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Western Union is a company that allows you to send money across the world. The company has over a century of experience working in point-to-point transmissions of information and items. Previously, Western Union was the largest provider of telegraph communications to your door.

Obviously as technology has evolved, the company had to as well. Now it is primarily focused on transferring money between individuals in different parts of the world.

Western Union has several major advantages. Firstly, money is transferred instantly. When you walk into a Western Union office or kiosk, you simply hand over the money you wish to send and fill out a simple form indicating who is going to pick it up. Once that information is placed into the computer, the recipient can retrieve the money from their local Western Union office.


You can also do this online and even use a credit card through The process is simple and takes just a few minutes to sign up.

Another advantage of using Western Union is anonymity. Western Union does not request identification or specific information from senders, only from the recipient. In fact, there is also an option to supply the recipient with a secret code or passphrase that they can use to collect money without identification. This is great in cases where a traveling family member has been robbed and has no access to any ID, but needs money now.
Western Union charges fairly reasonable fees for its services.

Typically they are lower than banks but higher than credit card processors or online-only transfer options such as Paypal.