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What are SARMS?

“SARMS” stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Androgens are hormones that serve as bonds between cellular receptors, which eventually leads to specific genes being expressed more strongly than others. In turn, this means the genes that tell your body to put on muscle are activated more often. All anabolic steroids work in a similar manner, primarily stimulating the muscle building cells and hormones in your body. Because SARMS activate these hormones only under certain circumstances, they are known as “selective receptor modulators”, which helps minimize the unpleasant side effects of traditional anabolic steroids, while still getting the benefits such as fat loss and increase of muscle mass. Historically, SARMS have been used either in conjunction with HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, or for muscle wasting diseases such as cancer.


Side Effects


Unlike traditional steroids, which must by design go “all out, all the time”, SARMS have the benefit of being able to modulate in a much more effective manner, so they can provide the benefits without the bad side effects traditionally associated with steroid usage, such as emotional disregulation (“roid rage”) or general discomfort. Because SARMS activate img10androgen receptors only in bone and muscle tissue, users are able to harness the benefits without many of the side effects of using synthetic steroids. Potential side effects for long term users of SARMS can include gynecomastia, or breast development in men, premature balding, or infertility in women. These side effects are rare, and are generally only present in people who have been using SARMS in high doses for a long time.




SARMS are generally taken orally, as opposed to traditional steroid injections. They are used for much the same things that anabolic steroids are; retaining muscle while cutting (losing fat), increasing muscle mass and bone density, and promoting lean muscle growth. SARMS have also been used in place of anabolic steroids in the medical field.


User Reviews


SARMS are well known in the bodybuilder/fitness guru community, but little known elsewhere. Serious fitness buffs generally use SARMS in between rounds of anabolic steroids, to give their bodies a chance to rest and minimize side effects. SARMS will allow your body’s natural hormones to regulate without losing the benefits gained during steroid usage. Due to SARMS’s ability to give many of the benefits of steroids without the side effects, and the fact that they are largely undetectable after their short half life in the body, many people have had amazing results using SARMS.




SARMS are generally available in 30 ml and 50 ml doses. It is inadvisable to take more than 50ml for more than 4 weeks at a time, as this can lead to the more severe side effects of SARMS. Regulating your dosages is extremely important if you want to harness the full power of SARMS, so take caution. SARMS should only be taken in a liquid oral suspension, either straight with a juice chaser, or in a juice cocktail.


Use in the Workplace


Depending on what field you work in, SARMS may be more or less useful, but particularly if you work in a field where fitness is vital, you may find SARMS to be just what the doctor ordered. Anyone who relies on their strength, agility, or physical prowess of any kind for their living knows it can be hard to keep up that perfect physique long term, so steroids provide a valuable boost. However, long term steroids can wreak havoc on the body, and it is difficult to cut, or lose fat, while taking steroids. SARMS are the perfect stopgap between steroid cycles; by allowing your body’s natural hormones to rebalance and regulate, SARMS improves your overall health while allowing you to restrict calories in order to lose fat, but retain the muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for.


Why is this drug increasing in popularity?


Increasingly, people are realizing the dangerous long term effects of using anabolic steroids, but they still want the positive effects. So using SARMS as a substitute or buffer between rounds of steroids helps users get all those desired effects while maintaining a good level of health.




The benefits of using SARMS are many. Unlike traditional anabolic steroids, which can increase the toxicity of the liver and permanently damage the hormone balance in the body if not used correctly, SARMS target bone and muscle tissues alone to increase bone density and muscle mass without intruding on your body’s other vital functions.


Long Term Effects


The long term effects of using SARMS are not yet known; for bodybuilding purposes, it is fairly new. It has been used for medical purposes for slightly longer, but generally for short periods of time. So it is either a mild anabolic with few side effects, in which case it is perfect as an addition to the fitness lifestyle, or in the long run it may have little effect. Only time will tell, but for now, SARMS are a promising new addition to a steroid cycle.


Short Term Effects


Users say the short term effects of SARMS are very similar to the effects of a mild anabolic steroid. It makes users feel “juiced”, and they can feel their muscle tone improving. SARMS have few of the poor side effects of anabolic steroids, such as decreased liver function, a persistent cough, or anything else.


Final Thoughts


From all the current research, it seems as though SARMS alone will not result in massive gains. That alone is not a huge strike against it; as a bridging supplement between rounds of anabolic steroids, or as part of a larger regimen, SARMS really shines. So if you’re looking for something to help you bridge seamlessly, are looking to get started with steroids but aren’t sure about the side effects, or just need something small to blend into your routine, SARMS can be a safe choice to investigate. Either way, do your due diligence when considering an addition to any bodybuilding routine, and keep your health in mind when considering what drugs or supplements to use.

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    what are some examples of SARMS? I would like to avoid “roid rage” as you mentioned but i want to keep the nootropic benefits of steroids.