How Modafinil Relates to NZT from Limitless

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Nootropics have been around for ages; there is a legion of them and each has its unique benefits, and people do gain by consuming these, depending on their need, specific condition and other circumstances. There are side effects reported from consuming them regularly, at least most of them. However, if you were looking for one smart drug, which does its job, it is Modafinil.

How does Modafinil Work?

Modafinilimage49Provigil is the name under which people buy Modafinil within the United States, and it is also the firm belief of many that the drug was, in reality, the drug that was behind the NZT that Bradley Cooper is shown to be consuming, to help him write a whole book in a matter of four days! But why did someone relate this NZT-48 from Limitless, to Modafinil? It is precisely because, Modafinil produces identical results. If you require increased concentration and wish to focus on a specific task at hand, Modafinil is the answer for you. The operative terms here are neurotransmitters and hormones. It is these that act on the human brain and send appropriate signals to ensure that the faculties function at elevated levels in order to remain awake, alert and with complete concentration. The typical example cited by experts is how this smart drug is used even by the armed forces when combat troops or Air Force Pilots need to spend long hours on the vigil, to accomplish a mission and return, without losing focus.

The Background

Modafinil obtained approval from the FDA in 1998. However, at that juncture, it was seen more as a remedy for sleep disorder known as narcolepsy. For the sake of the uninitiated, the symptoms of narcolepsy relate to excessive sleepiness. This particularly affects the people who have to work in shifts and when the shift changes take place, the person’s system fails to adapt to the new schedule. Modafinil steps in and keeps the person awake when needed. One must hasten to add that there are prescribed dosages and the person taking Modafinil has to follow these. From here on, the research and development has taken Modafinil to these heights and today, it is considered one of the safest among nootropics and smart drugs to be taken.

Main Characteristics

Modafinil is definitely not addictive. The reports from users also confirm that it does not have any known side effects. Again, the caution has to be exercised while making these observations that a normal person who is otherwise alert and has no symptoms of any disorder will be ill-advised to consume Modafinil. For that matter, most smart drugs fall in this category. It must be clearly borne in mind that these drugs are all required to correct some symptom or the other related to the brain and the nervous system that carries the commands from the brain to the other parts of the body. So, one should be very careful while resorting to the consumption of drugs like Modafinil.

Experts will also caution you for not equating Modafinil with smart drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin. These smart drugs have their own role to play and the symptoms for which they are recommended are also different. Modafinil must be viewed as a much softer alternative that serves a limited purpose and does not leave the person taking it craving for more or making a habit and not finding it easy to come out of it. Exceptions will always be there, but in any known therapy or remedy the symptoms, and the results are compared to the majority of situations and if found to be positive, then only recommended. Modafinil does the same as the NZT-48 did to the protagonist in the film Limitless.

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  • doug22

    So it sounds like modafinil works differently than the fictional drug NZT-48, but it has many of the same effects (although those effects are not usually as pronounced). Am I reading that correctly?

    • valley_dreamer

      NZT48 IS a fictional drug. It is just that: fictional. There is no way to determine how it works because it does not exist. Modafinil, on the other hand, is amazing, and we do understand how it works. Modafinil operates on various neuroreceptors, including dopamine and serotonin.

  • SmartDrugFreak

    “Experts will also caution you for not equating Modafinil with smart drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin.”

    Yes, and it amazes me how many people STILL compare modafinil to AD(H)D drugs! Modafinil is NOT a stimulant in the same way that Adderall and Ritalin are – it is a WAKEFULNESS promoting drug. Gah.

    • Ravi Patel

      This is true. I have taken all three and I wouldn’t even compare Modafinil to Adderall, Ritalin, or any of the others.

  • Greg

    I’m a video game developer and I’ve been taking modafinil for four years. I cannot describe how much this drug has changed my life. I used to practically fall asleep at work. Now, I have more than enough energy to throw my kids around when I get home from work. Modafinil is simply amazing!