Side Effects of Nootropics

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Side Effects of Nootropics

What are nootropics?


The category of ‘nootropics’ encompasses many different supplements and drugs. However, many people call these supplements ‘smart drugs,’ and that more or less sums up what they are even if it is a touch simplistic. These are drugs and supplements that can augment a person’s cognitive abilities in some way, even if it is a minor way. Naturally, increasing a person’s general intelligence is difficult to do, and it is not really possible to do that yet. However, it is possible to improve skills related to intelligence, which is what people can do with all nootropics.


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Almost all nootropics can give people more mental energy. They can also usually give people some boosts in terms of their memory and their learning capabilities. Some nootropics are able to help people with decision-making and similar processes like that. Other nootropics are able to give people a certain degree of psychological benefits, which are positive in their own right and which can also make people confident enough to learn more effectively.


Side effects and Research Studies on Nootropics

Most nootropics have side effects that are not prohibitively serious. People might become more or less tired as a result of taking them. Almost all stimulant nootropics are going to cause problems with a person’s sleep cycle almost by definition.

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It is hard to make generalizations about the dosages people should take when it comes to nootropics. It depends on whether they are taking the supplements as part of a stack or whether they are taking them independently. It also depends on whether or not they are taking them for a specific occasion, which could be the case.


People might need to take some nootropics every three hours or so. They will need to Side Effects of Nootropicstake one pill a day for other nootropics, or one dose in a day. The nootropics that require large doses in the neighborhood of 250 mg or so often only need to be taken once a day. The nootropics that require micro doses might need to be taken several times a day. However, even that rule has plenty of exceptions, so people should really look at the dosages of nootropics on a case-by-case basis. Dosage examples are Modafinil 200mg, or Piracetam 800mg. See the research links above for effectiveness of certain nootropic stacks.


Examples of nootropics


There are lots of nootropics on the market for people to try. They vary in terms of whether or not they are herbal, ampakine, or stimulant nootropics. Other categories of nootropics can include the peptides, the vitamin B derivatives, racetams, and nutrients like choline. They can also vary according to other factors. More specific drug example names include Aniracetam, Adrafinil, Ashwagandha, Provigil and Armodafinil.


Long-term use


People who are hoping to completely rewire their brains with nootropics over time are probably going to find that this is not going to happen. However, it is still possible that the nootropics will have some long-term effect when people take them consistently enough. Some people find that their memories improve over time, and other people find that it is easier to learn after taking nootropic supplements for years. People who use their nootropic supplements as directed are usually not going to have any long-term negative consequences, although people might want to cycle with some of the dangerous ones, like modafinil, since these can be toxic with long-term consistent use.


Herbal nootropics


Herbal nootropics truly belong in their own category, and some people will see them described specifically as natural nootropics. They are made with the most natural ingredients possible, and they are usually constructed around basic herbal ingredients.


Ampakine nootropics


Many people who are looking for the strongest nootropics on the market will choose these. These nootropics are excellent at promoting memory, learning, and an improved attention span.


Stimulant nootropics


Modafinil and adrafinil are the most famous of the stimulant nootropics. They manage to provide people with more mental and physical energy, and they are typically much stronger and more potent than the more typical stimulants that people will take, like caffeine.


Final Thoughts


Nootropics are wonderfully diverse, and they lend themselves to very few general statements. However, people can be sure that nootropics do work, and they have managed to work very well for a lot of people for years. Some of them are better in small doses, literally and figuratively, and others can be taken for years.