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Modafinilcat closed down after updating their website several months ago. With modafinil cat closed, what’s the next best alternative to buy modafinil? And just why did modafinilcat close down? Virtually every modafinilcat review sang its praises like a Baptist choir. Modafinilcat closes down despite being a successful business. Strange, isn’t it. Not when you get to the bottom of things. We’ll tell you exactly why modafinilcat closed down and what you can do about it.

Of course it doesn’t make sense, and heads are reeling from the pain. But it makes sense when you stop using human logic. Yes folks, we’ve found an explanation for the mysterious shut down of modafinilcat. The site was, in fact, run by a cat.

modafinilcat shut down

Modafinilcat shut down mysteriously, we have the explanation you’re looking for

The story of modafinilcat’s mysterious shut down

Cats, as any cat owner knows, are mischievous creatures. Keen on making messes and destroying furniture. But one little kitty just didn’t have the energy to run rampant for 12 hours straight. When her human servant dropped a modafinil pill, Mrs. Whiskers assumed it was nothing more than a tasty treat. Oh how wrong she was. Little did she know that swallowing that white disc would change her life forever.

With the cognitive benefits of modafinil, Mrs. Whiskerson reached a new level of super-cat intelligence and focus. Not content with a single dose, she observed her slave whacking at keys. Mrs. Whiskerson used to think this was her subordinate’s way of keeping her nails short, much as the feline would against a scratching post. Modafinil-fueled understanding gave way to knowledge of how to use the computer.

And if you think about it, we should have seen this coming. We use a mouse after all.

Modafinilcat closed down, but not before blowing up big

Mrs. Whiskerson ordered more modafinil, infiltrated the postbox, and scored her sweet stash. Limitless, she sniffed out the origin of the package and contacted suppliers around the world. She saw how her human was more productive on modafinil: Kitty’s bowl was always full, the house was clean and ripe for destruction, and the litter was always fresh.

modafinilcat closes down computer

THE modafinilcat hard at work

Determined to make modafinil available to all cats and their homo sapiens, Mrs. Whiskerson launched modafinilcat. Meowing creatures everywhere rejoiced. Their bipeds became more obedient, more focused on tummy rubs and ear scratches. But the humans used plastic to pay for things, so she soon started accepting credit cards. Before long that wasn’t enough. At one point modafinilcat let you:

Even her chats were sneaky. Ever install Cryptocat on your Chrome browser? Who do you think was behind that?

With her communications secure, she stacked that paper like Escobar. But there was one thing she didn’t account for.

Modafinilcat closes down, who ratted the cat?

Thousands of happy catstumers later, modafinilcat mysteriously shut down, announcing this to the masses on its homepage. What’s the explanation?

The truth is, as cats often do, Mrs. Whiskerson got bored. A mouse scurried across the room and she pursued it with wanton glee. After this seemingly innocuous incident, she completely forgot that she’d created one of the best places to buy modafinil online.

She left the browser open to her admin page and her treasonous traitor of a guardian was horrified by what she saw. Her innocent kitten, now a modafinil mogul. Though the kitty brushed against the shaved legs of her servant, the look of shock and dismay on her face could not be swayed. Purring and pawing did no good.

Caitlyn [SURNAME REDACTED] was the one who made modafinilcat close down. And as punishment for her kitty’s offenses, she sent her directly to Cat Behavior Reform School. And so modafinilcat closed down for good.

modafinilcat closes down after kitty caught

The modafinilcat has been shut down and put in kitty prison

Need a modafinilcat alternative since you can’t buy modafinilcat?

So if you’re like me you’re probably jonesing for some modafinil, from a reliable vendor with great service who isn’t a cat.

Fortunately, has you covered. Great service, fast shipping, and every payment option you can imagine. And we’re not run by a cat. Protection Status

  • xavy

    that’s why we’re here, dumb ass.

  • Austin

    OMG seriously, I miss modafinil cat. they were so friendly and helpful. I just ran out of modafinil, now I’m looking for a new vendor. What’s Modup like (pricing, customer service, the usuals)?

  • Isaiah

    LOL.. this is too good. But seriously, what the hell happened to Modafinil Cat!? They were doing so well and suddenly dissapeared..

  • Joseph P.

    It was probably an issue with the payment processor, it happens sometimes.

  • Dylan Ward

    but HOW DO WE KNOW modup isnt run by a cat too? or some other kind of animal?!
    im joking of course, i have had nothing but great experiences with modup and their service team is extremely fast and helpful! thanks for everything, modup. please dont delete my comment because it is a joke. 😉

  • jackoftrades

    I clicked on the “buy modafinil with a credit card” link and it took me to an article about it. Where can I actually buy modafinil with a credit card? Thanks.

  • Terron Smith

    Does Modup sell armodafinil (the stronger version of modafinil)? I would like to buy armodafinil. cheers 🙂

  • Hannah

    the first photo looks just like my tabby cat… but she doesn’t sell modafinil in her spare time. hahaha

  • atvfreek

    seriously though, why did modafinilcat go out of business? does anyone know?

  • Seth

    So I’m a junior in college, I’m working full time to pay for my degree, but I don’t think I can finish. I’m just too worn out all the time, it’s hard to pay attention in class, let alone find time to complete my hw assignments. A friend of mine suggested provigil and that’s how I found your site. Do you think it will help me recover enough to make it through another year of college? Thanks for the help.

  • gigio2

    Where can I buy modafinil with a credit card?

  • Austin is the only place I know of where you can get modafinil with a credit card, bitcoin, or other digital currencies.