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What is it?

Nootropics is a range of drugs that enhance the cognitive ability of an individual. They are smart drugs that have few side effects even after a long period use. They work by growing retention and knowledge neurotransmitters. The drugs increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Moreover, they serve as a toxin remover and anti-oxidant. These drugs are considered safe because they protect the brain. They arealso acclaimed to be effective in boosting energy levels and concentration.


Different nootropics drugs have different strengths. The dosage is also affected by individual situations. How are you going to stack the drugs? What is your sensitivity? What is your expected outcome? What is the half-life of the medication? All these reasons complicate a recommendation on the dosage. However, drugs with longer half-life require Modafinilimage39large but infrequent doses. Similarly, short half-life medicine can be taken in small portion, up to four times a day. Start with small amounts as you observe the effects before increasing the intake.

Side effects

Side effects are occasional and occur mostly when adjusting to the drug for the first time or when dosage is increased. The following are some of the side effects:

  1. a) Headaches

The brain functions more and requires additional acetylcholine than what the body normally generates. The acetylcholine receptor sites therefore overwork. This demand consequently causes headache. Racetams mainly cause this effect and can be countered by adding Choline to the stack.

  1. b) GI tract issues

Excessive dosage affects the intestines. As the body eliminates the excess, there is irritation and uneasiness. Diarrhoea and nausea may also occur. You can revert to the usual dosage or stop intake for a few days until the symptoms disappear.

  1. c) Fatigue and insomnia

Increased alertness causes insomnia and fatigue. Timing is crucial while taking these drugs and they should not be taken near bedtime

Other side effects include: anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, mood disorder or depression, depending on the dosage. Also look out for skin irritation, increased blood pressure, and light-headedness. Recheck the stack as this may be the reason for these negatives.


Nootroprics have the following benefits:

l Reserve and defend the brain neurons. Theyshield the brain from bodily and chemical harm like concussions, barbiturates or scopolamine. They also enhance the firing system of the neurons

l Enhance vasodilation of the brain

l Increase the intensities of various neurotransmitters that affect learning and memory

l Have minor side effects

l Have low toxicity

l Inhibit the interference with learned conducts and memory development to circumstances which tend to interrupt them, such as electroconvulsive shock or hypoxia

l Slow down aging of the brain

Long term effects

Most compounds in the nootropics category have no established long term effects. This is because of the intricacies of running such experiments. However, the following can be listed as some of the long term effects:

l Improve brain health and neural functioning

l Advance memory retention

l Enhanced focus that intensifies and grows over time

l They acts as an anti-aging components by removing toxins and lipofuscin

l Encourage the development of new neurons and neurotransmitters

l Increase cell membrane flexibility

l Supply the brain with needed nutrients

Short term effects

Short term effects differ from one person to another and can be listed as below:

l They improve memory

l Facilitate learning capability

l Increase productivity

l Enhance motivation

l Help to recall dreams richly

l Improve focus and attention span

l Create superior verbal fluency and linguistic dispensation. This is important especially in social settings to be able to think on ones feet more swiftly

l Increase cerebral blood flow

l Replenish the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that is used to generate higher thought and mind-muscle connection.

l Improve the connections between the different parts of the brain (motor control, sensory, etc.) and also the different hemispheres of the brain.


The science behind how piracetam increases memory is unknown. Lack of exercise and balanced diet has been shown to have input in poor brain development in young people.Brain development also halts at a young age and enhancer come in to increase the decision power and memory. Every intake of nootropics may give you a new healthy life style. Nootropics are being tested as of 2015 to be the key to Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. In addition, different nootropics drugs complement each other and their effect is also collective. Supplements are safe for protracted use and findings recommend that you can take a source of choline with piracetam.


The first drug came to life in the 1960s and was first used to treat motion sickness. It was tested for memory enhancement in 1971. The name ‘nootropics’ was created by a Romanian doctor called Dr.Corneliu Giurgea. Initial experiments were done on rats and other animals to prove their use. Nootropics have also been tested on Alzheimer’s patients. People were suspicious of these drugs when they hit the market but embraced them with time. The drugs have transformed from a taboo to a necessity with many taking them to get ahead in life.


A great combination of nootropics has significant impact on the brain. Nootropics stacks work to reduce nervousness, escalate concentration, increase memory and generally increase the brains ability. Onnit Labs’ Alpha Brain stack is recommended as a ready to use stack.

Decide what effects you would like to experience in order to put together the right stack for you. It may take several trials to find the right combination. Some of the highly regarded supplements include:

l Pramiracetam

l Noopept

l Sunifiram

l Piracetam

l Racetams

l Aniracetam

l Adrafinil

Any of these can be picked to form a stack. Beginners tend to use Piracetam first, and then upgrade to Aniracetam or Oxiracetam which are a bit stronger.

Final Thoughts on this

People no longer want only healing from drugs but also enhancement. This is what nootropics give. What is defined as human capability is changing and will be defined in different ways with advancement in science. There is a push to control the surrounding and amplify the human body. For example, athletes take protein powders and hormones to boost their performance.

The science beyond evolution is what nootropics try to condense. Instead of waiting for millions of years to be better and more civilised, man is taking matters into his own hands and creating a rapid sophistication. Why wait for millions of year to be smarter, faster and more in control?