Modafinil vs Vyvanse, How Does The Narcolepsy Drug Stack Up To This Powerful ADHD Medication?

Modafinil vs Vyvanse for Cognitive Enhancement, How Does This Narcolepsy Drug Stack Up To This Powerful ADHD Psychostimulant Medication?

Modafinil vs Vyvanse is one of the most interesting blog posts that I have had sitting in my drafts folder for quite some time now, and I am extremely glad that I am finally getting the chance to sit down and hash out this blog post onto the website. The following article will look into the debate of Modafinil vs Vyvanse with regards to which drug is stronger, longer lasting, and which drug is more effective on both a long term and short term basis. It will also look into which drug is safer, which has a lower addiction potential or which drug has less side effects or overdose risks, and of the exact risks and rewards that need to be taken into consideration when using either drug. As always, you can purchase Modafinil right here off of our website in a very discreet packaging to have it delivered right to your doorstep, and be sure to check out our pay with Bitcoin option for a 33% discount on your product!

Modafinil vs Vyvanse, Which Drug Is Honestly More Powerful?

The first time you take the drug, or if you have just started a new regiment of Smart Drugs and need to cram something in overnight, or within 24 hours before an exam, a term paper, or a spreadsheet at work is due, then Vyvanse is likely to be the better drug of choice, as it will give you much more of a kick than Modafinil will in a short burst, regarding the dosages are equal, assume about a 200 milligram dosage of Modafinil per 40 milligram dosage of Vyvanse.

With this in mind, say you need to cram for final exams an entire week beforehand, or if you really need to be on point at work this month in order to avoid getting fired or to really make an impression for that upcoming promotion, then Modafinil is guaranteed to be the better drug for you. Here is a quick timeline of what Vyvanse every single day for Modafinil vs Vyvanseone week, vs Modafinil every single day for one week will do to you, and of how long you will last before you burn out.

Vyvanse: Days 1-3, you are superman, you crush it in the office, get more work done than the office can give you, and are running on a euphoric high the entire time.

Days 4-6, the Vyvanse begins to build up a tolerance, and you start to not only need it to function the next day, but are realizing that you need to significantly increase your dosage and that you don’t have the same drive and motivation as you did on the first three days. Come day 7, you are going to need to either sleep all day, or to eat a lot and try and push through the final stretch.

Modafinil: Days 1-5, very euphoric and noticeable, there is no “cracked out” type of feeling, which is actually cleaner and much more stable, allowing you to maintain your creativity without sacrificing your focus and motivation. No crash at the end of each day, you are able to eat just fine, and there is very little downside risk for pushing further.

Days 6 and 7-You are still crushing it at work with no signs of tiring out, where the guy on Vyvanse is starting to lag and has even called in sick to work on day seven on account of being so darn burnt out. It is likely he will get passed up for that promotion for the persistent, never ending drive of the work horse that is on Modafinil.

That is the gist of the difference between Modafinil and Vyvanse, if you need something for a 24-36 hour burst, go with Vyvanse, but if you need day in and day out motivation, Modafinil is the absolute king of Smart Drugs for this purpose, it has extremely low addictive potential and downside risk also, so you are not putting your health, weight or brain function at risk by taking this drug on a regular basis.

For more information and research on these two Smart Drugs you can checkout the following links:

The world’s first true “smart drug” enhances cognition and is deemed safe by health experts

Which Drug Is Better for Long Term Use, and Why My Choice Is Always Going to Be Modafinil!

As stated via the previous timeline example up above, for long term, regular use, I would say that Modafinil is always going to be the stronger, safer, and more productive drug. Modafinil just keeps you going indefinitely, and while you may eventually need to take a weekend break or small vacation from using the drug regularly, it is nothing like using Vyvanse, in which you will feel an absolutely awful crash and debilitating comedown after just the first time that you use the drug. Modafinil has also been shown to be nearly entirely non addictive in most of the case studies and .gov clinical trials that have been done on the drug, and in fact Modafinil was recently named the worlds first “real Smart Drug,” by very reputable magazines and tech blogs. There is a serious reason as to why Modafinil is used by all the Smart Drug taking CEO’s out there, and Adderall or Vyvanse is not, and that reason is that it is much healthier, stronger and better suited for regular, long term use.

What is Vyvanse Used for and What Is Modafinil Typically Used For, and Why Each Drug Is Very Similar Yet Also Quite Different

There are some notable similarities between these two drugs, however there are also some serious differences. One of the major differences between these two drugs is that one of them is an amphetamine based drug, which would be Vyvanse, and the other is a histamine and wakefulness-promoting drug, known as Modafinil. Vyvanse, as it is an amphetamine, is super potent, but also super addictive, has tons of side effects, and has quite a nasty comedown. Modafinil is nearly as stimulating as Vyvanse, but will not give you that “tweaked out feeling,” that Vyvanse or Adderall is going to give you, will not curb your appetite nearly as much, but will still give you a sustainable burst of energy that lets you get loads of work done on a regular basis.

How to Buy Modafinil With Bitcoin Right Off Of This Website For 33% Off!

We have a fantastic blog post on our website that shows you exactly where you can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero from, and of how you can pay with Bitcoin for a 33% off discount on your orders of Modafinil. We absolutely love Bitcoin and truly believe in its business model, so for this reason we feel that a 1/3 discount is in order for all of those that love Bitcoin as much as we do! It is also very convenient when purchasing and selling Modafinil on the internet, as it gets some of our credit card processing fees out of the way and is just frankly a lot simpler for those customers that we have that frequently use Bitcoin.

Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin

Final Thoughts On Modafinil vs Vyvanse, and How Each Drug Works In The Brain

All in all, while Modafinil and Vyvanse are very different drugs, they also both have very similar effects on the brain, and their intent is the same among those Smart Drug users that take the products in order to increase mood, memory, focus, productivity and overall clarity of thought. For this simple debate, I would say that Modafinil takes the cake in the argument over Modafinil vs Vyvanse, because of just how long Modafinil will continue to work effectively without the development of a serious amount of tolerance. Modafinil can do this for weeks or months on end, whereas with Vyvanse there is absolutely no such benefit! For more information on all things Modafinil, checkout our blog for more details, and tune in for weekly Smart Drug and Modafinil blog posts right here on the Blog.



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement

Can You Buy Modafinil In Argentina?

Can You Buy Modafinil In Argentina, And Are The Customs In Argentina Very Strict?

While Argentina is not exactly one of the major known problem countries for Modafinil and other related Nootropic Smart Drugs, it has become something of a concern for many Modafinil customers in recent months who are looking to buy this drug online. Argentina is known for having something of a strict customs (the people that inspect packages and seize items that are inappropriate,) however it is by no means impossible to get Modafinil in Argentina, known as Vigicer in this area of the world, and we do in fact ship our product to Argentina. Our Modafinil product comes in a 100% discreet packaging, and is sold in only the purest quality Modafinil tablets. For more information, you can checkout articles on our website about how you can get Modafinil at a 33% discount by paying with Bitcoin, or of how you can purchase our product via credit card right here on the website!

Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin

Buying Modafinil In Argentina, Is There Anything That I Should Be Aware of Before Purchasing Modafinil and Having It Shipped to My Residence In Argentina?

While nothing really major comes to mind, it is 100% of the utmost importance to ensure that you do not accidentally put in the wrong address when ordering Modafinil, not that you would likely run into any serious troubles if you did this by accident, but I don’t think anyone wants their supplements or Smart Drugs accidentally being shipped to their neighbors house in a blank, brown envelope with no return address, that would very likely make for something of an awkward conversation. Aside from this however, you should be good to go as far as buying Modafinil from us if you are in Argentina, as customs usually misses most of our packages, and if for some reason customs does seize your packages, we will send you out another parcel free of charge! Simply input your credit card or pay via Bitcoin (if you don’t know how to use or set up Bitcoin you can read up about it more in the picture above this paragraph,) we have an SSL Modafinil Argentinaencrypted website, so your card is entirely secure, and we cannot see the actual credit card information that you are inputting on our website. We believe that customer service and a good reputation is the key to building a successful and profitable long term business, and we strive to do just that with our website, you can read more about this right here on our forum where we talk about everything from customer service, refunds, and shipping to foreign countries.

For more information on Modafinil, you can also checkout the following research links:

The world’s first true “smart drug” enhances cognition and is deemed safe by health experts

How to Buy Vigicer (Modafinil) In Argentina, What Does Modafinil Do In The Brain?

Buying Vigicer in Argentina, known commonly as Modafinil in most other parts of the world, can actually be quite a bold move that can seriously improve brain function in whatever area of life you need it the most in. The US Military, Wall Street Banking Executives, and even entrepreneurs looking to start up multi-million dollar technology companies, have in fact been known to use Modafinil on a day to day basis in order to improve their overall energy levels and boost their mental and physical performance. For those of you that are currently reading this blog post right now that have never taken Modafinil before, but that have read about its awesome effects and are thinking of taking the plunge into Smart Drugs, allow me to convince you to take that crucial leap of faith, and to use Modafinil finally, via my own personal experience of what happened when I took Modafinil for the first time. There I was nearly five years ago back in college, sitting in front of a calculus notebook that was starting to look like hieroglyphs due to the immense tiredness that had began to creep up on me. I started to look for alternatives to continue studying, and opened my desk drawer to be greeted by a small container of small white tablets with a line through the middle of them, of which the package read “Modalert.”

I took the small pill, and in about an hour after it kicked in, my tiredness had dissipated entirely, and I was in fact very euphoric, motivated and ready to work. I was able to study for the next six hours without so much as looking up from my book, crammed in and learned a ton of material, and was even able to have some time to spare for other hobbies. While the Modafinil kicked in in a way that was somewhat subtle, once it hit me, I noticed around an hour later that I had not looked up from what I was working on, or that I had not gotten distracted, and that I had gotten a ton of work done since the pill had kicked in. The pace and energy level that Modafinil sets for the user is very rapid and potent, and for increasing productivity and workload, Modafinil is the king of all Smart Drugs for both long term and short term use.

What Is The Best Dosage of Modafinil Used In Argentina?

Dosages of Modafinil in Argentina are the same as those that are used worldwide, and usually are in dosages ranging from 200 to 400 milligrams per day. For Modafinil, 100 milligrams is usually going to be the minimum effective dosage of the drug, the amount in which the drug will work and have very noticeable effects, and four hundred milligrams of this Smart Drug will serve as something of a ceiling dosage, the amount at which, past this, side effects, overdose and addiction risks and downsides, start to outweigh the benefits marginally as you increase your dosage. At a 400 milligram dosage, expect quite a boost of motivation, an extreme boost of euphoria, and productivity that blows any amount of work away in a very short period of time.

Can You Purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero In Argentina Legally In Order to Purchase Modafinil With These Crypto Coins for a 33% Off Discount of Provigil?

Yes, you absolutely 100% can purchase Modafinil in Argentina with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and likely other cryptocurrencies, contact our customer support if you would like to pay us in an alt coin that the website does not claim to support, and we will work with you in the best way that we can in order to take your order! We absolutely love the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and other types of altcoin business models out there, we thoroughly believe in the coins potency as a world internet trading mechanism, and we think that in the future Bitcoin will continue to rise in both price and value, that’s why we offer a 33% discount when customers pay us in Bitcoin, and of why we prefer Bitcoin over credit card orders.

Final Thoughts On How to Buy Modafinil In Argentina The Right Way, and Why You Need Not Worry If You Are Having Modafinil Shipped to You In This Country

All in all, you need not worry if you are looking to have Modafinil shipped to your home or residence in Argentina, and instead, get ready for quite a Smart Drug boost of productivity, increased energy levels and improved clarity of thought once your Modafinil arrives. For more information on how to buy Modafinil in Argentina, as well as of what you can do to strengthen Modafinil with other Nootropics, and a host of other Nootropics topics, checkout our blog for over 500+ blog posts about all things brain drugs and Modafinil, and tune in to our website every week for new blog posts on Modafinil!



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement

Modafinil For Quitting Smoking, and Why It May Be The Best Drug Out There for Nicotine Withdrawal!

Modafinil for Quitting Smoking and Nicotine Withdrawal, and Why It May Just Be The Best Smart Drug Out There for Nicotine Detox!

When you think about Modafinil, for me personally and for most of the Nootropics users out there that are taking Modafinil on a frequent basis, use as a nicotine replacement drug in order to help you quit smoking is not one of the first things to come to mind. Modafinil however, due to its mild action on neurotransmitters and receptors of the brain, such as the D2 receptor (dopamine,) histamine, glutamate, and serotonin, to a lesser degree, Modafinil can help to mitigate many of the effects of nicotine withdrawal in the brain, and can also help to heal your brain’s tolerance to nicotine, as the Modafinil will serve as an effective substitute for cigarettes or other nicotine products.

Why Modafinil Can Work for Quitting Nicotine

Think of it like this, you are something of a social smoker and have been smoking around five to eight cigarettes per day. Whenever you try to quit the drug you have serious problems with it, as you get anger spells, have difficulty concentrating at work or in your day to day life, you cannot socialize with loved ones or friends, and all you want Modafinil for Quitting Smokingto do is lock yourself in your room and scream into a pillow all day, something that does not exactly pay the rent or allow you to function in your day to day career.

How Modafinil Can Help to Lower Your Tolerance to Nicotine and To Help You Quit Once and For All!

Suppose that instead of quitting cold turkey you chew a small piece of nicotine gum instead of the five cigarettes for the day, and on top of that you pop a 200mg tablet of Modafinil, In about 15 minutes, the nicotine gum gets rid of most of the cigarette withdrawals, and the Modafinil then kicks in around fifteen minutes after this, giving you a burst of energy, thinking power, clarity of thought, focus, mood, memory and motivation! The Modafinil is able to get you through your work day with lightning focus, and while you still don’t feel 100% obviously and still feel some symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, like perhaps cravings for sugar, increased hunger or thirst and some irritability, you are able to continue this trend long enough to significantly lower your tolerance to nicotine. Eventually, you no longer have cravings for nicotine, and you are able to go about your day entirely sober without the aid of a drug in order to function.

You can get more research on the awesome potential benefits of Modafinil right here at the following links:

The world’s first true “smart drug” enhances cognition and is deemed safe by health experts

Why You May Want to Use Caution When Doing This, As Well as Nicotine Gum, As Modafinil In High Dosages Can Actually Cause Nicotine Cravings

Yes you read that right, Modafinil, as is true of any other stimulant including caffeine (coffee and cigarettes anyone?), Adderall (literally have been entire novels written about Adderall and smoking cigarettes while on Adderall,) and yes, even Modafinil in high enough dosages. The way to combat this and still get the benefits of using Modafinil without the nicotine cravings, is to take a small amount of nicotine gum, in order to lessen the craving, alongside a small amount of Modafinil, usually 100 to 200 milligrams of the drug, this will usually cause the nicotine craving to subside, and any nasty side effects of quitting or withdrawal symptoms from nicotine, such as trouble focusing, problems with memory or other brain deficits that nicotine withdrawal can bring on in the user, to subside entirely. Depending on exactly how many cigarettes per day you have been smoking and for how long, you may need to take the nicotine gum alongside the Modafinil multiple times per day.

Other related Nootropic Smart Drugs that may also help you to quit smoking, although much less so than Modafinil, include the following:





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CDP Choline

Alpha GPC Choline


And a host of other similar and related Nootropic Smart Drugs, check out the more than 500 posts on our blog for additional details on dozens of Nootropics, and of course Modafinil!

The Benefits of Using Modafinil for Quitting Smoking Long Term

It is very well documented that the use of cigarettes over the short term and long term is potentially disasterous to one’s lung function, brain function, heart health and whole body fitness, and that with regular, long term use, things like lung cancer, emphysema, and a host of other serious problems, including heart disease, can result in the smoker. For this reason I find it safe to say for my part that Modafinil can significantly improve one’s overall health long term with regards to how it can help with nicotine withdrawal, and of how it can help with quitting smoking withdrawals in allowing a person to better function in their day to day life. One of the major reasons why most people find it so difficult to quit smoking, is that life does not just stop when you decide you want to go through nicotine withdrawal, and for this reason, the pragmatic choice can sometimes seem to be just continue smoking cigarettes at the office so that you can function at work, long term, as we have shown in this paragraph however, this can be a seriously costly decision.

With Modafinil, you can reclaim control of your life during cigarette withdrawal, can still function at work and in your day to day career, can lower your nicotine tolerance so that you can get off nicotine 100% at some point in the future, and can save yourself from potentially life changing threats as a result of your smoking habit. Put quite simply, Modafinil use among smokers as an alternative to the stimulation that cigarettes can give you may just save your life!

Final Thoughts On The Effective Use of Modafinil for Quitting Smoking

Modafinil can really be a fantastic Smart Drug, or it can be a very effective Nootropic for the use of quitting smoking, as Modafinil is a stimulant, and will actually help to mitigate many of the withdrawal symptoms that quitting cigarettes and other nicotine products can cause in the user. For more information on Modafinil and all things Nootropics and Smart Drugs, related to either quitting nicotine and cigarettes or just to general Nootropic usage for cognitive enhancement, be sure to tune in for weekly blog posts, and to read more on our blog for more information.



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement

Bitcoin Crash on Chinese Action

Bitcoin investors’ hair is falling out. Rising charts reversed direction last week and haven’t looked back. Is bitcoin in a crash? We’ll look at some technical analysis and consider the recent news to determine whether or not you should jump ship. But markets come and go, and while you should stay aware of what’s going on, don’t panic.

Why bitcoin is crashing

Right now, the largest player in Bitcoin is China. What China does has a huge impact on the market. We mentioned that China recently moved to regulate ICOs (#2 on the chart). That put some negative pressure on the currency, right after it had nearly cracked an all-time high of $5,000 (see #1 on the chart). Combined with people selling to collect profits at those record-breaking levels, the trend started to turn. You can see that here.

bitcoin chart peak fall china announcements

The three key dates for Bitcoin this month

Still, bitcoin prices didn’t plummet. They found a nice natural support line around $4,400 and hovered between there and $4,700 for a few days. Then it got ugly.

Rumors slipped out that China was going to close Bitcoin exchanges in the country. On September 11th, those were confirmed and BTC-China (BTCC), the largest exchange in China, announced its closure. Since then the BTC price has dropped like a brick in the ocean.

Why China matters

Chinese exchanges like OKCoin and BTCC might not crack the top of the exchange lists, but don’t let that fool you. Chinese players are responsible for at least half the trades in bitcoin on exchanges. Exchanges alone don’t tell the whole story, however. Many trades occur over the counter, in other words through personal transactions or local exchanges. Again, Chinese volume here is powerful. Localbitcoins China saw incredible volume spikes since 2014 when it opened.

The sheer number of people in China makes this possible. It also allows for many mining operations. Since the payout for mining has relatively more buying power in China, the Chinese process more of our transactions than anywhere else in the world. So when China says it’s cutting back on Bitcoin, the whole network is put at risk.

Will the Crash Continue?

As of the time of this writing, the crash has erased all the gains of the last month. While that has people in tears, it could be the end. Long-term bulls who bought in around $3,000 haven’t really lost anything. So they’re likely to stick around. But if the bad news keeps pouring in, don’t be surprised if they abandon ship now. They likely have stop-loss sales ready around $3,000. Should prices start to dip below that, a massive sell-off could occur.

Understand that a market crash is brought on by fear and uncertainty. This latest news has definitely injected some fear into the equation. But is this fear rational? Yes and no. China will likely continue to shut down bitcoin in the country, but just because China does it doesn’t mean the currency should fail. Nor does it mean other countries will follow suit.

Why China wants to ban exchanges

The problem for China is that bitcoin allows people to skirt the rules of their strictly controlled economy. The last thing China wants is for people to send their money out of the country. They want it reinvested into China. A Chinese exchange hooked up to Chinese banks makes it easy to send money elsewhere.

But you don’t need an exchange to move your money. Anyone in China could simply buy bitcoin privately over the counter and send it away.

So while stopping the exchanges is going to slow people down, it’s not going to stop them. Which is why I believe China will continue to push against bitcoin transactions.

Mining, however, cannot be stopped. Since that never involves fiat currency, there’s no risk to the network.

The crash will stop when traders see the bigger picture: China isn’t bitcoin. It might take us until the end of the month to see the light, as Chinese volume is going to exit the market hard in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

How does the crash affect modafinil?

Here’s the good news: We’re still all in. However, due to higher volatility, you should buy the bitcoin you need and use it immediately. We will continue to accept bitcoin payments, regardless of the market. We’re bigger than our fears.


ICOs and You, How China has Impacted the ICO Market

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grow, more altcoins are popping up like weeds. New altcoins have developed a particular strategy to explode onto the scene: The ICO. What are ICOs? Should you invest in one? And how has China shaken up the game?

What is an ICO?

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is just like an IPO for stocks. In an IPO, you issue a certain quantity of stock at an opening price, which provides investment money for the business. Like an IPO, an ICO allows investors to grab a piece of a project. The funding that comes in can be used to develop a business or invent a product.

In a way, the term “coin” is misused here. What people are selling you are tokens, which are basically stocks in the company. These tokens are traded on cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum or Waves. So you can buy a new company’s token with Ethereum, hope it rises in value, and make a killing. Or at least that’s the idea.

ICOs are the Wild West of Altcoin

The problem with ICOs is that, right now at least, they’re unregulated and completely lawless. You can find a whole lot of garbage ICOs. Just look at to see some of the latest offerings. Among these are obvious jokes, like the F**k Trump coin. But there are plenty of questionable startups that might not be legitimate.

The whole scenario resembles the crowdfunding revolution of a few years ago. Some of the offers were legit. Some were scams. Some had good intentions and couldn’t reach their goal. Others overpromised and underdelivered.

Right now, we’re in the same hectic Wild West of altcoin.

China Bans all ICOs

In response to the chaotic whirlwind of ICOs, China killed them. They’ve put a ban on all ICOs in China, which severely limits their potential for growth. Most experts speculate that the ban is only going to be temporary. Once the government figures out a better way to regulate ICOs, they’ll be back online.

However, this ban had massive implications for the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies fell in trading by around 5-10%, although they’ve recovered since then. Ethereum, most notably, suffered as it’s the largest ICO platform available.

It also puts the ball in the US’s court. Silicon Valley is thriving with ICO opportunities. China’s positioned itself as the most dominant player in the cryptocurrency game, but this ban kicks the door open for more US startups to embrace Ethereum.

Invest wisely in ICOs

If you decide to get in on an ICO, make sure you do your due diligence. Read up on the startup and what it offers. Focus on business ideas and products that could have a major impact on the market. Insist on seeing proof of concept and a business plan. Too many ICOs right now are unprofessional money grabs with no promise of potential rewards. Invest wisely, and you’ll be glad you did.


Don’t Buy Modafinil from China

Pretty much everything is made in China. What about modafinil? China’s pharmaceutical market differs greatly from the rest of the world. If you want to buy modafinil from China, you’re going to have a few more obstacles. Let’s see why it’s not so simple.

Modafinil Powder from China

Yes, you read that right. It’s not pills coming from China, it’s powder. In many cases, Chinese laboratories will sell powder, which will later be made into pills. Many generic drugs around the world are made with Chinese powder. You’ll likely see bulk deals offered online that can be as cheap as $2 per gram.

On the surface, this screams savings. One gram of modafinil would be the equivalent of five pills. If only it were that simple.

When you use powder you need to measure your dose carefully. It’s not like sugar in your coffee. There’s a risk of getting too much, or too little. Ultimately you can end up wasting your stash.

The Dangers of Chinese Modafinil

Besides the inconvenience of powdered modafinil, there’s also the potential for danger. Chinese manufacturing is notorious for cutting corners. Traditional Chinese medicine products have been shown to cause serious organ failures. Since the powder you’re getting hasn’t been tested by any agency, how can you be sure it’s safe to consume?

As this one forum thread shows, a customer was completely unsure if what he received was actually modafinil or not.

Shipping from China

Chinese shipping tends to take longer. There’s a greater risk of your package getting lost in transit or even seized as it passes through many borders. However, Chinese companies are usually very slick when it comes to evading customs. Vendors will offer to put another label on the package to prevent loss.

Shipping costs are comparable to modafinil sourced from other places, such as India. Overall, this is one area that won’t set you back.

Payment to China

Nowadays, China is embracing Bitcoin. Beware of sites encouraging you to use Paypal, as they’ve put the clamps on the modafinil business. Paypal wants nothing to do with online pharmacies these days. Don’t put your account at risk.

While Bitcoin makes it easy to buy modafinil from China, it also exposes you to some risk. Chinese companies tend to delay in delivering orders, and there are many scammers out there. Avoid getting ripped off and do your research.

Should you buy modafinil from china?

Ultimately we don’t think so. The Indian generic market is not only more regulated, but it has more experience. They deliver quality pills, not questionable powder. Shipping is reasonably priced and done at the drop of a hat, saving you time and money. Modup continues to rely on India as it’s proven itself to be the best country for generic modafinil.


Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin over $4000. A brand new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash exists. What’s a Hard Fork? Is Bitcoin still reliable? And above all, can you buy modafinil with bitcoin cash? All your questions answered on the Modup Blog.

How Bitcoin Cash was born

Bitcoin was starting to hit something of a wall. More users meant more value for the currency, which meant more users as investors and speculators joined in. All those users were like hungry patrons crowding the line at Chipotle. You can only make so many burritos per minute, so the line just got longer and longer.

Just as Chipotle has a limited kitchen capacity, Bitcoin also has a limited transaction capacity. This was hard-wired into its programming over a decade ago, well before it blew up. So it was time for an upgrade, a bigger kitchen. But how does that work?

Bitcoin’s Hard Fork Creates Bitcoin Cash

If more than half of the Bitcoin miners out there agree to change the programming, then it changes. But what if some people don’t agree? That’s exactly what happened. Much like ordering a pizza with a vegetarian in the house, we went halfsies and put pepperoni on just one side. The split is called a fork, and it results in two separate versions of the blockchain. One uses the new programming agreed upon by the majority, and the minority version splits off and heads its own way.

Bitcoin Cash is the minority version of the currency. Fundamentally, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are very similar, they only differ in how they expand transaction volume. Now two currencies exist, although one is soaring and the other is floundering.

How do you get Bitcoin Cash?

Some exchanges are supporting Bcash (shorthand name in use) but many of the largest ones have denounced it for the time being. But if you had Bitcoin stored in a wallet offline, you actually have an equal amount of both! The fork cloned the blockchain, so there’s an equal amount of Bitcoin and Bcash out there.

Can I buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash?

So this is the big question. The answer is yes! However, Bcash is totally new and only supported by a minority of users. The question is can it last? Will it be able to establish itself as a stable currency? It seems unlikely, since it offers no real practical advantage to Bitcoin, and due to its smaller support has been plagued with slow transaction times. Oh the irony. The very thing it was supposed to defeat.

Unlike other vendors who scoff at the new altcoin, we will take orders with Bcash if you let us know ahead of time. The value of Bcash has fluctuated greatly since its release, so make sure you contact us.

And since many exchanges don’t support it at the moment, vendors don’t have an easy way to convert Bcash to actual money, although it can be converted to Bitcoin fairly easily. However shapeshift is an easy way to convert cryptocurrencies and you can use it in seconds to get the Bcash you want.

If you want to buy modafinil with cryptocurrencies, you can always count on us. We’ve added support for Monero and Ethereum in recent months and will continue to stay on top of the altcoin market to make sure that you always have a choice.


Can Modafinil Help to Prevent Panic Attacks and Anxiety?

Can Modafinil Help to Prevent Panic Attacks and Anxiety? And Why It Might Do More Than You Think!

If you are reading this blog post right now and thinking to yourself “Modafinil…a well known stimulant for panic attacks and anxiety? This has got to be some type of marketing ploy or something right?” then you’re not alone and I guess I can’t blame you because if I was not the one writing and researching this blog post, it is very likely possible that I would be thinking the same thing. Modafinil and Provigil however, may have a much more potent effect on reducing one’s overall panic attacks and anxiety break outs than you might think, even though they are stimulant type drugs, and the reason for this all boils down to one word CONFIDENCE. Yes that’s right, confidence, something that I think all of us could use a booster shot of every now and again, confidence is the key component in what many would say is the game of life, and more Modafinil panic attack reliefso than that, to keeping your anxiety at bay, after all if you are super confident and cocky, there’s literally no way that you’re going to be having a panic attack right? Well that right there is the principal topic of this article, stay tuned and read on to find out why this works, and why it may actually work a heck of a lot better than many of the anxiety medications on the market, with less side effects and addiction risk and no rebound anxiety!

Why Modafinil Can Help to Control Panic Attacks and Anxiety, and Why Mental State is Everything

If you’ve ever had a panic attack before, or a severe bout of anxiety, it can be terrifying, and sometimes the only way to get rid of panic attacks, if you are trying to overcome them, is to go straight through them and face your fears in risk taking confidence! Your mental state is typically what causes you to have a panic attack, just like it causes you to have anxiety, to want to have sex or eat whenever you do, and to curb your behavior to how you are feeling in the moment. By taking something like Modafinil, a very potent stimulant that has a well documented effect on dopamine, norepinephrine and histamine, all adrenergic neurotransmitters that can give you a burst of confidence and euphoric energy and can stop whatever depression you may have been feeling earlier in the day, you can quickly blast through your anxiety and can take control of your own mind, body and confidence again. But how exactly does this work?

What is Modafinil, and How Does Modafinil Affect Panic Attacks and The Brain?

Well as far as how and why this actually works in the brain, the research is pretty conclusive on that, and in fact is has been proven time and time again that a lot of the reason for people having anxiety is because of low dopamine levels, because of a lingering depression, and because of feeling they have lost their drive and will for life, all of which Modafinil can do a really good job at taking care of! Unlike something like anti anxiety medication, which will calm you down initially only to have you gasping for air later once the drugs rebound effect kicks in, Modafinil is a fighter of a medication, and it will boost your confidence levels so that you can blast through your panic attacks and anxiety, not just accept them and numb them with tranquilizers.

I have also frequently began to notice that the better my overall mental state is, the less anxiety I have and the more my fears and worries are replaced with confidence. If you wake up in the morning, and it’s just one of those days where you are on point, you leap out of bed, you get all your work done in quick fashion, you chat with everyone at the office, you get the pretty girls phone number, you are clear headed, fast, strong and ready to make moves in your life, then no panic attack is going to slow you down. And if I’m not mistaken, when you take Modafinil, just about every single time you have one of those “on point” days, and are in the zone to work, to accomplish and to succeed, in this respect, Modafinil can be the best anti anxiety drug on the market!

How Long Does Modafinil Last In The Brain?

Modafinil has a fairly long duration of action too, with it typically lasting from 8 to 15 hours on a single dosage, meaning that you will have your confidence boost and your panic attack stopper for literally the entire day, something that no anti anxiety medication can possibly stack up again.

Dosage of Modafinil for Preventing Panic Attacks

For panic attacks, since Modafinil can raise your heart rate, it would be counter productive to take an excess dosage of Modafinil in order to curb your anxiety, so for this reason I would suggest starting with the minimum effective dosage of Modafinil, which is usually around 100 to 200 milligrams. My suggestion to you would be to try 100 milligrams of Modafinil initially, which is usually going to be half of a tablet, and then from there to gradually increase the dosage as you get more and more comfortable with the drug.

Final Thoughts On The Use of Modafinil for Panic Attacks

And there ya have it, are you surprised? I know I sure was before I did the research on it, that right there is the complete and total guide to why Modafinil can significantly help you with getting over your panic attacks and anxiety disorders, and of why Modafinil may be one of the best medications on the market for this purpose. For more information on this and other similar and related topics, checkout our blog for over 500 blog posts on all things Modafinil, Armodafinil, Nootropics and Smart Drugs, and stay tuned for regular blog post updates on our website!



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement


Modafinil vs Ritalin, How Does Modafinil Stack Up to the Popular ADHD Medication?

Modafinil vs Ritalin, How Does Modafinil Stack Up to The Popular and Strong ADHD Psychostimulant Medication?

The following blog post will look into the Modafinil vs Ritalin debate, and will serve to illuminate readers on the fact that although these drugs are similar, that one is much more potent for long term use, one has far less in the way of excess side effects and addiction risks, and one gives just as much mental focus as something like Ritalin does, but with less than half of the side effects, *hint, the answer is Modafinil! The following blog post will look into the debate of Modafinil vs Ritalin, and will serve to illuminate to the reader how each drug works, and which drug is better and why. Most readers should also be acutely aware that both of these drugs are often times stacked with a hoard of other similar and related Nootropics and brain enhancing Smart Drugs in order to improve brain power, energy levels and overall cognition, among these include the following brain enhancers:




Modafinil vs RitalinPramiracetam













CDP Choline

Alpha GPC Choline


And a host of other similar and related Smart Drugs, read on for additional details.

Modafinil vs Ritalin with Regards to Addiction, Withdrawal and Overdose Risks

When we are talking about the debate between Modafinil and Ritalin, it is super important to keep in mind that these are really two completely different drugs, with one of them (Ritalin) being used for ADD, ADHD and extreme cases of Narcolepsy and obesity, and with Modafinil, being used more for Narcolepsy, COSA, daytime fatigue and sleepiness caused by insomnia, and a host of other related sleeping disorders. Ritalin, by this respect, is actually a much harsher and more addictive substance, and you will find loads of review logs on the internet explaining why Ritalin is super addictive, why it is very dangerous and why the subject is so misused and abused,and of why the drug really should not be taken over the long term, even in those that are prescribed the drug, for more information on this type of research regarding Ritalin use and abuse, checkout the following research links:

Modafinil on the other hand, is actually the far safer drug out of these two compounds, and in fact Modafinil addiction is something that is extremely rare and that really is difficult to succumb to, just given the functional nature of Modafinil.

Modafinil vs Ritalin, Which is the Safer and Better Alternative Overall?

Modafinil, Modafinil and Modafinil again, it is safer, lasts way longer than Ritalin does (Ritalin is actually very well known for being a type of drug that users will take multiple times each day because its duration is just so short), and has way less side effects and addictiveness than Ritalin does. For Ritalin, the drug usually lasts around three to four hours at a time depending on your tolerance to the drug and of how much you take, with Modafinil, the drug can last from 8 to 15 hours depending on tolerance, with an average duration of action of over twelve hours at a time! Modafinil is one of the most powerful Nootropics currently available for sale in the online market, if not THE most powerful, and really puts other ADD and ADHD psychostimulant medications to shame with regards to how powerful, long acting and safe it is as a stimulant drug.

Ritalin is Technically a Stimulant and Modafinil is Technically a “Wakefulness Promoting Drug” But why Does This Matter?

It matters because of one word and one word only, addictiveness. Because Ritalin is a stimulant, it is actually freakishly addictive when looking at the general scope of other medications that people are going to be using, has an extremely high potential for abuse, and is something of an amphetamine based drug, contributing to all sorts of mental and physical side effects over both the short and long term. As far as Modafinil is concerned, while it certainly has some certain properties of a stimulant drug, as far as focus, mood, memory and general euphoria, the drug absolutely does not cause anything close to the same problems and issues that Ritalin, Adderall or other ADHD medications do as far as tweaking, drug abuse, weight loss, loss of appetite, and a host of other nasty symptoms. Modafinil just recently had research done on it saying that Modafinil is the “world’s first safe Smart Drug,” due to how potent it is, with how few side effects it carries alongside it, it is strong and efficient, and great for long term and regular use if used responsibly.

Here’s How You can Buy Provigil and Modafinil Right Here at Our Online Store for 33% Off!

Provigil, now that you know it is effectively the strongest and best long term Nootropic currently available for sale in the online Smart Drugs market, can also be purchased at a relatively cheap price, around $1.00 per tablet, right here on our website, and in fact we’ll even give you a 33%, that’s a 1/3 discount on the Nootropic, just for paying with Bitcoin, which is one heck of a deal, especially if you are purchasing in bulk! We absolutely love Bitcoin, as we feel that it is by far and away the safest, fastest and easiest way to transact money on the internet, and for that fact, we are offering insane discounts for purchasing with Bitcoin, at better rates than anyone else out there! Contact us about purchasing with Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin, and other related cryptocurrencies for more details on this topic!

Final Thoughts on The Modafinil vs Ritalin Debate, and Why Each Drug Has Its Own Pro’s and Cons

And that my loyal readers, is the total scoop of what’s what in the Modafinil vs Ritalin debate, and why although both Smart Drugs are effective, we feel that Modafinil strongly takes the cake over Ritalin as a safer and more powerful Smart Drug, more Nootropics and Modafinil comparison related articles coming soon, so stay updated on our blog for all the new information on the way, and comment down below with any questions or concerns you may have about the article.



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement

Why Modafinil is Used by Pro Chess Players, Poker Players, and Internet Entrepreneurs!

Why Is Modafinil Used by Professional Chess Players, Poker Players and Internet Entrepreneurs? One Word, Efficiency!

The subject of using Modafinil for sports and mental activities like chess, poker, and starting a company on the internet, is not a new one in the slightest, and in fact the adage has been around for decades now, with Modafinil taking from in the 1990’s early on as a kind of potent, effective, safe, and side effect free cognitive enhancement drug. The following will look at the specific cognitive effects of Modafinil, and will go into detail as to why a user may want to take Modafinil for the purpose of improving his or her cognitive performance in a certain subject or skill, due to the extreme way in which the drug can enhance learning and productivity.

Modafinil, and this is especially so among Smart Drug entrepreneurs and their start-up comrades out there, is often times truly amazing in cases where the person in question needs to either train hard or work extremely hard in order to make their vision and dream a reality, especially in those cases of building a business. Building a business is quite arguably one of the absolute most satisfying, most painful, most difficult things that a person can do for themselves, and through going through such a journey at as quickly of a pace as possible, the person can succeed off of it, and truly have a type of life long happiness, the same is true of learned skills like chess or poker, in cases in which someone may be looking to enhance focus to become a chess grand master, or to become a professional high stakes poker player. Throughout this article, we will look at all three of these topics, and of why each of them can really be sped up in their learning curve by a potent Smart Drug like Modafinil.

What is Modafinil, and Why Does it Give Professional Poker and Chess Players a Serious Edge on the Competition?

Modafinil is by far the most powerful and the most effective Smart Drug available online today, and in fact the drug has commonly been used by CEO’s and other professionals in work place environments in order to further sharpen their skills, and to help them to move up the corporate ladder and get more work done at a much quicker pace than they otherwise would be able to, as the human mind can only really sustain so much output of quality work without an added stimulus given to its mix, of which something like Modafinil and other Nootropics do the trick quite well. Among top Nootropics and Smart Drug guru CEO’s in Silicon Valley and in other start-up capitals of the world, such as Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris, a lot of the Smart Drug users are going do even dial up Modafinil a step further, going so far as to even stack it with other popular Smart Drugs, like Piracetam and Aniracetam, the following list describes all of the main Nootropics that Modafinil is occasionally stacked with for the benefit of the user.








CDP Choline


Alpha GPC Choline



Artichoke Extract

Fish Oil

Multi Vitamin Complexes



And a host of other related Nootropics and Smart Drug compounds of similar and related potencies, read on for additional details.

How Much Does Modafinil Cost, and Where to Buy Modafinil Online Cheap?

You can actually purchase Modafinil on the web right here at our online store, and we will give you a 1/3, a 33% discount on your Modafinil and Modalert brand product when you pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Cryptocurrencies! The reason for this is to increase people’s interest in Bitcoin, as well as because it is just easier for us to use Bitcoin when doing transactions on the internet, we get a more convenient payment, and you get 1/3 off of all of your Modafinil products in perpetuity! If you have never used Bitcoin before, you can easily buy and sell the online crypto currency at a number of Modafinil for Chess, Poker and Start-UpsBitcoin exchanges online, in which a simple Google will tell you all of the top Bitcoin exchanges that you can purchase from. We are also currently accepting credit cards, Amazon gift cards, and other payment methods, email us or chat us in the support box on our home page for additional details and information about how you can pay for your Modafinil products.

Can you buy Modafinil online anywhere with Bitcoin or Ethereum at a Cheap Price and Discount, get 33% off Modafinil When you Purchase with Bitcoin?

Not anywhere, just at and at some other related Modafinil blogs and websites such as,,, The, Meds for, and other Modafinil centered websites. right now is the only website that I have found that currently offers such a steep Bitcoin and cryptocurrency discount, and that always delivers with such accuracy, precision, security and anonymity.

Why Modafinil can help Chess Players to Both Focus and Think a Lot Faster

In the game of chess, something that I am quite fond of myself and that I actually play on a day to day basis typically, the game is entirely one of memory, focus and mental agility. Most games, including that of blitz chess, are timed, and in fact the faster you can think and make moves, the better you will usually play, and the better game and change of winning you have over your opponent. Imagine that you are on a timed ten minute chess match against your opponent, The edge that the person on Modafinil would have, especially for the reason that it increases physical as well as mental energy, and that the agility and speed with which you move the pieces can affect how fast you perform, is that they are faster and much more accurate.

Why Professional Poker Players like The Buzz and Mental Focus That Modafinil Can Give Them

In the game of poker, it is slightly different than using Modafinil for playing chess, however not by a whole lot. Contrary to popular belief, poker is much more a game of skill than it is a game of luck, and in fact everything from your energy levels and mental state, to how you are able to think during the game and read your opponents bluffs, can make a huge difference on whether you are walking out with $1,000,000.00 in cash, or of whether you are losing hundreds of thousands, professional poker players have recently taken to using Modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin, and other related study edge type Smart Drugs in order to further improve their overall game, and most have seen truly amazing effects from Modafinil.

Final Thoughts on the Use of Modafinil for Chess, Poker and Start-Ups, and Why Modafinil Can Be Used to Increase Performance In all of These Niches!

All in all, Modafinil can truly be a type of wonder drug for those users that are looking to boost brain power, memory and endurance, and to win in the great game of business, in start-ups in Silicon Valley, in chess, in poker, and in many other mental sports and areas of life. Modafinil is for sale very cheap on this website, and you can get it for less than $1.00 a pill, and paying with Bitcoin will get you a 33% off deal on the product, get it now and improve your Chess, Poker, Business or other games through improved brain power, energy, focus and endurance!



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies.