I could not have written this without Modafinil

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The more people we have sharing positive experiences, the more validation Modafinil receives.

I respect that you are compiling a montage of success stories to shine a reformative light on something that can benefit many who unfortunately do not have access to, or do not know they have access to, something as useful as Modafinil, and would like to participate in this process by sharing my Modafinil story.

My name is Peter, and I am a twenty one year old engineering student working part time at college as a Physics Lab Coordinator Assistant. Most days I wake up at 8am to make it to work by 10am until 2pm- immediately when Chem lecture starts for two hours- until I move to Calculus and then Chem lab until 10pm. Normally, I am fairly vigilant when it comes to studious activities, schooling, and the like- mainly because I deeply admire education. Straining my mind for a half a day at a time is not a problem; I would get through it regardless. The only difference is that a 200mg dose in the morning not only gets me through the day; it enhances my performance.


I wake up, take my Modafinil after breakfast, and start noticing effects within thirty minutes. To compare between what it is like without Modafinil and with Modafinil will illustrate how it works. Without it, I am caught up in my own thoughts, asking questions that are irrelevant to what I am doing and imagining answers outside of my immediate vicinity, like “I wonder what so-and-so is doing” and “for tomorrow I should do this-this-and-this, but only if that happens and if so then I will blank but only if I get this reaction, and…”. My thoughts wander. I daydream about things that only have slight chances of happening. It is a real waste of time. Time that can be spent studying Calculus, practicing Chemistry, or learning new C++ functions.

Modafinil redirects my energy to doing exactly these productivities. With Modafinil, I think in the present-tense. The rudimentary wisdom of focusing on what is in front of you suddenly applies in my life, and I no longer daze out into my own daydreams. It is as if my mind tells itself to save the dreaming for nighttime- which pays off with a wonderful sleep-time experience. My mind also functions as if everything that is not a priority is a distraction. For example, while searching the internet for unfamiliar text during my readings when I am not taking Modafinil, I get distracted by the YouTube and Facebook tabs conveniently located under my URL bar.

Girl-Watching-YoutubeA ten minute video quickly turns into an hour wasted as I fail to resist the urge to click on yet another link on the page of the last one. With Modafinil, my mind instead processes YouTube and Facebook as distractions, allowing me to resume where I left off before searching for the unfamiliar word. There are many other benefits I experience, including improved memory, increased social enthusiasm, brightened mood, and boost in confidence and self-esteem. But those specific experiences would take hours to explain, given that they last for such a long combination of events.

Generally speaking, I am now who I would often daydream about being before buying Modafinil. I am ready, alert, bright, creative, friendly, and productive. I cannot imagine where I will be in ten years after I earn my professional degrees. I cannot imagine where I will be because I am too busy in the process of going there in real life. Hopefully this is along the lines of what you are looking for. Again, thank Modup.net so much for this opportunity.

I could not have written this in less than an hour- if at all- if it were not for the amazingness of Modafinil.