Hydrafinil Launch by Ceretropic

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Warning: Hydrafinil is a High Risk/Untested Product, and is currently being sold as “not intended for human consumption”.

Hydrafinil also know as 9-hydroxyfluorene is a Modafinil eugeroic developed by Cephalon, to be a potential sucessor to Modafinil, although it has not been officaly released yet, it has been bought to market by Ceretropic.com a Research Chemical company based in the USA.


Hydrafinil is currently only being produced in powder form in 2 and 5 gram quantities, although the product has only just been launched it appears a few users from /r/Nootropics are reporting Modafinil type effects in terms of wakefulness promotion, with the duration reported to be around 5 hours, with a noticeable crash after. This gives Hydrafinil many potential uses in the real world, for example study sessions, or being used just during the work day.


One of the biggest advantages of Hydrafinil identified by Cephalon is low toxicity and no liver interactions compared to Modafinil. Hydrafinil (9-hydroxyfluorene) is also 140% as effective as Modafinil, making it more potent. The increased potency and the lower production costs of Hydrafinil mean it should eventually be much cheaper than Modafinil based on a single dose.


9-hydroxyfluorene is not technically an “afinil”, its not even really a Modaifnil analogue it is technically a misnomer. The name “Hydrafinil” is more of a branding and marketing ploy by Ceretropic.

The current dose being used by users brave enough to try Hydrafinil is between 50 and 100mg, our recommendation is customers give this product some time on the market, so some data can be collected before giving it a try.

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