How to Use Nootropics

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How to Use Nootropics

Nootroipcs is a class of cognitive enhancing supplements that improve concentration and boost memory. It is used to enhance attention spans and help people to focus. You will see nootropics being referred to as smart drugs since they are associated with an increase in mental energy, motivation and intelligence.

Side Effects

Headache is the most commonly reported side effect of Nootropics. The main reason for this is the fact that the brain works harder and demands a lot of acetylcholine than the body is able to produce. This leads to acetylcholine receptor to burn out. It is believed that this synaptic over excitement may cause headaches. The best thing is that this side effect can be easily counteracted. Simply add a good source of Choline which will act as a precursor to the acetylcholine to satisfy the brains need for the chemical and relieves the headache.
img1 (2)Nootropics is used to enhance cognition. Despite the fact that nootropics enhance cognitive function of the brain, they are also vital for improving motivation, concentration and memory. The different compounds under Nootropics posses their own distinct biological and chemical processes. The supplement has its powers in its ability to increase two types of glutamate receptors. Piracetam is known to cause the widening of the blood vessels which stimulates blood circulation in the central nervous system.

User Reviews

Enhancing function of the brain is a common desire for people of all ages for parents who want to help their children focus or seniors who are concerned about preserving a healthy brain function.


The right nootropic dosage is around 10 to 30 mg. How much you need to take within that range depends on a number of characteristics. You need to take into account how much you weigh. If you are less than 140lbs, you should only take 10mg. If you are between 140-200lbs, then you should take 20mg and if you are over 200lbs, take 30mg. these are per day dosage. You are not going to experience negative side effects if you were to stick to your normal amount of between 10 and 30mg. If you go beyond 30mg, you might suffer from some side effects.

Use in the workplace

When it comes to working, there is need to be dynamic and enterprising. This needs workers to be innovative and think laterally. While some people are content to produce the same amount of work, others strive to get promotions, earn more money and achieve greater success. With this supplement, you are going to be more productive.
Why is this drug’s popularity increasing so rapidly

People use this drug for a variety of reasons. There are those who want to treat ADHD, improve working memory, use the supplements for Alzheimer’s and other disorders. Nootropic supplements have become increasing popular on campuses and among people looking for cognitive benefits.


It is right to assume that the most users of this drug are students. The fact that most of these supplements provide enhanced memory and learning capabilities makes them an ideal choice for improving academic performance. Unlike caffeine and other traditional stimulants that have been preferred, nootropics have fewer side effects and does not show signs of tolerance.

Some nootropics such as aniracetam have stress reducing effects that can help students cope when they are under the pressures of deadlines and examinations. If you need to focus either for a big test or an interview, you should definitely take a nootropic.

Long-Term effects

Some long term side effects are due to the fact that people do not know the recommended guidelines or even the supplements they should mix it with. If you are able to stick to the right dosage, nootropics have a lot of benefits with low risk of negative effects.

Short-term effects

Some side effects that you might experience are restlessness, anxiety, mood disorder, depression and nervousness. Although these are rare, it is essential that you observe changes in yourself when you are using the products. In some rare situation, some drugs cause skin irritation, rashes, light headedness and blood pressure. The risks are associated with taking very high doses. They are also as a result of a bad stack with supplements that should not be combined. Bottom line, nootropics are quite safe. The side effects are attributed to a small percentage of total users with the majority being mild such as a headache.

Final thoughts

When you are buying a smart drug, it is vital that you ensure you have done adequate research. Take a look at user reviews as this is going to provide the experience that is needed to make an informed decision. While every person is different and they react differently, it is essential to use reviews as a tool to make informed decisions about your own health. Be cautious where you buy your nootropics from.

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  • Cody

    I clicked on the link and read the descriptions for modafinil analogues. Which ones do you suggest for a first-time user?

    • TP

      adrafinil is probably best if its your first time or if you haven’t taken modafinil in the past. it’s natural and is converted to modafinil by the body. read more about adrafinil here and here

    • Wes

      Sorry, but I totally disagree with TP. Armodafinil is the way to go if you are just starting out because it comes with a significantly lower risk of headaches than modafinil but at a higher potency, so you’ll save money AND experience only positive effects.. no negative side effects. Adrafinil on the other hand has to be converted to modafinil by the liver, which comes with some risk factors.

  • Ethan

    “Some long term side effects are due to the fact that people do not know the recommended guidelines or even the supplements they should mix it with.” It’s so true! If you find the right dose for you and stick to it, modafinil and other nootropics have AMAZING benefits.

  • smartdrug_avid

    Interesting article. Seems more like a plug for modafinil than a nootopics how-to. But who am I to complain? Modafinil is the leading nootropic.

  • Patrick

    what about the other versions of modafinil such as fladrafinil and armodafinil? what’s the difference?

  • Adrianna

    So i have been taking piracetam almost every day for 3 months and i love how it’s transformed my memory and general thinking abilities. i think it’s time to try modafinil, maybe alternating between the modafinil and piracetam. but I want to know how much to start with. What is a good dose of modafinil for just starting out?

  • Jim

    has anyone been taking modafinil for more than year? if so have you noticed any negative or adverse effects? thanks. Jim

  • Adam

    Hi, Jim. You might take this question over to the forum:

    There are lots of experienced smart drug users there. 🙂

  • Adam

    Also, for anyone else wondering, you can find a lot of modafinil reviews here: