Where to Purchase Nootropics

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Where to Purchase Nootropics

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are drugs, supplements and compounds that improve memory, attention and brainpower. Nootropics go by the alternative names of cognitive enhancers or smart drugs. These compounds tend to enhance cognitive functions thereby improving people’s performance. They also tend to improve learning potential and productivity.



Benefits of Nootropics

Some of the benefits include

l Increased concentration

This is especially true with individuals who are unable to focus on an area of study and those students who have low concentration span. They also boost motivation and clarity of thought making it easier to concentrate.

l Brain Health

Nootropics improve circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain replenishing brain cells. ..Nootropics like Huperzine aid in fighting some degree of trauma. Certain supplements such as multivitamins and fish oil capsules have shown to improve growth of brain cells at all ages.

l Memory improvement

In a world where there is a lot to be learnt and remembered, many individuals find it hard to recall things. Cognitive compounds enhance growth and connection of neurons in the brain. Smart drugs also repair nerve cells and the overall benefit is improved memory and understanding.

l Anti-aging advantage

Unhealthy brains lead to premature aging. Stressed brains can lead to symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, poor vision and grey hair. Nootropics offer benefits against aging for example, calming neurons in the brain and enhancing sleeping patterns. A relaxed brain will often create a younger look on an individual.

l Mood enhancement

With enhancement of sleeping pattern, foul mood can be avoided. Irregular sleeping patterns can lead to foul mood which can deteriorate to stress and depression. Nootropics stimulate mood receptors in the brain therefore shunning stress, depression and anxiousness. A good mood enhancer nootropic is sulbutiamine.



Types and Research Studies

l Stimulants

At low concentration, certain stimulants can improve cognitive ability in humans and they include drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin and Adranifil. These drugs have shown the ability to improve memory, cognitive control and alertness especially in individuals with low concentration span. Most stimulants with the exception of caffeine are prescribed only to patients with patients with cognitive impairment. However, they may not produce desirable outcomes to normal individuals who desire cognitive boost.

l Racetams

This class of smart drugs is easily available over the counter and they have numerous applications. Piracetam is an example of a popular nootropic drug in this category. It has the advantage of improving cognitive function acting as neither stimulant nor sedative. The Where to Purchase Nootropicspartially understood mode of action is that it heightens blood flow and oxygen supply and consumption in some parts of the brain. Most racetams are only effective when used for extensive period of time.

l Nutraceuticals

They come in variety ranging from vitamins, herbs to minerals etc. and they enhance memory improving the speed and accuracy to remember. They are seen as food stuffs and they are most popular in the traditional Hindu and Chinese medicine. This class of cognitive enhancers is particularly effective when consumed for prolonged time. Only two nutraceuticals panax ginseng and Ginkgo biloba are popular. They are consumed as dietary supplements and are viewed as a safer alternative to prescribed medication because they lack adverse side effects.

l Other nootropics

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There are some nootropics that cannot be classified neatly into the above classes due to ongoing research and tests. Tianeptine is an example of such drugs. Research on this drug is ongoing using rats. Tianeptine is majorly used as a depressant and has been discovered to improve cognitive ability in experimental animal suggesting that the drug could potentially improve memory and learning.

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Dangers of Smart drugs

Just like other drugs, cognitive enhancers have the potential of having adverse side effects on the consumer. Some of the potential effects include;

l Dependence

There have been testimonies from prolonged users that they can no longer carry out demanding cognitive jobs without nootropics. They attest to becoming dependent on the drugs in order to stay productive and carry out other tasks such as exams and work.

l Potential harm on brain

Brain scans have shown that certain nootropics are capable of altering the functioning of the brain. Researchers fear that some parts of the brain may deteriorate in size while others may expand based on the nootropic in use. The response of brain on termination of nootropic use after prolonged use is not defined. Nootropics have the potential of important brain functions.

l Cognitive deficit

Short term use of nicotine may enhance cognitive functioning. However, prolonged use may lead to tolerance and one may depend on the same quantity of nicotine to achieve average cognitive function. There are fears that the brain may adapt to use of nicotine and the consumer may end up relying on it to function normally.

l Effects on neurotransmitter

There is possible depletion of some neurotransmitter with prolonged use of nootropics. This may demand continuous use of the supplement to sustain normal processing. It can take some time prior to the brain resuming normal stability after termination of supplement.

l Quality of the supplements

These products are unregulated and can easily be purchased on the internet and over the counter without doctor’s prescription. It is difficult to know a safe source to get the drugs and may require keen evaluation to get quality products that will not harm.



Stay safe

While the production and use of nootropics now popular, it is important to take caution and be safe. Always avoid products that do not explicitly list the total ingredients in their actual quantities. Always read the ingredients prior to using the product. It is also important that you go for known smart drugs that have been in the market for extensive period of time and have been studied to prove their safety. Avoid newly introduced drugs with little known research on them and always remember your brain is not for experimenting with.


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