Limitless Season 2 Airs on Amazon 2018 with Cooper

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Limitless Season 2
What’s going on with the limitless series and when is limitless season 2 release date? Good news limitless fans Amazon has suggested that they will be taking up where CBS failed and hopefully it will be more like the limitless movie. So load up on your NZT or if you’re a true limitless fan buy modafinil in time for limitless season 2.


When can we expect Limitless Season 2 to be aired?

Currently Amazon has not released an official air date for Limitless Season 2 but we’re told that it should be coming to Amazon on demand in 2018. Personally I would rather hold out until they get a new director as Alex Kurtzman did a poor job and towards the end of series 1 myself and others were switching off. From the ratings not many viewers watched pass episode 4 where Brain finds Rebecca’s father is in the NZT files, who didn’t expect that?

Limitless Season 2 cast?

Bradley cooper is back in action and taking the rightful role in limitless series 2, thankfully Jake McDorman is gone, yes, for good. However Jennifer Carpenter and Hill Harper will remain. The plot is supposedly going to follow off from the movie limitless instead of how it span off in limitless season 1 with the FBI.

Limitless Season 2 Plot twist

In the finale of Limitless season 1 part two the NZT lab is raided and shut down, Brain nearly ends up in prison. In limitless season 2 Brian gets assassinated and the storyline goes back to Brains come up, essentially, I’m told from an insider the new script is more “like house of cards and suits”, both series are top on Netflix, but takes off where the movie ended and its more about the protagonist becoming president and how NZT makes him a super leader, tackling the worlds problems from super AI and NK.

Contrary to what IMDB has announced in Limitless season 2 they are not detracting away from NZT and the limitless drug which is what makes the movie and series infamous . CBS had scripted season 2 and because they were failing in ratings getting a lousy 57% on rotten tomatoes they were going to scrap NZT and focus more on Brain Finches interaction with the FBI.

Limitless Season 2 is going to be exclusively airing on Amazon in 2018, but you will have the option to buy the entire Limiltess Season 2 at the end of 2018 and I’m sure its going to be a gifted to many, lets just hope its not another disappointment and Bradley Cooper and the the screen writer from the limitless movie make it a hit and go on to make develop the series further. The limitless series does have the potential to be great like the original movie if only they kept Bradley Cooper and hired Alan Glynn who was a avid modafinil taker. Protection Status

  • Rod

    Couldn’t possibly be written worse than this article, so there’s some hope.

    • MeatHead

      Ha ha.. that’s gotta be the funniest comment I’ve seen on this site. But seriously, what do you expect of Limitless season 2?

      • Rod

        I’m not watching it – can’t stand Bradley Cooper or whatever his name is.

    • 4uck You

      It seems like most of the content on this site focuses on information about modafinil, not TV entertainment, so you were wrong to expect anything more.

    • FrankEFlowers

      Thanks, Rod! I.m reading this post and thinking, “Did a child write this?” A developmentally delayed child?

      • Dean Turner

        The written word has truly become a dying art. You should see how atreociously students even in their senior year of college write. I’ve read many thesis papers where the entire message is lost because you’re trying to navigate through simple spelling errors, ridiculous grammar, and the use of big words to make them sound smart but used in an obviously incorrect context. A dictionary gors long way. So does knowing the meaning of a word before using it.

  • 4uck You

    It’s funny how everyone is getting all up in arms about Modup using their blog to promote modafinil sales rather than some cop-out TV show. They sell modafinil – that’s what they do!

  • 4uck You

    It’s true, I mean just look at the publication year: 2001. Modafinil sales didn’t start to take off until just before 2010 or so.

  • Dylan

    I Don’t think you’re real………

  • I. Savasir

    From what I hear, the executive producer, Craig Sweeney, has some big plans on where he would like to take the show. You’re right though, it is disappointing that Brian will have no place in the FBI now that his secret has been revealed… BUMMER.

  • 50 guy from Jersey

    Pot calling the Kettle? Talk about mistakes. I counted a minimum of 10 errors on your post. LMAO, I fixed some of them.

    This is B.S. and just written to try to sell some Modafinil that is way overpriced on this website. If you couldn’t tell with all the grammatical errors that this article is bullshit, then maybe you should buy some modafinil (just not from here) This is clearly not a real writer. The only reason I’d want to see Limitless Season 2 is to see Brian Finch come back. He made the entire NZT storyline fun and believable. It was cool to see Bradley Cooper in the show the couple times he appeared but I would not want a show with just him in it.

    If you are going to criticize someone on their grammar, at least don’t make more mistakes than the OP.

  • Jack

    Brian liked to get pegged

  • John

    So many brains i’m confused.

  • John

    So many brains I’m confused.

  • Steve Ryan

    Dropping Jake Dorman! Sorry you’ve lost me. Jack made the show fun and was 80% of it’s charm.

  • Dean Turner

    Personally, I’d be more interested if it picked up where the first season left off than where the movie did. Don’t think I’ll bother watching, but glad it’s giving some of the actors another chance to continue the story.

  • Foofighterubu

    Loosing Jake is a bad thing.
    He a cinnamon roll too good for bad things to happen to.

    I like the fun.
    I like the danger.
    I like how he always managed to very creatively find a way to win AND help some one.
    WRITING that has me believing the character is that clever is good writing.
    Writing that made YOU Annoyed with the character is good writing.
    At the same time I liked the movie…. the movie was DEAD serious…. no fun stuff.
    Assassinating Brian Finch should be harder than assassinating Eddie Morra>
    Because Brian has more imagination.
    Morra is about the power.
    Finch is a super hero.
    Morra…. he’s never going to be the good guy hero.
    Finsh has never been anything less.

    Glad they are keeping Carpenter.
    Hill is the REAL throw away, here.
    Mastrontonio won’t be back either?
    bummer. She was kewl>
    Glad the series is getting a new start on Amazon.
    NOT glad they are gutting the life and fun out of it.

    and Rotten Tomatoes is NOT the endallbeall of ET ratings.
    They are totally fan driven… NOT actually evaluation of merit, talent, writing and production.
    They have totally trounced well made films because the fan base was too stupid to appreciate a classy production.

  • Jenna Phillips

    Maybe the writer of this article needs some NZT before attempting to write anything again.

  • Elle R

    I never saw the film, so I suppose I’m alone in being sad to hear Jake McDorman will no longer be with the show. Then again, I’m not over the moon about Bradley Cooper, so perhaps that’s why. I really like Jake McDorman’s likeability. He’s an everyman.

  • Daniel Mc Atirah

    It’s difficult to take an article seriously when the author cant even spell the main characters name properly. It’s BRIAN, not Brain.

  • bliksempie1975

    I actually liked Brian Finch, though. Jake McDorman was doing a great job portraying the character. I have to agree; I cannot take the opinions of a Modafinil peddling child seriously.

  • MyKaela Morris

    i loved season 1. i thought it was amazing. if they get rid of brian, i dont think i will watch it.

  • Akera

    what the actual fuck? Brian is gone? and assassinated of all things? and here I was excited for another season, guess I won’t watch it if this is true.

  • That’s great I am waiting for it so anxiously.

  • Juan

    u right brian was also my favorite character

  • Linda Jo

    I absolutely LOVED Brian’s character. It reminded me of Shaun on Psych. The idea of Limitless without him just ruins it for me. If this is true, I am SO disappointed!

  • Linda Jo

    Agreed! I was hooked to the last episode!

  • Ricki White

    So the guy we have come to know and love I’d going to be replaced by a new actor? Not cool! This is the kind of thing that puts me off a show, yes it was cheesy towards the end but even still you want the same main actor throughout! If anyone needs replacing its jennifer carpenter who is a bad actor in general! I can put up with her but those faces she pulls are just annoying! I look forward to seeing season 2 as I enjoy the concept but I don’t think it will have the same appeal.

  • Lefty Hara

    Jake McDorman wasn’t bad… I just want more.. I really don’t have the same notions you have… it was one or my favorite shows.