How to Pay for your Modafinil Order with Cash

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On more than one occasion we’ve been asked if we could accept a payment using cash mailed directly to our office. While that doesn’t seem like a terrible idea, it presents several logistical problems.

Cash is great for making payments in person. It’s simple, has no fees associated with it, and doesn’t require any extra equipment or infrastructure. No bank accounts, no credit card readers, just a few slips of paper and two people. However purchasing goods online with cash means that there is no “in person” transaction, which could lead to some difficulties.


First of all, you would have to send us the cash payment via mail. Whether you choose to use your local postal service, or another carrier such as FedEx, this will result in a delay in making the payment. What’s more concerning is that in many countries the mail service is rather unreliable and letters and packages are frequently lost. Not to mention that there are cases of postal workers stealing money from envelopes and simply reporting it as missing. For this reason postal services typically will not insure cash and sending it is at your own risk. Some countries even prohibit sending cash by mail completely!

Sending cash via mail is risky and can even be illegal
You may have noticed that all of our payment methods are purely digital. This is because we make an effort to provide the fastest service possible to our customers. Digital payments simplify our entire operation. When you place an order, you are given an order number. And when a digital payment is made with that number, our system automatically confirms the payment and clears your order for shipping. Essentially this allows us to automate several parts of the process, making faster and more efficient than the competition.

So if you were to send us a cash payment, you would have to include in your package your order number. Then a person would have to open it, verify the contents, and look up your order. From there, they would have to manually send your order into shipping. This is assuming that your order number was written down correctly, and legibly.
Ultimately, while we would like to provide as many payment options as possible for our customers, we recognize that cash payments have too many risky variables. Too many things can go wrong, and even if everything goes according to plan, it takes additional time for us to manage your order.

If you want to buy Modafinil with cash, you should look at our guide for paying with a prepaid card. You can find prepaid cards in virtually every supermarket or petrol station near you and you can use them online to buy modafinil from!