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Modafinil vs. Adderall

One particular side effect of being a student or should we call it being a human being is that we are bored too easily. By the term student, although I mean in a broader perspective as even an employee of an office too is a student in front of their seniors. So, what do we do when we are bored out of our wits? We sleep or eat or do something, which certainly is not constructive. However, at times, this sleeping can be fatal for us, we can get shoved out of the class, our boss can simply make out that we hate them or there are other consequences which we are not at the liberty to state.  Jokes apart, there are times when we need to take a medicine to stay up and avoid the state of being sleepy, because these are the times which are somewhat crucial in our lives. It is at this time that medicines such as Modafinil and Adderall come handy, and it is also in these times, that we need to know which one will suit us better. So to make it easier for you, we have drawn up a similarity cum comparison chart with the help of which you can determine your choice.

How do they work?

It is obvious that both Modafinil and Adderall are somewhat alike in the work they do. Both are used to induce the sense of wakefulness in a person. Although they have somewhat the same use, their working methods are different or to be precise, they affect different areas of our brain to keep us awake.

While Modafinil affects the Histamine, GABA, Glutamate as well as the Noradrenaline neurotransmitters, Adderall affects the Norepinephrine, Dopamine and the Serotonin neurotransmitters. Thus, because of these target areas, which these drugs work on, Modafinil makes us feel the sensation of being naturally awake and aware of the surroundings, while Adderall creates the state of psychostimulation. Again, because of the intake of Modafinil, that a person would feel enthusiastic and find the drive to increase their performance, while Adderall is very much susceptible to the user’s neurochemistry.

The better question, are there any side effects?

Modafinilimage52See, there are certain kinds of side effects associated with the intake of almost every medicine and so when one is taking Modafinil or Adderall, these too will have some effects. However, the best thing is that the physicians have done their study and have concluded that these side effects are relatively much mild and hence there is not much risk for those who are opting to take this medicine. Now, let us discuss in detail about the side effects of both these medicines separately.

Modafinil: one can very easily call Modafinil a safe drug, because it is not an addictive drug. Other drugs which are supposed to do the same kind of work, almost the same way as Modafinil, have a high addictive quotient and hence people steer clear of them. However, there are few things such as anxiety, skin rashes, nausea, headaches, nervousness, shaking and trembling of body  parts, uncontrolled movements of body parts and so on. These are few of the side effects of this drug; some might get you hospitalized, but there is nothing to worry.

Adderall: There is a severe side to the intake of Adderall, because people might suffer from seizures, motor tics, increase in blood pressure, palpitation of the heart and there are several others, but these are truly rare to happen in a patient. Mostly, a patient would suffer from nervousness, headache, dizziness and fear as well as anxiety.

Broadly speaking, these are some of the distinctions that one can draw between Modafinil and Adderall. Now isn’t it a bit clearer to you. Hence, stay well and stay alert.