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Love modafinil? Wish there were some people to share your passion with? Or maybe you’re a newbie looking for some good advice? An eager customer waiting for an order update? If you’ve got questions, the forums have the answers. There’s no better place to sink your teeth into a rich modafinil discussion than in the forums.

We’ve been around a long time. Same goes for our forum threads. If you were an information pirate, this would be your buried treasure. Maybe you didn’t even realize the forums were there, in which case, welcome! New or not, your voice can be heard! The more people that contribute, the better it gets.

Forum users give their reports

Still on the fence about whether to buy modafinil? Understandable. It’s natural to be skeptical when a site tells you about a pill that’ll change your world. Well don’t take our word for it, just browse some of the User Reports, like this first-time user who invoked the name of Jesus himself.  User reports are a great place to troubleshoot as well. If you didn’t have a great experience, tell us about it! Sometimes little things like your habits or diet can affect modafinil’s efficacy. Let the veterans guide you.

Learn the best nootropic combos

One of the busiest sections is our Stacks forum. This is where the diehard nootropic nuts get together and compare their combinations. If you’re wondering how modafinil will react with other substances then hop on! They tackle common problems too, like insomnia with modafinil. Of course a pill that’ll make you stay awake can be a problem if you need to sleep. J23 on the forums recommends using Kratom to bring yourself down in the evening.  Mad scientists, or brilliant geniuses? You decide.

Get customer support from the forums

We love hearing from you directly too. The Feedback Forum is a direct line to our customer support. Have a problem? We’ll address it ASAP. Of course, it’s nice when you stop by to say thanks too. is all about the customer, and when you let us know that we’re doing our job well it motivates us to keep it up. User Selfdom had a package seized by customs, but we got another one to his door.

Modup believes that good business happens with transparency. We don’t go through the forums deleting negative comments that might turn people away. We want you to know the truth about modafinil and our service. And most importantly, we want you to have a platform where you can discuss and debate the issues that affect all modafinil users. So if you haven’t signed up for the forums yet, do so today! Get involved in our great online community, and help it grow. Share modafinil with your friends. Bring them over here! Give that Modafinil Movement a voice right here on

  • Rick W.

    Sorry, but how can I join the forum? I clicked on the link but I cant find where to join. Sorry, I turned 60 last year so Im not very computer savvy.

  • Osiel

    i want to ask a question about modafinil doses but could not find the relevant forum, can you point me in the right direction? thanks.

  • Paul

    This is quickly becoming one of the best online locals for talking about modafinil and related smart drugs, may even be a better place to discuss nootropics than Reddit or tother forums..