Modafinil For Quitting Smoking, and Why It May Be The Best Drug Out There for Nicotine Withdrawal!

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Modafinil for Quitting Smoking and Nicotine Withdrawal, and Why It May Just Be The Best Smart Drug Out There for Nicotine Detox!

When you think about Modafinil, for me personally and for most of the Nootropics users out there that are taking Modafinil on a frequent basis, use as a nicotine replacement drug in order to help you quit smoking is not one of the first things to come to mind. Modafinil however, due to its mild action on neurotransmitters and receptors of the brain, such as the D2 receptor (dopamine,) histamine, glutamate, and serotonin, to a lesser degree, Modafinil can help to mitigate many of the effects of nicotine withdrawal in the brain, and can also help to heal your brain’s tolerance to nicotine, as the Modafinil will serve as an effective substitute for cigarettes or other nicotine products.

Why Modafinil Can Work for Quitting Nicotine

Think of it like this, you are something of a social smoker and have been smoking around five to eight cigarettes per day. Whenever you try to quit the drug you have serious problems with it, as you get anger spells, have difficulty concentrating at work or in your day to day life, you cannot socialize with loved ones or friends, and all you want Modafinil for Quitting Smokingto do is lock yourself in your room and scream into a pillow all day, something that does not exactly pay the rent or allow you to function in your day to day career.

How Modafinil Can Help to Lower Your Tolerance to Nicotine and To Help You Quit Once and For All!

Suppose that instead of quitting cold turkey you chew a small piece of nicotine gum instead of the five cigarettes for the day, and on top of that you pop a 200mg tablet of Modafinil, In about 15 minutes, the nicotine gum gets rid of most of the cigarette withdrawals, and the Modafinil then kicks in around fifteen minutes after this, giving you a burst of energy, thinking power, clarity of thought, focus, mood, memory and motivation! The Modafinil is able to get you through your work day with lightning focus, and while you still don’t feel 100% obviously and still feel some symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, like perhaps cravings for sugar, increased hunger or thirst and some irritability, you are able to continue this trend long enough to significantly lower your tolerance to nicotine. Eventually, you no longer have cravings for nicotine, and you are able to go about your day entirely sober without the aid of a drug in order to function.

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Why You May Want to Use Caution When Doing This, As Well as Nicotine Gum, As Modafinil In High Dosages Can Actually Cause Nicotine Cravings

Yes you read that right, Modafinil, as is true of any other stimulant including caffeine (coffee and cigarettes anyone?), Adderall (literally have been entire novels written about Adderall and smoking cigarettes while on Adderall,) and yes, even Modafinil in high enough dosages. The way to combat this and still get the benefits of using Modafinil without the nicotine cravings, is to take a small amount of nicotine gum, in order to lessen the craving, alongside a small amount of Modafinil, usually 100 to 200 milligrams of the drug, this will usually cause the nicotine craving to subside, and any nasty side effects of quitting or withdrawal symptoms from nicotine, such as trouble focusing, problems with memory or other brain deficits that nicotine withdrawal can bring on in the user, to subside entirely. Depending on exactly how many cigarettes per day you have been smoking and for how long, you may need to take the nicotine gum alongside the Modafinil multiple times per day.

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The Benefits of Using Modafinil for Quitting Smoking Long Term

It is very well documented that the use of cigarettes over the short term and long term is potentially disasterous to one’s lung function, brain function, heart health and whole body fitness, and that with regular, long term use, things like lung cancer, emphysema, and a host of other serious problems, including heart disease, can result in the smoker. For this reason I find it safe to say for my part that Modafinil can significantly improve one’s overall health long term with regards to how it can help with nicotine withdrawal, and of how it can help with quitting smoking withdrawals in allowing a person to better function in their day to day life. One of the major reasons why most people find it so difficult to quit smoking, is that life does not just stop when you decide you want to go through nicotine withdrawal, and for this reason, the pragmatic choice can sometimes seem to be just continue smoking cigarettes at the office so that you can function at work, long term, as we have shown in this paragraph however, this can be a seriously costly decision.

With Modafinil, you can reclaim control of your life during cigarette withdrawal, can still function at work and in your day to day career, can lower your nicotine tolerance so that you can get off nicotine 100% at some point in the future, and can save yourself from potentially life changing threats as a result of your smoking habit. Put quite simply, Modafinil use among smokers as an alternative to the stimulation that cigarettes can give you may just save your life!

Final Thoughts On The Effective Use of Modafinil for Quitting Smoking

Modafinil can really be a fantastic Smart Drug, or it can be a very effective Nootropic for the use of quitting smoking, as Modafinil is a stimulant, and will actually help to mitigate many of the withdrawal symptoms that quitting cigarettes and other nicotine products can cause in the user. For more information on Modafinil and all things Nootropics and Smart Drugs, related to either quitting nicotine and cigarettes or just to general Nootropic usage for cognitive enhancement, be sure to tune in for weekly blog posts, and to read more on our blog for more information.



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  • Jay

    THis is interesting to say the least. I am a smoker and I just started taking modafinil on my doctor’s recommendation. Now that you mention it, I do not crave cigarettes as much as I used to…I did not think much of it at first but modafinil may be responsible for the diminished cravings?

  • Eric

    interesting… i will have to try modafinil for quitting smoking.