, and there is no evidence that it affects the likelihood of developing degenerative diseases, for example, the Alzheimer’s disease. A closer analysis, however, reveals a few short-term problems of using the drug for a longer time. Some tend to develop headaches or skin rashes, and the body (if not the mind) still exhibits signs of insomnia, which can turn out to be a serious issue for those who stay on the drug for too long. Modafinil, is also known to dramatically reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

The plethora of benefits of Modafinil drug:

There are several other benefits of this drug, which are listed as follows:

  • The wakefulness capacity and the alertness in an individual increases because of the presence of the endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter anandamide in Modanifil. The nootropic inhibits the reuptake of noradrenaline by the noradrenergic terminals on sleep-promoting neurons of a particular nucleus known as the ventrolateral preoptic. Modafinil is also significantly helpful in increasing the excitatory glutamatergic transmission, which, on the other hand, diminishes and reduces the local GABAergic transmission of the sleep organs.
  • The recent development in this medicated drug proved clinically useful in the treatment of many disorders related to sleep. One among them is narcolepsy, which is a neurological disorder marked by uncontrollable attacks of daytime sleepiness. Narcolepsy is caused by sleep suppressing peptides and the dysfunction of a family of wakefulness-promoting orexins. Orexin neurons are activated by Modafinil. These neurons are found exclusively in the lateral hypothalamic area. Their activation is associated with enhanced pleasure-seeking and motivation as well as arousal. The entire central nervous system is projected by the orexinnergic fibers. It has wide applications in British and American military for keeping the soldiers, functioning and awake, at a stretch for many hours.

Modafinil, also increases the level of locomotor and histamine functioning in our body, and in all proves to be a great relief to students concerned too. Thus, it is needless to say, Why it is in high demand across the global market!



How Modafinil Relates to NZT from Limitless

Nootropics have been around for ages; there is a legion of them and each has its unique benefits, and people do gain by consuming these, depending on their need, specific condition and other circumstances. There are side effects reported from consuming them regularly, at least most of them. However, if you were looking for one smart drug, which does its job, it is Modafinil.

How does Modafinil Work?

Modafinilimage49Provigil is the name under which people buy Modafinil within the United States, and it is also the firm belief of many that the drug was, in reality, the drug that was behind the NZT that Bradley Cooper is shown to be consuming, to help him write a whole book in a matter of four days! But why did someone relate this NZT-48 from Limitless, to Modafinil? It is precisely because, Modafinil produces identical results. If you require increased concentration and wish to focus on a specific task at hand, Modafinil is the answer for you. The operative terms here are neurotransmitters and hormones. It is these that act on the human brain and send appropriate signals to ensure that the faculties function at elevated levels in order to remain awake, alert and with complete concentration. The typical example cited by experts is how this smart drug is used even by the armed forces when combat troops or Air Force Pilots need to spend long hours on the vigil, to accomplish a mission and return, without losing focus.

The Background

Modafinil obtained approval from the FDA in 1998. However, at that juncture, it was seen more as a remedy for sleep disorder known as narcolepsy. For the sake of the uninitiated, the symptoms of narcolepsy relate to excessive sleepiness. This particularly affects the people who have to work in shifts and when the shift changes take place, the person’s system fails to adapt to the new schedule. Modafinil steps in and keeps the person awake when needed. One must hasten to add that there are prescribed dosages and the person taking Modafinil has to follow these. From here on, the research and development has taken Modafinil to these heights and today, it is considered one of the safest among nootropics and smart drugs to be taken.

Main Characteristics

Modafinil is definitely not addictive. The reports from users also confirm that it does not have any known side effects. Again, the caution has to be exercised while making these observations that a normal person who is otherwise alert and has no symptoms of any disorder will be ill-advised to consume Modafinil. For that matter, most smart drugs fall in this category. It must be clearly borne in mind that these drugs are all required to correct some symptom or the other related to the brain and the nervous system that carries the commands from the brain to the other parts of the body. So, one should be very careful while resorting to the consumption of drugs like Modafinil.

Experts will also caution you for not equating Modafinil with smart drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin. These smart drugs have their own role to play and the symptoms for which they are recommended are also different. Modafinil must be viewed as a much softer alternative that serves a limited purpose and does not leave the person taking it craving for more or making a habit and not finding it easy to come out of it. Exceptions will always be there, but in any known therapy or remedy the symptoms, and the results are compared to the majority of situations and if found to be positive, then only recommended. Modafinil does the same as the NZT-48 did to the protagonist in the film Limitless.

Modup’s Top Ten Tips for Taking Modafinil

Modafinil is a unique medicine. Sometimes our users have some trouble figuring out the best way to use it. So we’ve pooled together some of the best ideas from our users and from our own experiences to help you out. Without further ado, here are the ten best ways to make the most out of your mind once you buy modafinil.

Don’t wait for Modafinil to “start working”


This is a classic mistake. We’re used to taking a pill or drug and feeling it “kick in.” Modafinil isn’t meant to be extremely obvious or overwhelming. Instead, you are actually meant to feel fairly normal. Some people may be able to determine when Modafinil hits the bloodstream, but for others it can be extremely subtle to the point where it isn’t noticeable. Think of it more like taking an aspirin for a headache. You wouldn’t wait around for the headache to go away, you’d just carry on about your day and forget all about it. That’s the best way to start with Modafinil. Take your dose, and carry on.

Dont-Wait-Buy-ModafinilOne of our users pointed out that if she takes even 400mg of Modafinil and just sits around waiting for it, it’ll feel as though nothing is happening. Yet a smaller dose of 200mg at work with things to do shows a remarkable increase in productivity. Get to work, give Modafinil something to do.

Make a plan


Point #1 brings us directly to point #2. Modafinil is best when you have a plan of action for the day. Make your plan before you take Modafinil. The more detailed your plan is, the better. You’ll find you’re able to stick to it and avoid distractions. Make a checklist of things you have to do. Be specific, and create a timetable around your list. For example you might put how much time you want to work on a specific task, or what time something must be finished by.

ModUP-Modafinil-TipsModafinil will give you the desire to get things done, but if you don’t have a plan you might end up wasting the day on something unnecessary. One user noted that without a plan he ended up playing video games for 5 hours straight (and playing them rather well he added).


Do something mentally challenging /Worth doing


More than a few customers have emailed us after saying “This pill doesn’t help me study! I spent the whole day on Facebook.” Modafinil really shines when you give it something difficult to do. Whether it’s studying, reading a complex book, solving some difficult math problems, or writing code for a program you’re working on, you’ll appreciate Modafinil more when you put it up against a tough task that requires concentration.

Modup-Revision-Top-TipsModafinil will lock you into whatever task you are doing. So it’s up to you to force yourself to start the work you need to finish. If you can crack open that history book, or start working on that thesis paper, Modafinil will take over and do the rest. But if you don’t have the discipline to get to work in the first place, you might just find yourself playing Farmville all day.


Drink Water


Some people report getting headaches when they take Modafinil, sometimes the day of or the day after. Dehydration is a common cause of headaches. In fact it’s the #1 cause of hangover related headaches too! Modafinil, like other stimulants, is a diuretic. This means it’ll cause water to pass through your system more quickly since the body is accelerated. You might notice you have to go to the bathroom a bit more often on Modafinil as a result. That’s a sign that you need to keep replenishing what you’ve lost. It can be good to get some electrolytes in as well. You don’t necessarily need to chug bottles of Gatorade all day, but you can add some salt or electrolyte packets to your water.

modup-water-Modafinil-TipsWe all have different needs so no one rule applies here. Consider keeping track of how much water you drink on a typical day during the week, and then add more to that when you take Modafinil. I personally drink 2-3 bottles of water while I’m at work on a normal day, and maybe 3-4 when I take Modafinil for a busy day. And I stay headache-free.

It’s also easy to forget to drink water as you can become so engrossed in your work that you ignore your bodily needs. Use your phone to set a reminder every so often. You don’t have to go overboard though, just pay attention to what your body needs.

Don’t forget to eat!


Modafinil has a tendency to suppress appetite much like other stimulants. While this might be beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s not really the healthiest way to do so. There’s a difference between diet and starvation. If you don’t eat well during the day you might find yourself exhausted in the evening or the next day. Not eating also diminishes Modafinil’s ability to improve your performance. Remember that your brain consumes a large amount of calories, and Modafinilincreases that consumption.

Eat-Food-Modafinil-TipsThe same advice for water goes here. Keep track of your normal eating habits and force yourself to follow those when you take Modafinil. Set reminders if you have to. Or snack while you work. Either way, make sure you are taking good care of your body to get the best results.

Take Modafinil in the Early Morning


Another classic mistake is taking Modafinil too late in the day and finding yourself wide awake late in the evening. Modafinil has a half-life of about 12-14 hours. This means that even 12 hours after you dose, you’ll STILL have a good amount of Modafinil in your system, although the effects should be wearing off. Generally speaking humans are supposed to get about 8 hours of sleep a day, which leaves us 16 hours of up time. Modafinil fits in perfectly with that regimen if and only if you take it first thing in the morning. It should be wearing off by bedtime.

Modafinil-tips-Take-morningOne submission from a customer stated that it seems to last longer than the half-life would indicate: “…it seemed to last longer than that even. My girlfriend just threw a slipper at me and I caught it LIKE A NINJA.” He added that he might just be a ninja in real life however.

Some people like to pull an all nighter with Modafinil, which is fine to do on occasion. You can take your pill after lunch, and go all night, and take another in the early morning so that you can carry on the next day as normal. But it’s not a good idea to do this several times in a row. You can get sick or find yourself overly exhausted later on. Melatonin can help you get to sleep. Try to restore your normal sleep schedule as soon as you can.

Careful with Caffeine


If you’re like me then you are a caffeine addict that needs a daily dose in order to even think about going to work. While Modafinil on its own will give you all the energy and focus that you need, your body still requires caffeine to function if it’s part of your daily ritual. So don’t completely cut off caffeine, lest you be plagued by the typical withdrawal symptoms.

coffee-modafinil-tipsHowever, you might want to take a less than you normally do. Caffeine can compound some of the diuretic effects of Modafinil, leading to faster dehydration. Some people find that the combination can also be overwhelming, increasing anxiety and producing that annoying jittery feeling. Speaking from personal experience I typically drink 3-4 cups of coffee every morning. When I take Modafinil in the morning I usually just have two and call it a day. When I first started to try Modafinil, I found my usual coffee intake was too much and for the first couple of hours I was a hyperactive mess. Experiment to see what works best for you, but generally speaking less is better.

Avoid Distractions


This point might seem a bit unnecessary since Modafinil is pretty good at keeping you focused on what you’re doing, but therein lies the rub. If you switch activities, you might find yourself locked into the wrong one quite easily without even realizing it. Nowadays we’re constantly bombarded by little things that can pull us away from our priorities. Your cell phone is always notifying you about something, so mute it. If your coworkers are chatty, you might want to find a quieter place to do your work.

avoid-distractions-modafinil-tipsIf you have a hard time avoiding online temptations, check out the programs “Freedom” and “Rescue Time” which are applications that will not only block various websites or apps when you’re working, but they’ll also schedule occasional reminders to get you back on track if you do get distracted.

If you can afford to buy some, get noise canceling headphones and enjoy the silence everywhere you go for a full immersion into your work.

Put away the Booze


Again, this might seem a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised at the things we hear. There are those who figure that taking Modafinil is perfect for a long night out partying. While you might be able to stay awake longer, Modafinil and alcohol aren’t a perfect mix. Alcohol is also a raging diuretic and it’ll dehydrate you even faster with Modafinil in your system. Users have mentioned that they seem to have a harder time getting drunk or altered in other ways with Modafinil. This can potentially be dangerous, as you might feel the need to drink more to overcome Modafinil’s potent effects. When it wears off, you could find yourself extremely intoxicated, far more than you had initially planned.

No-alcohol-modafinil-tipsDon’t take a smart drug and follow it up with a dumb drink. They each have their time and place, and generally they shouldn’t coincide. That having been said, the combination certainly isn’t lethal or seriously harmful, but the general consensus is that there’s really no reason to combine the two, and the risks largely outweigh the miniscule benefits. Have a vodka Red Bull if you’re trying to stay up all night.


L-Theanine is great for anxiety


If you have a tendency to suffer from anxiety, L-Theanine is a helpful way to combat that. Most people don’t have trouble with anxiety on Modafinil, but if you’re predisposed to it there is a possibility that your anxiety can be amplified by the increased alertness. L-Theanine is sold in pills but can easily be gotten by drinking some green tea.


Most people find Modafinil makes them feel more confident and capable, so this usually isn’t a problem. But as always, your individual experience may vary.

To wrap things up

, perhaps Eddie’s character from Limitless put it best:

“I found that if I maintained an even dose, remembered to eat, and drank no alcohol, the blackouts didn’t occur”

CPH4 – Lucy

First, there was NZT48 from Limitless. Now here’s another smart drug called CPH4, from Lucy. Yes, you that’s right another smart drug movie to attain 100% brain power.

In the movie “Lucy”, Scarlett Johansson’s character is an American woman who worked as a drug mule. A bag of CPH4 was placed inside her body. In her abdomen to be exact. Long story short, she was captured and tortured and was kicked on her abdomen and then the drugs inside her was leaking. The bad guys thought she’s dead because she had a major seizure and passed out. When she woke up, she became super human.


That’s just a little teaser of the first part of the movie. This made me think, what’s going to happen if ever we reach 100% brain power? Is it really impossible to reach 100%? It’s just a movie, but what if we can do all that stuff, wouldn’t it be great? We only get to use 10% of our brains, what happened to the 90%?

The 10% myth has been around for quite a while. No normal person is actually thinking the percentage of brain power they use every single day. They have more important things to do other figuring it out. Nobody knows who started it, and whoever that was, he sure made it stick in our heads.

I was thinking he might be talking about when we don’t do anything special, like cramming up for an exam or figuring out the solution to the math equations, or how about when you have to memorize your lines for the next play? A normal person’s brain is always working, if it’s not doing its job, you should be dead now. Just think about it. Even when we are fast asleep, our neurons are working their asses out to digest the food we ate, process memories, even make us dream!

So what’s going to happen when we hit 100% brain power? That would be awesome! I mean, you can achieve Telekinesis or Psychokinesis. You know mind over matter. Where you can move things with the power of the mind. Just like Lucy, Matilda and some people from Xmen. It needs too much focus to attain that. I read a couple of stories about it and watched some YouTube videos.

But actually it got me thinking, if we can access that much of brain power we will be super humans! We can’t be mysterious anymore. We’ll never know what excitement is because you’ll know what’s going to happen. I think what happened to the movie “Lucy” might happen in real life. Not literally like we will disappear within the space time continuum, but nothing can impress us anymore. Not even the cute cat on a skateboard video in YouTube.

Like I always say, humans are very insatiable when it comes to everything. We always wanted something more. The better is what we always aim for. Which is not bad at all.

The movie is amazing. Packed with information and action, plus Scarlett looks hot as usual. NZT48 is real close to CPH4, just comparing from both fictional smart pills in two different movies. If there’s any closer to real life NZT48 and CPH4, it’s definitely Modafinil. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it. It’s not addictive like NZT48 and CPH4, but it’s definitely a good way to focus. The closest way to be just like Lucy!

While CPH4 is not currently a real drug, Modafinil comes very close!

You can get the real life CPH4 here.

provigil online

Single Mother’s Experience with Modalert

Being a single Mother to a daughter with numerous health issues the pressures accumulate. I am the sole provider and our future is in my hands. I am in the middle of my Psychology degree and with the endless, sleepless nights, this has taken its toll on my body and more predominantly my mind.

This year, my brain collapsed. Nope. No more. I had no more to give. I could not take anymore. I was so tired. The doctors investigated; they suggested and recommended various blends of herbs and spices (Gingko, Vitamin A-Z, exercise, sleep, eat well, yada yada). I was self medicating with copious amounts of Redbull, Proplus, the strongest Italian Coffee and the crashes made it worse.


I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I couldn’t get my daughter to school on time. I was missing appointments and I was not functioning – I became desperate.
I turned to a friend who was knowledgeable about nutrition and vitamins, hoping he had a new option for me. He told me about Modafinil. He had been using it for his job as he worked shifts and he gave me my first strip of ‘Moda’.

I halved my first pill and took 100mg. That day I didn’t need to nap. My house was clean and my assignment was written. My daughter was collected from school without my bleary eyes and Mummy was able to cook dinner again.

I got my energy back. I was patient, no longer irritable. I could think again. I was so relieved I had finally found something that helps. Our situation is never going to get easier, we will always be facing obstacles, but at least now I have the energy and the brain power to face them full force. No more feeble attempts.

For all of you who are weary about taking Modafinil; it is not a scary drug. Its effect creeps up on you and before you know it you have completed your work to the best of your ability. It does not change you, it enhances you.

I will always use Modafinil to make our life easier, happier, worthwhile. I’ve always had reason to wake up in the morning, just sometimes I couldn’t.. until now.
Thanks for letting me write that – even if the offer isn’t on anymore. I didn’t read your post right first… I didn’t know I had to send the article through. I hope this post finds you well and if you could let me know asap – as I need to put an order in… I have run out (thought I had more than I did .. unfortunately Waklert doesn’t work for me, only Modalert) and I am shattered.

Physics Student using Modafinil

Modafinil has given me the ability to not only work longer, but also better. I have now been able to maintain a work life balance whilst still dealing with a very demanding workload associated with Physics. The first time I heard about Modafinil was almost two years ago as a fresher after stumbling across an article online. I was fascinated and researched it to within an inch of my life, and made an order.


When they arrived I had already set up a schedule of what I needed to get done today, so I would not get distracted (I normally manage to work in 45 – 60 blocks If I’m lucky). I took one and started working, next thing I know 5 hours had passed and I’d already got an entire days work done, without fatigue.

For my entire life I’ve struggled with procrastination and laziness but this was different, like a switch in my head. As a Science student I have weekly academic commitments, which made it hard to maintain the quantity of nights out and fun I prefer. So to keep up with my studies I started taking 200mg around once a week, and managed to get everything out of the way in one go. It was great, and I could definitely feel a subtle yet noticeable difference in my recall.

At the time I was working 3 shifts a week as a Barman at a busy club not getting to sleep until around 4am, and having to be up at 8:30 to get to my morning tutorial. This was where I really saw the power this drug could give me. When I would normally be barely functional if not asleep at my desk, I was at peak performance. With these observations I had assumed there would be occasions where I would have had trouble sleeping, but the day never came. The real test however, came during exam season.

I started taking it daily and have never got more work done in my life. I was able to absorb and recall significantly more information than I had ever done before. But this wasn’t completely without side effects, frequent trips to the toilets were had, and an increased appetite (which interestingly seems to be opposite to most anecdotal reports) but these were hardly problems at all. The next academic year really gave me the chance to learn a lot more than I feel I could have ever done without it, especially with my natural attitude towards work, on a normal day knuckling down seems like the hardest thing in the world, but with Modafinil It didn’t bother me, there wasn’t necessarily a feeling of enjoyment but just a notion of “lets just get shit done”.

My only main negative seems to have come from tolerance issues during daily used, but just taking a short break resets this so what more can you say? Lazy man turned productive.

Marketing Consultant experience with Modafinil

I’m a small business owner who does marketing consulting and data research for corporations. I’m over forty, with extra weight around the middle, and I’ve found it very difficult in the last few years to fit anything in. Like many Americans, I’ve let work take over my life, routinely spending 60 hours a week in the office and never fully unplugging while at home.


In February, I started using 200mg of Modafinil in an effort to reorganize my work and personal life, and I’ve been regularly using Modvigil since. I take 200mg at 6:00 every morning from M-F, and then take the weekend off (and I try to skip Fridays as often as possible, like the recent July 4th).

The results have been outstanding. I can now routinely work 12 hours a day if I need to, without seeing a breakdown in the quality of the work. This includes a lot of internet research, a lot of writing, and quite a bit of work on the phone. This is high level thinking that often requires good memory recall.

Last month, I was called into a client to discuss sales strategies to be implemented next year. This ended up being a grueling three day marathon session with multiple executives bringing their teams and me speaking for 8 hours a day, then preparing later that night, while still knocking out the rest of my client work at night.

I worked over 40 hours in three days, then drove 6 hours home late at night, and finished two more days of work at home. Sure, I crashed that weekend, but that would have happened with or without the modafinil. The concerns are there – you have to schedule sleep, and not get caught up in working late just because you can. I schedule 6 hours of sleep minimum, and try to get more if I’m presenting late in the week.

The memory recall is great, but if you overdo it, your lack of sleep affects your cognitive abilities the same as if you aren’t taking the pill. You also have to eat right (your appetite is suppressed), and force yourself to exercise. As an older guy, I find I can hurt my back by sitting at my desk six hours, so I regularly get up and stretch, move around, and alter my working position.

I have some sleep apnea that runs in the family, but no narcolepsy, and I don’t snore (unless I’m drinking, which I don’t do more than a glass of wine when on the pill), so the only thing I’m overcoming is poor exercise and sleeping habits, combined with some sleep shift disorder when on deadline. But in scheduling my life, I’m improving all three of those areas, which has resulted in significant time savings.

I’m still working a lot, but it’s all useful work. And I can afford to take off in the middle of the day, because 1) I need to, and 2) I know I won’t be “too tired” late at night. As for side effects – I do get dry mouth and had some mouth sores in the second month, but I take choline and a probiotic, brush regularly and do an oral rise, drink plenty of water, and those issues went away.

It’s been a great boon to my career. While I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone – if you’re capable of planning and scheduling your life to avoid the health issues of staying up late, you can make great strides in your career goals. Schedule your sleep, eat right, exercise, take breaks, and find your ideal dose (100-300). Recognize the half life of the drug boosts the amount in your system (Taking 200 mg a day will have you at 267 mg on your third day). For me, it’s been very positive.

Pre-Veterinary Student experience with Modafinil

I started taking Modafinil in my junior year of college. I was assaulted in the fall semester, and after sitting out of classes and al activities for 3 weeks due to a concussion, I became depressed and unmotivated. My grades suffered extremely. I never really regained a regular sleep cycle, either. I was staying up strange hours and then sleeping through my alarms. Normally, I am up very early, around 7 or 8 am, as soon as my alarm goes off. I have to retake one of my courses all because I mixed one of the exams (no retakes allowed) due to sleeping through my alarm!


I am a pre-veterinary student and thought that all hopes of getting into the graduate level studies were lost. I couldn’t stand being this form of myself any longer — it’s not me. I did some research and came across Modafinil. A friend of mine discovered my research and, as it turns out, was a customer of modup. Considering that the school I attend is an Ivy League, it wasn’t a surprise to me (other stimulants are the drug of choice here).

My friend gave me a week’s worth of pills purchased from modup. I started with 100mg. I am 130lbs and 5’5”. By the third day I realized I could use an extra boost since I wasn’t consuming coffee as much as I used to. With 200mg I felt absolutely amazing. I was back to my normal self and BEYOND. My schoolwork was completed with great effort; I was not wallowing and putting it off until last minute. Studying didn’t seem like such a chore, and reaping the benefits of it motivated me to study even more. I was able to get back in the gym after being unable to bring myself to go for so long. Surprisingly, it was not as much of a shock on my body as I had expected! My workouts were immediately back to their regular intensity. My friends, who were well aware of the depression and low period I was struggling with, commented on my sudden return of consistent energy, confidence, and hard work.

For a few days after I finished (since I didn’t take a full dose for a few days I got over a week in), I was still able to maintain the energy and confidence in some aspects. I had to give a presentation and felt strong in the area of speaking brightly and clearly, and making eye contact. I am normally very good with this, but again, these skills were tainted by the depression I was suffering. The withdrawal I’ve experienced for this past few weeks hasn’t been too bad. I am anxious to start again once I am back in the swing of schoolwork, but I am very surprised that I have not fallen back into my “low” state. I definitely still need a boost, but just seeing the consequences of the energy and motivation that modafinil gave me keeps me going.

Genuine amazement when I got straight ‘A’s with Modafinil

I remember genuine amazement when I got straight ‘A’s for my finals—few months before a friend told me about ‘smart drugs’—nootropics, magic pills that improve your brain work. I was in disbelief, but decided to try them after all.

At that time my friend has been miraculously combining a full-time job with a rather time-consuming hobby, and I always wondered how he managed to find time for it all. He has been praising piracetam, which I could get over the counter dirt cheap. I did my research, and it seemed that even aspirin was more dangerous, so the risk was low. I started taking it and within a month I began noticing that my memory was improving.

At last I was able to consciously keep something in my head after reading textbooks. I have always been just an ‘ok’ student, so passing the finals successfully convinced me that the ‘smart pills’ were actually working.

aplus11Since then I used piracetam whenever I needed to go through a large amount of information, like learning a new software for a new job. For the longest time I too have been combining a career with a time-consuming hobby, so three month long courses of regular piracetam intake really helped me to stay afloat in both. But while piracetam aided my memory, every now and then while I was working I would get distracted by something, and it would always take a brief round of procrastination, motivational mental gymnastics and other tricks to get back to the task at hand. Self-discipline appeared to be a rather ephemeral virtue.

I was certain that nothing could possibly sustain my motivation should it suddenly wear out, but then entirely by accident I stumbled upon an article listing different kinds of nootropics. I have to admit that I have never heard about most of the names (who would name their product Phenibut?!). But there it was, a vast universe of mind enhancers, each with a feat of his own (oxiracetam, for instance, sharpens your perception of music). It seemed, however, that the crown belonged to modafinil, an incredibly long-lasting motivator without an overstimulating effect. Reading reports about it convinced me that I discovered something wonderful.

I like my job and I never get bored of my hobby. I enjoy being productive. But time goes by and the vigour of youth is gradually fading. No longer I can pull an all-nighter without facing severe physical and mental consequences. I want to excel at what I do, but more and more often my brain just tells me: relax! You’ve done enough already, you can do the rest tomorrow. Now go watch TV or play a game.

I didn’t want to let in and it was modafinil that reverted what seemed to be unavoidable. Looking back I am still in awe from the amount of things I have accomplished in just one year. Not so long ago I learnt about MOOCs, free online video tutorial courses. I was interested in taking some for a while but never got myself to pursue any until modafinil helped me gain that extra bit of motivation to start one.

I successfully graduated from it and within that year finished four more MOOCs, all while working on my primary job. I learnt several new skills, some from scratch, and that allowed me to take a big leap in my career development. I am certain that without modafinil I would’ve progressed at a much slower rate, and I am yet to discover a single negative side effect.

So what exactly does it do? It helps you stick to a task you’re engaged in. It is very different from uppers that would rather make you jump and run. If you don’t have a plan for the day though it cannot help you much. The initial motivation still has to come from you. Suppose you have a pressing deadline, but you are currently doing your laundry. Modafinil will gladly help you sort your clothes by kind, colour and type of material and neatly fold every item. You can spend hours doing that. At the same time if you are writing an article about benefits of modafinil it will make sure that you address every possible aspect of the matter and provide a profound backstory.

How does it feel? Imagine a balloon inflated inside of your head. It shields your brain from external irritants and reduces weight of your head. You are fully alert, there is no drowsiness, but neither there are jitters. That’s about it. Now nothing is on your way to a productive day aside from you actually starting working. This effect can last up to 15 hours, so take a pill early in the morning. For me 75-100mg is enough to change a day of recurring periods of procrastination to a marathon of successfully reached milestones. At some point I learnt a dose can be potentiated with a swig of grapefruit juice and black pepper extract.

One thing that should be noted is that apparently tolerance to it grows pretty fast. You will experience full effect on the first day, most likely on the second day as well, but on the third day it will be much weaker, so try taking 1-2 day breaks between intakes. I like to use those days for chores such as cleaning up and groceries shopping, and package oustanding tasks for days when I’m taking modafinil.

Drink a lot of liquid while you are on it, don’t abuse caffeine and consider doing some physical exercise in the morning to get your blood flowing. Don’t bother taking it for recreational purposes. While it may make you more talkative and responsive to others, modafinil lowers your resistance to alcohol and punishes you with a headache if you don’t stop in time, so keep alcohol and modafinil apart as much as possible.

Finally, I now always wash dishes right after eating, my sink is never dirty.